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Upright Basses & EUB's: Fully Carved Upright Basses

Fully Carved Upright Basses
Estle Louis Fully Carved Bass (3/4 and 1/2 size)
Estle Louis Fully Carved Bass (3/4 and 1/2 size)
This very fine upright bass is fully carved, which is an excellent upgraded instrument for an advanced student or semi-pro. Hand-built, hand-carved, and hand-varnished, this is no beginner instrument - and it arrives FULLY SET UP and ready to play...
Choices starting at $2,749.00
Czech-Ease Portable Basses by David Gage
Czech-Ease Portable Basses by David Gage
The real experience of playing a full-sized bass with an edge in portability. The Czech-Easeā„¢ has a reduced-size body for the perfect compromise; a travel bass that still has a big sound. Aside from a reduction in body size, the Czech-Ease is, in every other respect, a beautifully crafted, traditional 3/4-sized acoustic bass that's made in Europe. Fully set up by the David Gage team before shipment, and special travel cases are available (it comes with a gig bag). Laminated, Hybrid, and Carved models available.
Choices starting at $3,479.00
Left Handed Upright Basses (Lefty Basses)
Left Handed Upright Basses (Lefty Basses)
Finding decent information on left-handed uprights isn't easy, and that's why we wrote this buyer's guide. We think you should know the facts -- like how "reversing a rightie" is not such a great idea (and why not). Here's a quick primer on what we have -- and what you need to know.
Special Order Item   Choices starting at $1,549.00