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Czech-Ease Portable Basses by David Gage

         Manufactured by: David Gage

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Sorry, but we are unable to ship the Czech-Ease bass outside of the USA or Canada due to our dealer arrangements.

What is it? Simply put, the Czech-Ease™ is a real upright bass with an downsized body. What you get is a bass that is easier to travel with than a traditionally-sized URB, but without losing the true sound and feel - and without a huge tradeoff in volume.

It has a short body, but maintains a "standard" string length (41.25"). Fully set up with a custom-made David Gage adjustable bridge, which will work with any acoustic bass pick-up, so that you don't have to relearn how to set up your amp to get "your sound." And you don't have to settle for a small selection of proprietary strings, either; since the setup is practically identical to a standard bass, you can also use your favorite strings! Any type of string one might use on an upright (of common ¾ size proportion) is suitable for the Czech-Ease, from gut and orchestral strings to the brightest pizzicato strings.

The Czech-Ease bass was designed to differ as little as possible from the standard upright which players spend years learning to play. Wherever you contact the instrument - the upper bout against your body, the feel of the neck, the plucking and bowing areas of the strings, the arch of the fingerboard - nothing is compromised. To reduce the size of the bass, the bottom bout is made smaller, the endpin is longer, and the saddle is raised to allow for the appropriate "break angle" of the strings over the bridge.

As you can see in the photo to the left, the Czech-Ease has similar "playing dimensions" to a standard bass; however, I can bet I know which one you'd rather carry in and out the door at the venue... and which one would fit in your car more easily!

Impeccably engineered by well-respected luthier/manufacturer David Gage, and expertly built in Europe (The Czech Republic, hence the name), the bass is the answer to the traveling bassist's prayers. And while it's designed primarily to be amplified, the volume from the bass is actually quite surprising, and David Gage has had reports from the road of successful use in unamplified settings. And it should have enough acoustic volume for most rehearsals!

The Czech-Ease bass is now available in four different versions, all of which are about portability and great tone.

  • The popular, original Standard CE model, features quality laminated spruce and maple construction.
  • Gage specified a new blend of laminated tonewoods for the Vintage Ply K1 to recreate the sound of beloved American plywood basses. Whether acoustic or amplified, you'll recognize that distinct, driving sound.
  • The new Hybrid model H1 uses the same plywood ribs and back as the Standard CE but adds a carved top. This model's great arco tone brings orchestral grade tone, adding to the already punchy pizz response.
  • The C1 Carved Czech-Ease is a fully carved bass with a flat back. It offers the quick response and lively sound you expect from a fully carved bass.
All basses feature a specially attenuated bass-bar, which has been customized for the smaller resonating cavity. Even the scroll is removable, to improve portability and help reduce damage; it is held in place with wooden pins and Rare-Earth™ magnets!

  • Laminated spruce and maple construction
  • Full-length ebony fingerboard
  • D'Addario Helicore strings
  • Custom bridge by David Gage
  • Extra-long carbon fiber endpin
  • Includes The RealistTM acoustic transducer
  • Canvas cover included. Heavy-duty Mooradian gig bag available at additional cost.
  • Optional Hard Travel Case available separately (but available in package pricing if purchased with bass).
  • Height: 66.0 in
  • Width: 22.8 in
  • Depth: 22.0 in
  • Weight: 19.8 in

To order the "TRAVEL PACKAGE," which includes the hardshell travel case and the Realist pickup, add the bass of your choice to your shopping cart, then from the next page select the "Czech-Ease 'Travel Package' Upgrade" and add that to your cart as well!

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