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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

D'Orazio Psychobilly Spyrachrome Upright Bass Strings (Light Tension)

         Manufactured by: D'Orazio

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A few brief notes about these strings:
D'Orazio designs these 3/4 size bass strings to fit on a standard 3/4 size bass. They may be too short for a 4/4 bass. Have a bass with a larger scale? Drop us a note and we'll compare measurements and figure it out.

Also, yes - I know that buying the four strings separately is considerably more than buying the set; it's not a mistake, this reflects the pricing structure of the manufacturer's pricing.
D'Orazio Rockabilly Strings
These new strings are flexible and "soft" enough for long sets of high-energy slap, but with high magnetic response for use with magnetic pickups like the Krivo or Schaller. Their metal core also provides a longevity of tone and durability that you might not get with synthetic strings.

And, some Rockabilly players like the more metallic "click" that a metal-based string provides; the nylon and other synthetics just don't provide the satisfying level of percussive goodness for their aggressive playing style. These strings are for them!

They consist of a flat wire chromesteel wound on a special "harmonic steel ropecore" that was specially created by D'Orazio after much R&D. These strings were developed in coordination of Tonino, bassist of "The Fiftyniners," to perfectly meet his specific needs for feel, sound, and volume.

Now, D'Orazio - a string maker from Italy with centuries (no lie!) of string-making under its belt - brings you a chrome-steel flat wound string that is specifically engineered for psychobilly/rockabilly and other slap styles. A lighter feel, good responsiveness, and "clacky" flatwound outer winding provides the aggressive cutting slap sounds that you've been craving. And they're affordable, too!

These are brand new to us, more information as they get into more player's hands!

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Sets AND Single Strings are available (click through to order)

From $135.00

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Sets AND Single Strings are available (click through to order)

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