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Parts, Repair & UpgradesTuning Machines

Irving Sloane Deluxe Tuning Machines for Upright Bass (Tuners)

         Manufactured by: Irving Sloane

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You don't really think much about your tuning machines, but when they fail, suddenly you remember them. Cheap machines can cause unstable tuning, as well as other annoyances.

These beauties were designed and patented by Irving Sloane after he developed his classical guitar machines. They're more than just pretty, though - they have really intelligent features built in.

These beautifully machined tuners will provide accurate tuning (their 50:1 tuning ratio makes tuning a breeze!) and offer adjustable tension - with a simple adjustment, you can loosen or tighten the "feel" of the tuner to match your needs and preferences. No more fighting a sticky tuner, or dealing with a floppy one that won't stay put.

The beauty of the design is also that you can quickly and easily replace a broken handle, if that ever happened. The main feature of the patent is a built-in handle tensioning system. A simple nut and washer assembly at the base of the handle allows for variable "feel" while tuning and also quick and inexpensive handle replacement.


  • Cast bronze with stainless steel worm gear
  • Anodized aluminum cores, a four-tuner set of the world-famous Sloane Machines now weighs up to 323 grams less than the original brass model
  • Fine tooth gearing (50:1) precisely tooled for exceptional smoothness and accuracy
  • Patented construction allowing easy adjustments of friction to equalize all four strings
  • In Stock Handle Style: English (shown at right)
  • Special order Handle Styles: Italian "Wing Style", Original "Cello Style", and Venetian (see photo below)

Irving Sloane (1925–1998) was a guitar maker as well as the author of world famous books on guitar making. Above all, he was a luthier's luthier. He not only built and repaired guitars but also designed some of the best luthier tools ever created. His finger and palm planes, bridge clamp, fret rule, bending iron, thickness caliper, sound hole/purfling cutter, crack repair knife, and splint shaping jig are trade classics used in the world's best repair shops. Irving always combined technical and artistic talents to produce tools that worked as well as they looked.

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