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Fancy Handmade Leather Bass Bow Quiver

         Manufactured by: Gollihur Music

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A leather quiver is ideal for quickly placing your bow in a safe and accessible position during performances that require you to switch between arco and pizz play. We've long had our plain leather quiver, and it has been a best-seller for years. (See related items, below!) But this new deluxe hand-made quiver is for those with fancier tastes. It's beautifully hand-crafted in Argentina, and is quite handsome, as well as functional.

All aspects of its construction are handmade, from the staining of the leather, to the stamping of the designs, and the stitching of the side. The thick leather ties are threaded through metal grommets to prevent snags, and make installation a snap.

It is made from nicely stiff, heavy gauge leather that holds its shape and makes bow insertion and removal easy, unlike the floppy cheapies. Lovely gradiated tones provide a beautiful, classy look.

All beautifully done. No two quivers are exactly alike!

The quiver is about 14.5 inches tall, with the grommets for the leather ties about 1 inch from the top and bottom of the inner edge. The pocket opening is wide, and stiff, for easy bow insertion and removal.

It's important to have a well-constructed quiver that will make quick draws possible, as well as a fast return. The interior is treated suede, so it's smooth and doesn't get "caught up" on the bow or its hair. So using this quiver is smooth and snag-free. Extra-long leather ties let you secure it to your tailpiece.

Where can you put a quiver on your Electric Upright Bass!?! (EUB) As you can see from the photo, quivers are generally tied to the bass tailpiece, but if your EUB doesn't have a full size one, what do you do? Both my Eminence and homebuilt EUB (similar to NS Design) lack a conventional tailpiece, so I tie my quiver to each of the bass stands.

Specially reinforced grommet at the tie points means this high quality bow quiver will stand up to years of dependable use.
And just look at that beautiful hand-tooled, hand-stitched leather!

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