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Parts, Repair & UpgradesTailpieces and Tailpiece Cable

Fancy Exotic Wood Dress-up Tailpieces for Bass

         Manufactured by: Horror Bass LLC

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Upright Bass Exotic Wood Tailpieces

Replacing a tailpiece is a relatively easy and non-permanent way to upgrade the looks (and often, the tone) of your bass. If you're looking for pure utility, we have several options here at Gollihur Music - ebony, jatoba, and even a composite (plastic) one from Wittner - for you to choose from.

But as such a "front-and-center" component, the tailpiece offers an opportunity to create a more personalized statement, aesthetically. There are so many attractive hardwoods that are available, and are hard enough, to make a good tailpiece from, it's kind of like picking just the right tie for your suit.

We've commissioned these gorgeous tailpieces from a bassmaker in the USA, and we think you'll be wowed by their good looks - and their utility. Availabile in limited quantities, as they are made special for us, not mass-produced.

They are finished and ready for installation; no sanding or staining is required.

Tigerwood Compensated tailpiece, tailgut not includedZebrawood Compensated tailpiece, tailgut not includedBubinga Tulip tailpiece, tailgut not included

They have pre-drilled, vertically oriented tailgut mounting holes, with a cavity on the back surface, allowing you to use virtually any conventional rear-mounted tailpiece cable you choose - any of our many tailgut options will work, from a nylon or stranded steel tailgut, to the more advanced adjustable steel option. Please see the related items (below) for several tailpiece cable options.

All models have a traditional design (standard "tulip" design and fancier "compensated" models are available) and finish and will look lovely on most any bass. They are sized to fit 3/4 size basses (see sizing below) but may be suitable on some other sized basses as well.

These tailpieces are made of natural wood, and grain patterns and density can vary from the photos shown. We've tried our best to capture the look and color of average examples of the tailpieces in our photos, but yours will not be exactly the same, and colors may not render 100% accurately on your monitor or phone/tablet, depending on your settings. I can tell you that you will have a one-of-a-kind, beautiful tailpiece, which will personalize your bass to your unique aesthetic.

tailpiece, tailgut not included

  • Tulip Design - 13.375 in / 34 cm
  • Compensated Design - 13.875 in / 35.25cm

Width (Top Edge)
  • 4-string - 3.875 in / 9.85cm
  • Compensated - 4 in / 10.1cm
Note that weights can vary slightly from tailpiece to tailpiece. Representative tailpieces weighed in as follows:
  • Bubinga - Tulip Design - 7.6 oz / 216 grams
  • Zebrawood Compensated Design - 5.5 oz / 166 grams
  • Tigerwood Compensated Design - 7.5 oz / 212 grams
By way of comparison, our ebony tulip tailpiece weighs 11.1 oz/314 grams, and our ebony compensated model comes in at 9.9 oz/280 grams. Many luthiers feel that "lighter is better" when it comes to tailpieces.

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