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Upright Basses & EUB'sFully Carved Upright Basses
Upright Basses & EUB'sLaminated Upright Basses

Left Handed Upright Basses (Lefty Basses)

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Left-Handed Double Basses from Gollihur Music

To start off, if you're looking for a left-handed bass, make sure you get a true left-handed bass. A "righty" with the bridge turned around will never be a good substitute; each side of an upright bass is not a mirror image of the other. Aside from the fingerboard having an asymmetrical profile, the "guts" of the bass are different too. A bass built to be a lefty from the ground up will have its bass bar and soundpost in the correct locations - a "switcheroo" bass will have them on the wrong sides.

That said, most of the bass models we sell are available in a true left-handed format. Engelhardt can make most models as a lefty, and the four-string carved bass can also be built left-handed.

There is an upcharge from the standard "righty" bass (typically around $250-$300) to make a left-handed bass, as they are custom-built to order; thus it usually takes a bit longer to get one on your doorstep (in the case of the Engelhardts.) And I'm sorry to say that we cannot accept returns on left-handed basses. It's not that we're prejudiced against lefties - after all, you are the only ones in your right minds - but it is, rather, a simple matter of economics; we don't have the room to store them, and we get few requests for them.

So, if you're interested in finding out what basses are currently available as left-handed models - and what it might cost to get one into your hands - give us a call or drop us line.

Check out the specs and different models of the Engelhart Basses and Bulgarian Carved basses using the "Related Items" links below.

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Engelhardt Maestro EM1 / EM-1B 3/4 Bass

This item is made in USA!Probably Engelhardt's most popular model, it's -- like all of their basses -- properly sized and aligned, and has a close grained spruce laminate top, and a curly maple laminate back. The fingerboard (and tailpiece) is Jatoba wood, which is a more sustainable analog to the rosewood that is no longer responsible (or affordable) to use on such large fingerboards. Also available in a Blonde finish (for an upcharge) as the EM1-B.

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Engelhardt EC-1 Concert 3/4 size bass
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This item is made in USA!The Concert bass is the "Gamba" cornered contemporary to the EM-1 Maestro bass, which has the more traditional violin corners. Like all Engelhardts, it has a laminated Spruce top, with maple back and sides. Early EC1 basses had "ebonized" maple fingerboards -- which, frankly, was lousy -- but no worries: for several years now they've been using Jatoba instead.

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Engelhardt Gollihur Classic and Supreme EXCLUSIVE Basses

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