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Upright Bass Padded Gig Bag 1/2 size

         Manufactured by: Gollihur

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We are pleased to offer a very nice padded bag for 1/2 size basses. In addition to their nice padding they offer an array of carrying options, including back pack straps, that make it a very versatile bag!

If you've seen our other bag listings you know that one of our most important criteria for a bass bag, aside from the obvious protection and price, is how easy it is to get on and off. I don't feel like having a wrestling match with a bag with one hand while trying to keep the bass steady with the other. This bag has a single, extra long heavy duty zipper which goes all the way around both sides of the bag, from within a few inches of the top all the way to the middle of the lower bout on the other side of the bass. It has two zipper pulls, one from each end, so you can leave an opening for the endpin (or a bass wheel, if you have one) at the bottom. As you see from the photo array below, this bag opens w-i-d-e, ready to swallow your bass without the aggravation other cases have caused me in the past.


  • RIVETED handles for easy maneuvering, carrying and transporting - including a plastic-gripped "suitcase" style handle on the side.

  • Large-sized, self-healing zipper on main opening and all pockets. Smooth, luggage grade zippers provide long and trouble-free service.

  • Dual zipper pulls allows plenty of room for your endpin to protrude (and) support the instrument in transit, and it is accessible if you use a bass wheel.

  • Room for "Extras": Two accessory/strings/sheet music compartments on the back, with one small accessory pocket on the front.

  • Bow pocket on the front, large enough to accommodate many bow cases.

  • Backpack Straps for easy transport. Straps are easily removable, as well as padded.

  • Shoulder Strap Included: The included adjustable strap with shoulder pad attaches to a pair of Metal D-rings (one on each side, near the top of the C-bout) to help secure/carry the instrument. The D-Rings are riveted to the bag like the other handles are. Note: One should ALWAYS keep an arm wrapped around the bass in case your strap slips off your shoulder or a component fails.

  • Soft fabric lining with finished seams -- no rough edges to rub your bass the wrong way.

  • 12mm thick foam padding, sealed within the fabric of the case; offers protection against minor bumps and scratches.

  • Durable Genuine Cordura outer shell, not that lightweight nylon fabric - and it's a distinctive royal blue color, rather than the far more common black or brown. (Note that some computer monitors may make the bag's color seem lighter or brighter than it will appear in person - it's actually very rich and tasteful.)

  • Name Tag/Business Card Holder, to identify your bass.

But will it fit your bass???
If you get the right size, probably! But basses vary widely - there are no "standards" which dictate what dimensions a ½ size bass should be (or even those of a ¾ or 4/4 bass!) So, what we're saying is, MEASURE to be sure. We've provided approximate INTERIOR measurements, below, to compare to your instrument before you buy.

Approximate Interior Measurements in inches (in centimeters)
½ size
Total Length
Top to Bottom
67" (170cm)
Body Length
Top to Bottom
40.2" (102cm)
Body Upper Width
(Upper Bout)
18.5" (47cm)
Body Lower Width
(Lower Bout)
23.6" (60cm)
Total Depth
(incl bridge)
16.5" (42cm)

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Check out what they had to say!
Just got the bass bag for 1/2 size. fits great, excellent quality and price, very fast shipping. my wife loves it. says " it must have been designed by a woman..." the ultimate compliment. great buy. thanks.
Steve L. (April 2015)