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DELUXE Professional 3/4 size Upright Bass Bag

         Manufactured by: Gewa

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We carried a special "Professional Bass Bag" for several years with lots of success; it's a nice, midweight bag (more robustly padded than our very popular Gollihur Bass Bag) with backpack straps, rolling wheels, and thicker protective padding. For reasons outside of my control, those bags are not available any more.

But this new Deluxe Professional bag... wow.

This amazing new bag has every feature that our old Pro Bag had -- and improves on most of them, with better padding, stronger handles, nicer seams, and upgraded features. This is a serious bag for serious protection.

This bag also has the transport wheels on the bottom corner that made the Pro Bag so popular; but they're smoother, more robustly attached with stronger carriers, and are made of a durable, long-lasting rubber rather than plastic. They're great for moving the bass over (relatively) smooth surfaces. There's even a standoff on the bottom to keep the bass from tipping over, and a thick retractable handle on the top of the scroll for pulling the bass out of your vehicle.

The case also has a bow pocket; it's thoughtfully placed inline with the neck, which provides support behind the bow (smart!) And it INCLUDES a reinforced, removable sheath (see photo array at bottom of page) to put the bow into, with padding and a thick plastic structural insert to prevent your precious bow from breakage.

It has plenty of handles, and includes backpack straps and a padded shoulder strap; and most of the main handles -- and the strap points -- are all sewn AND riveted for extra strength and durability. And the padded back is contoured for comfortable carrying against your body when using the backpack straps.

It has a large pocket for your music books, and it's gusseted, so it's expanadable to allow for extra thick scores, real books, and the like. And the zippers on the pockets are all strong, with rubberized, oversized pulls for easy use. There's even a pocket that works great for your MP3 player, complete with a headphone cord pass-thru!

Two heavy zippers open the case completely for easy on-off; they can close at the bottom, allowing you to leave the endpin out, if you choose - and the inside of the zippers are fully lined with a flap so that your precious bass isn't scratched by the teeth.

Seriously, they've thought of everything on this bag.

Now, this level of protection does mean the bag is heavier than wimpier bags - in fact, it weighs a bit over 19(!) pounds. If you're just taking the bass back and forth from church, or a jam session every weekend, or only take it out occasionally... perhaps a lighter weight padded bag, like our Gollihur Bag, will be both more affordable and more manageable. (Also remember that once you get to the venue, you've got to find a place to stow the bag somewhere!) But if you need a really durable, protective bag for touring, or traveling, or when someone else will be moving your bass; I've not seen a bag that offers more confident and long-lasting protection than this one will.

For those who like bullet points, here's some of the specs:
  • 30mm High density interior padding
  • Neck Protection System with detachable accessory pocket
  • Music sheet pockets and accessory compartments
  • Accessory pocket for mobile phone, MP3-player with headphone exit
  • Ergonomically shaped back padding
  • Padded, anti-skid backpack straps (stowable if not in use)
  • Reflector strips for safety in low light situations
  • Shock absorber: rubberised floor protector
  • Ergonomically shaped rubberized handles
  • All carrying handles feature extra underlays and extra strengthening, with rivets
  • High quality Genuine CorduraTM 600 Denier outer fabric for extreme durability
  • Bow Pocket with padded, structural protective sleeve
  • Removable Padded Shoulder strap included

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