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Upright Bass Setup Template/Gauge

         Manufactured by: Trusted Gollihur Music Partner

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Template Gauges for Upright Bass Setup
"Jazz" and "Classical" Models Available

This is cool! A useful tool for setting up double basses, provides instant measurables so you can speed up your workflow. Made of durable plastic (Lucite?) and has a handy peg-hole for hanging.

Includes separate gauges to measure:
  • Bridge Arch
  • String Heights for gut and steel strings *
  • String Spacing at the Nut
  • String Spacing at the Bridge
  • Fingerboard Radius
  • Bow Hair Gauge
Designed for 3/4 size, four-string basses, there are two models, specific to the type of setup needed - one, labeled "Jazz," is for a bass that is primarily plucked/played pizzicato (say that five times fast!) And the "Classical" model is for orchestral basses that are mostly played arco (bowed) and therefore might have different arch settings on the bridge and fingerboard. Sold individually, or in a two-pack at a discount - and we ship them for free to the USA.

Great, useful tool - not a lot of money!

* Based on Henry Strobel's guidelines, the feeler gauges on the sides are for the E and G strings; and the different heights are for steel vs. gut strings. The steel string height is the smaller of the two on each respective side.

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