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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

The Realist pickup arrived yesterday (Wednesday), and I had some time to install it today. It is as advertised and endorsed. Very nice! Just the sound of my bass but a bit louder. There were some reviews I read which mentioned that the pickup had some feedback issues and I did notice some feedback if the volume was increased dramatically. We have to keep in mind of course that when you turn an instrument as large as a double bass into a giant microphone, some feedback should be expected if the instrument is close to the speakers.

As my instrument has a somewhat "soft" sound rather than a "mid-range" tone, the Realist will be ideal. It sounds great on pizz as well as bowed without adjusting the amp and that's great!

Thanks for your great communication (now where should I put that BASS sticker, hmmm) ...
Johan W (August 2012)

Hey Mark! Thanks for your answer(s) to my questions. Your responses make perfect sense.

You guys are remarkable and have a wonderful web site. I learned more on your site that any other place I had looked.

I greatly appreciate your information sharing.
Russ K

Hi Bob, Just wanted to say thank you AGAIN for another brilliant transaction. I got one of your bags (at last) and i'm more than impressed with the quality of it. I can't express enough how impressed I am with your customer service. I wasn't expecting a whole pile of helps and tips with my shipment (that were targeted to the products i've just purchased). And as an international purchaser I couldn't be happier. Order in real confidence! It's left unsaid that i'll be shopping again. Thank you again.
John F

Your service is amazing. Whenever I place an order and, I placed two last week, I feel like I'm in one of those old Warner Bros cartoons where Wile E. Coyote orders something and before he hangs up the phone, the ACME truck is pulling up to his door. The stuff arrives almost before I order it.
Mark P

Unsolicited kudos:
The Gollihurs are a class act. They are double bassists themselves, they test the gear they offer, if it’s not good quality they won’t sell it. You’ll find a wide variety of products at a range of price points on their website, everything for the beginner to the working pro at competitive prices. Best of all, their customer service is second to none. They go to great lengths to ensure that every customer is satisfied. You’ll also find a huge amount of free info and links to other bass related sites on their website. I’ve dealt with them regularly for a dozen years or more, and have never had a bad experience or sketchy product. Thanks Bob, Mark and Chris, you’ve earned my business, you will continue to be my first choice for bass related gear.
Eric J (October 2016)

Bob, My order -a set of strings a string winder- arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with them... But I'm even more impressed by your top notch service: I placed my order on Sunday evening and it arrived Wednesday! Furthermore, the information you provide about the products you sell is incredibly helpful in making an informed choice. You don't just regurgitate the hyped-up up fluff that the manufacture provides; You pass along information gleaned from actually using the stuff, which is invaluable. Based on what you said about the LaBella Supernils, I figured they would suited for the bluegrass and honky tonk slap styles that I play... And they are. Thank you once again for providing great products and information and superb service.
Ted L

Well guys we just recieved our first order, the professional double bass bag. We ordered it for our son, as an xmas gift, to replace his ragged out original. we were a bit nervous about ordering without him seeing it, and not knowing if we would get it in time. We ordered on sat. it arrived tuesday. Wow so far we could not be happier with the service or the product. This case is awesome! The padding, all the handles, the craftsmanship plus wheels... we are sure our son, who is in college (music performance and education), is going to love this case. Once again its been a pleasure doing business with yall, i'm sure its the first of many..
Carolyn B

Mark, just wanted to let you know that I received my total order and was very pleased with the prices, quality and timely delivery. Your suggestion for strings (370F) was excellent. Much easier on the hands than what came with the bass. Looking forward to purchasing from you in the future. Thanks again...
Phil M (June 2016)

I just received my Realist Soundclip. The combination of convenience and quality is amazing! It is far better than I expected. The tone and flexibility is great for a pickup and its streamlined design is unbeatable. It will be perfect for my live application. The flawless service from Gollihur Music was icing on the cake. Thanks! Alex
Alexander Kaye 2/9/12

Bob –
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Schaller magnetic pickup and am completely thrilled with it. I have a ’64 Ampeg Baby Bass that sounds good when bowed, but not very useful when played finger-style in a classic rock setting. After installing the Schaller, the Baby Bass now thumps through my Portaflex B-15! A lot of folks had told me the Schaller would make the BB4 sound like a P-bass, however I think the Schaller sounds more like a Gibson humbucker, even though it’s a single coil. The pickup itself has some heft to it, and it looks very well made. The chrome is spotless! I originally planned to install a tone pot to be able to roll the highs off, but it wasn’t necessary – the pickup on its own is very warm and dark with a lot of buttery vintage character. I can see why it might not suit everyone’s tastes, especially true double bassists, but on the Baby Bass, it’s perfect.
Clint S (November 2010)

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