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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music


I received the Solstice Monday. Last night I got to check it out with a nice sound system.

I love it. It's just what I needed.

Thanks for your great service...
Dan L

I bought a Gollihur Bass bag, Ingles stand, and a set of bridge adjuster wheels. You have provided the best online shopping experience I've ever had. The Gollihur bag is great!!! It is the easiest I've ever used... it's easy to load the bass in my little truck with all of the extra handles and I use the little "D" rings and a couple of straps to hold it in place. Putting the bass in and out of the bag is super-convenient as well. The Ingles stand is like a giant super-strong guitar stand. I've never used this type of stand before, but it holds my bass very well and is built like a tank. It folds away nicely and sets-up easily. The wide range of adjustments means lots of "trying" to get it to fit the first time, so marking the adjustments with a Sharpie will ease set-up time. Thank you for your research in finding useful products for bassists and I will continue to order from your company exclusively. Expect an order for some pickups and another bag for my new ES-9...
Brett W

The Bass Buggy is genius. And the bass case is beautiful, well made, and arrived incredibly fast. Thanks!
Eva M. (April 2016)

I recently purchased an adjustable bass bridge. By replacing my old bridge I am now getting much better tone and volume. I followed the bridge fitting advice on the paper that you supplied with the bridge and I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks for the quick shipment, friendly service, and quality product!
Mike P.

I've spent a lot of time, effort and money searching for that string set that gave me that "sound" in my head. Innovation Golden Slaps has it... I purchased a set a couple of years back and I can tell you, after fitting a new set, that they haven't been resting on their laurels. Each string has a different type of winding under that translucent wrap, giving an even feel, tension and sound... Full, deep, with a "thwack" rather than a "twang" that is evident with other nylon type strings when slapping... Suits my upright and gear to a tee... Thanks Bob - El Dorado at last ! (-;
Dave W (August 2011)

Bob, you have provided the best service and advice of 4 bass-product web sites I have ordered from.

I just got a Gollihur Brazilwood German bow, and I must say I'm very impressed. I lost my ho-hum eBay carbon fiber bow at a gig, and needed a quick replacement. I've been messing around with cheap bows forever and I'm sure they are holding me back, particularly now that I'm bowing on most of my gigs these days. Since then, I've been been on cheapos, and have had my eye on a serious upgrade. I pulled the trigger on a brazilwood bow... two days later it was at my door.

It arrived today, and I can barely put it down. It really points out how much a lot of these eBay bows are really "bow shaped objects" and how important overall design and craftsmanship are. I feel like this is probably the perfect bow for me right now, and for a price I could afford. It's no-frills, but really a very nice looking bow with quality dark hair that took rosin very well. The work is clean and everything is well functioning. It seems better balanced than any of the eBay bows I purchased. Its much lighter, with a small frog. Personally, I really like that. It fits my smaller hands much better than the huge frogs all of my eBay bows have had, and reminds me. While I'm really no expert, it seems much more nimble than my previous carbon bow.

I'm super stoked about my quality budget bow, I was expecting it to feel and sound cheap but its actually very musical and inspiring to play.
Jason B. (August 2016)

Bob and Mark, Thanks again for your quick and dependable service! This is at least the third time I have needed something last-minute-ish and you have saved my butt each time. I do refer my friends to you, hopefully your Chicago business is growing. Happy holidays and best wishes (PS: My bass DOES sound great!)
Curt B (12/2009)

Hi Mark, Just thought you'd appreciate hearing that I rehearsed with my new Estle Louis bass last night and the other musicians and actors were "ga-ga" over the quality of the instrument and the beautiful rich sound it made. It was the star of the show... another fellow who also plays upright bass was asking... I have put him on to your website. He couldn't get over the value for money on this instrument.

David H (January 2011)

Bob, Please don't apologize for sending the newsletter. I actually like hearing from you and reading something that seems to be written by a human being who happens to understand the quest for good sound. You guys have been helpful even when I stated that I wasn't buying from you and stayed on the phone with me after hours explaining impedance mismatch. Keep up the good work.
Thomas L

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