Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass

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  • Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass
  • Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass, seat detail
  • Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass, animated view of seat shock absorber action
  • Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass, shock absorber detail
  • Professional Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass, folded
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  • Upright Bass Endpin Anchor by Xeros

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We carry a couple different stools - you've found this one, and we also have the ultimate heavy-duty model with backrest from K&M. This is, compared to some light-duty ones you might find online for around $100, the mid-level option - built a bit tougher for regular gigs, but folds flatter to be more portable than the "ultimate" option.

This chair has pre-configured mounting points -- there are 12 options from just over a foot high (!) to 33½", so you're going to find a height that suits your needs.

It's also very comfortable - with a well-padded seat, which is very cleanly wrapped in a durable, thick-gauge textured vinyl. Plus, it features a special adjustable "shock absorber" construction. With four special rubber mounts, the seat provides a bit more "give" for those long rehearsals or pit orchestra gigs, when you start getting a little restless. No one likes when those tingles start going down your legs when you've been sitting too long, and the chair's movement may help reduce the pins and needles in your restless legs during a long show, by allowing you to reposition more effectively.

Check out the animated graphic to the left, showing how the seat can have a little "shimmy" to help prevent a sore keister!

It very easily folds very compactly -- the seat simply removes from the frame, and a special hook on the underside secures it to the frame flat for carrying. Simple, effective! And at a little over 20 pounds it's not a backbreaker, making it the ideal chair for playing in local theater pit orchestras, college ensembles, and more.

The Specs:

  • Dimensions: (W)16.5" x (D)23" x (H)36.5"
  • Height Range: from 12.5" to 33.5", in 2" increments
  • Weight: <21 lbs
  • Frame: Powdercoated steel
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Seat: Textured Black Vinyl, padded
  • Footrest: Tilt-up, platform style

The low-profile frame is made of powder-coated steel, so it doesn't "stand out" on stage - but has a classy, understated look. It also has a small footprint - which makes it less likely someone will trip over the legs trying to scuttle by on a crowded stage!

Just a tip: If you've never used a stool or played seated, you may find that you adopt a position with your bass at a lower angle as shown in the photo. Depending on several factors, including the floor, the tip on your endpin, etc., the bass may have a tendency to try to slide away from you. Constantly fighting that slide may cause you to tense up your left hand, particularly - and that's not good!

I mentioned before about the adjustable shock absorbers on this chair. There are four dense rubber standoffs under the seat which attach it to the frame. They provide a little "spring" to the chair, and make it a bit more comfy for those long sessions. They also allow a bit of "tilt" if you want it. How much tilt is adjustable, by which mounting points you use. Alternate options for mounting allow you to make the chair a little less "tilt-y" than stock, which is what I did with my own chair.

Add an Endpin Anchor to keep the bass from sliding!

We mention this just so you are aware of the possibility, and to show you a related product — the Xeros Upright Bass Endpin Anchor. Now you know what it's for! It has a V-shaped "capture" for the endpin that holds the bass in place, and its adjustable strap has a loop which goes around the chair's foot. It holds the bass securely so you can concentrate on playing, rather than keeping the bass from sliding away from you!

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6 Reviews

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    Bass Stool

    Posted by CR on Aug 14th 2022

    Durable construction. I enjoy having options for height, and switching between heights is a breeze. Great Gollihuric Service! ( As Always.) My only complaint as stated by another bassist: It is heavy. I guess the price/material strength allows only this option ( Let’s think like NASA)

  • 4
    Great performance stool

    Posted by mark stefaniw on May 2nd 2022

    This stool from Gollihur is a great "active performance" stool for bassists. The "A" action position set at the factory was too active for me, so (using the enclosed instruction page) I changed it to the "B" position which is perfect for me. The capacity is 400lbs. The other similar stool (that Gollihur refers to here) does not have the ladder back, and many users report that the seat slips down the rails, and it only has a 220lb capacity, which does not leave much headroom for some people. The leg spread stability on this stool is awesome and the foot tips are heavy duty not likely to pop off anytime soon. The foot rest is fine, but I put both feet on the floor, or left foot on a yoga block. The only two negatives, which is why I gave it 4-stars, are: 1) the seat stows on a hanger clip nicely enough, but falls off if you try to carry this stool horizontally, which means that the seat will likely fall off when you throw it in your car. 2) it's a bit heavy. It weighs the same as my oak wood stool, but at least it folds and is easier to carry than my oak stool.

  • 5
    folding bass stool

    Posted by Mike on Mar 18th 2022

    The usual from Gollihur: decent prices, quality products, and excellent service.

  • 5
    Professional Folding Upright Bass Stool

    Posted by ken on Aug 12th 2021

    Very well built product and confident after using at just one rehearsal, this was the right choice chair for me. Comfortable, adjustable just to name a few great features. And to top it off, it was delivered in two days! Thanks Mark and the folks at Gollihur Music, I've never been disappointed with my purchases and look forward to doing future business with you.

  • 5
    Perfect fit

    Posted by K.R. on Feb 21st 2015

    Have to tell you the stool I ordered from you arrived in two days and it is awesome! I am a harp player and it is a perfect fit. I spent many hours researching musician stools and adjustable height chairs and benches, and this is perfect. Thanks for the great job and your accurate description - I really appreciate the quality and portability for my gigs.

  • 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by Carol Ellis on Nov 6th 2009

    Just want you to know I received the bass chair today and it's WONDERFUL!!!!!!! This is absolutely the only stool/chair I've ever tried that truly was just what I needed so money very well spent. Got so tired of trying stools and standing on coke boxes to reach the bass and now this is a perfect fit. I personally recommend this to anyone and you have my permission to do so. Thanks for your prompt handling and quality products. Am proudly sporting the BASS stickers on both vehicles, also. Thanks again.

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