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    Bass Bomb - Feedback Fighting Resonance Reducer

    Bass Bomb - Feedback Fighting Resonance Reducer

    An old-school method for reducing feedback when amplifying an upright bass? Wedging a NerfTM mini football between the tailpiece and body. It can often help, because it dampers the body vibrations, reducing the likelihood that the amplified sound will...

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  • Brushed Aluminum Gig Bag Tag

    Brushed Aluminum Gig Bag Tag

    This nice tag is made of aluminum, so it's durable and attractive. It features our Gollihur Music script logo with the smaller sized "BASS" oval logo on one side (have to make sure that no one will mistake your bass for a cello!) It has a removeable...

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  • Gollihur Music Beanie Hat (aka Skullcap)

    Gollihur Music Beanie Hat (aka Skullcap)

    Schwag with a little swagger.This is a brand new addition to our fun wearables; the knit "beanie" is a popular type of hat nowadays, especially among those who go with the shorn head look. But there aren't too many choices out there that are...

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  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/Towel

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/Towel

    This soft microfiber cloth is perfect for dusting and/or cleaning your fine musical instruments. Its gentle microfiber won't scratch or mar the finish, and can be washed if it gets soiled; we recommend a mild wash cycle/soap, and drying on low heat. This...

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  • Novelty Street Sign - Doublebass Place

    Are you looking to spruce up your music room, rehearsal space, or man-cave/she-shed? Check out our custom "Doublebass Place" street sign!It's a slightly downsized street sign with dimensions of 18" x 5" - made of sturdy aluminum that's .040 inches thick...

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  • Oval "BASS" Vinyl Sticker

    Oval "BASS" Vinyl Sticker

    We've been providing one of our popular Bass Oval "Nation of Bass" bumper stickers with every order for over 20 years. It's kind of become our unofficial logo, and we love seeing them in the wild! Over the years, customers have asked me if we can sell...

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