BassOnStage Mk2 Microphone Gooseneck Mount for Upright Bass

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Product Overview

Lots of journeyman (and women) players have gotten to gigs and found that they need to mic the bass unexpectedly. The old Bluegrass trick is to slip a mic into a gym sock, and drop it behind the tailpiece against the body. Sure, it works (kind of), but it's not exactly hi-fi!

Ve Leen Music in Sweden has come up with a pair of simple brackets, called the "BassOnStage" - and they sell it (in Sweden) along with a gooseneck. You can order it from them direct. But they supply it with Euro mic threads; you'll need to get adapters to use it with mic clips in the USA. You'll also deal with international shipping, payments, etc.

Gollihur Music to the rescue! We've purchased a bunch of the custom brackets that they made up, and sourced other parts to complete the kit here in the USA. We even include TWO gooseneck options, and a quality mic clip. So you get a complete, expanded setup, shipped from the USA, with no shipment complications or surprises.

bassonstageHere's how it works: You get a pair  of specially-made brackets that mount to the the tailpiece. One mounts to the front, and one mounts to the back. (For most applications, you'll use either one or the other, not both at the same time.) The brackets have one or two threaded mounting points, upon which you can screw on a microphone clip or a gooseneck. For a huge variety of mounting positions, you can mount the mic clip right to the clamp, or add on one of two included goosenecks (6-inch and 12-inch) to accommodate whatever type of mic'ing you would prefer. All of the most common mic positions are supported by this flexibility.

New for 2019, the original bracket has been modified to add a second mount point - and a NEW front-mount bracket has been added to the package. The rear-mount bracket has its original side-mount threaded post, perfect for f-hole mic positions and getting the mic up under the fingerboard (but not in your way), and a  centered rear-mount post which is perfect for placing the mic under the bridge. The  optional front-mount bracket features a centered mount point for placing the mic above the bridge.

Also new for 2019, the bracket is mounted using much nicer, lightweight custom-manufactured low-profile bolts, with lighter and smaller thumb-nuts for easier installation.

The various photos below illustrate several (but nowhere near ALL) available mounting options, using the goosenecks, as well as direct-mounting the clip. Obviously, the goosenecks are flexible and can be moved around to place the mic where you want it.



The unit is simple to use, reasonably lightweight*, and mounts easily with no tools or modification on typical "tulip" style straight tailpieces (like you'd commonly find on a Kay or Engelhardt, as the ones in the photos.) It is a less expensive alternative to a higher-tech unit like the H-Clamp (which we also sell) and a more reliable, less "hack" option than dropping a SM-57 in a sock and wedging it behind the tailpiece.

In our exclusive package, you get:

  • Two custom-made brackets, which include custom mounting hardware and foam backing surface against the tailpiece to prevent vibration/noise/scratches
  • A thread adapter to adapt the threads on the bracket to US-spec
  • A quality 6" black gooseneck extension
  • A quality 12" black gooseneck extension
  • A quality, black plastic mic clip, compatible with most SM57-SM58 style microphones (as shown in photos above) - you can also use the mic clip that came with your microphone, if applicable
  • A zippered carry pouch for the smaller components

The goosenecks and the adapter use a standard 5/8" BSW mic stand thread, so you may use most any common mic clip/cradle/holder, as needed for your application.

* Weight of components:

  • Rear Bracket: 1.8oz
  • Front Bracket: 1.2oz
  • Mounting Bolts (pair): 1.1oz
  • Thread Adapter: 0.4oz
  • Small Gooseneck: 4.4oz
  • Long Gooseneck: 7.1oz


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