Books and Media

Books and Media

book-topper.jpgWe've been gradually adding more and more great books, CDs and DVDs to our offerings at Gollihur Music. We started with the Essential Elements series (3 books, 3 CDs, and a DVD for under $25? Outrageous!) and built from there. We've got some great concert DVDs, the "Real Book" for bass, a bunch of excellent instructional DVDs and books for players of all levels, and even a couple detailed volumes on building and maintaining your own upright basses.

As far as instructional materials go, I will always suggest that you start your upright bass adventures by studying with an experienced and schooled teacher. However, I recognize that both geography and cost can get in the way of that method, as quality teachers are not so easy to find in every nook and cranny of the world. And even getting a couple introductory lessons can give you a solid, bad-habit-free start to your self-study.

As always, if you don't know for sure where to start, please feel free to email or call us to get the straight talk.

  • To Make a Double Bass - Book by H.S.Wake

    To Make a Double Bass - Book by H.S.Wake

    Wake Publishing

    Our Low Price: $45.00
    Harry Wake, a longtime professional cellist and engineer, originally self-published this book in 1982 -- and then revised it in 1995. Whenever someone on the online forums pipes up "where can I get detailed plans to build my own upright bass," this book...
    To all 50 US States
    Our Low Price: $45.00