Amplifiers and Preamps

Amplifiers and Preamps

amptopper.jpgBe Heard.

So, it stands to reason: if you are going to amplify your bass, you're going to need an amplifier. (Duh.) We have carefully chosen a selection of quality amplifiers that all work well with upright basses and their pickups. And if you double -- meaning that you play gigs on both upright and electric bass -- we have amps that work well for that too. Regardless of your need, we will gladly help you navigate through the hype, so you can choose the amp that works best for your situation.

From a relatively inexpensive, simple combo -- to high-end, boutique amps and speakers with truly transparent sound and ultra-compact footprints -- we're sure to have something that will fit your needs (and your budget.) And our product descriptions are our own; we own and use several of these amps ourselves, and we've put all of them through their paces. We're a stocking dealer, and we know our product well. So if you have questions, email or call us and we'll give you the answers.

If you already have an amp, a Preamp Can Often Make "Good" Sound "Great!"

Could adding a preamplifier to your pickup and amp provide an improvement to your sound and/or setup? If you've got a couple of minutes, check out our detailed FAQ on the subject. But here's the shorthand -- some common reasons you might consider using a preamp:

  • the input impedance specification of your amplifier is under 1 megohm
  • there are features available from the preamp that are not on your amp, that can enhance or help with problems
  • you want/need a convenient volume control (and tone controls?) close to you, for when your amplifier is not at your feet
  • your pickup's output is very low, so you need a preamp to increase its signal level to better match your amplifier
  • you want to blend multiple pickups, or a pickup and mic, etc.
  • you need a good DI interface to send a feed to the soundman

So, which one do you choose? We've got lots of them, from tiny belt-clippable units to large table-top models -- and from stripped down simple units to ones which have more "bells and whistles" than a firetruck. So it largely depends on the features you want or need, and the format that you will find convenient.

  • Red-Eye Instrument Preamplifier by Fire-Eye, top view

    Red-Eye Instrument Preamplifier


    Our Low Price: $225.00
    The Red-Eye preamp can be a simple, and very effective, solution for getting pure sound with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups -- you know, the kind very commonly found on upright basses (as well as many electric uprights). In fact, they are...
    Our Low Price: $225.00
  • Audio Sprockets ToneDexter; multi view of unit

    ToneDexter Tone-Correcting Preamp

    Audio Sprockets

    With ToneDexter, getting "mic'd up tone" in your live performances is as easy as... At first blush, the ToneDexter looks like a pretty standard preamplifier for acoustic instruments. While most preamps offer helpful features like EQ,...
    To Continental US (Lower 48)