Pickups and Microphones

Pickups and Microphones

toomany.jpgPickups and amplification could be considered the "heart" of our business... it's how we got our start over 20 years ago. But there are LOTS of choices, so how are you supposed to decide? What's our best pickup?

That's a question with no legitimate answer, since the sound of a pickup -- and what constitutes "good" and "not so good" -- is highly subjective. When helping you etermine what pickup might be best for you, we assess what you're looking for -- type of music played, volume needs, tonal preferences, how their sound might need to fit into the larger whole of a performing group, convenience, difficulty of install, budget, etc. Then we try to make an experienced recommendation for a pickup that best fits your needs. So "best" for you may be entirely different than the "best" for another, and looking at technical data won't necessarily reveal the answer.

While most pickups are designed with the intent of sounding like "your bass, only louder," we all know that their success can be hit or miss. And "where it is" on the bass is every bit as important as "who made it." We've tried -- and gigged, at one point or another -- pretty much every pickup we sell, usually on a selection of basses. We do our best to describe each pickup in real words, and we invite you to email or call us with specific questions... we can answer them. We even include our own helpful hints and installation tips with every pickup we sell -- from getting the best sound, to avoiding feedback, and more.

Also be sure to check out our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), and our Buyer's Guides about pickups and preamplifiers for an even better understanding of how to put your best sound out there.

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