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Posted on 01/07/2018
For Sale: 1940 Kay O-100 by Graham (grahamtyson@hotmail.com)
Youve heard the stories about the doghouse bass that used to get strapped to the top of station wagons back in the 40s and 50s to go play gigs. Who knows who may have played alongside this thing? I know that for me, I have thoroughly loved learning more and more about playing music with other people by playing this instrument. I have had it about 10 years, purchased in Cincinnati. The guys at a reputable shop there called the Bass Cellar did some work on it, planing out the neck to remedy dead spots, and changed the shape of the bridge to allow for better pizzicato action. Its just plywood. But... It is plywood that has that signature shape of an old Kay, and it has the warmth in its tone that only 70+ years of thumpin can do. Will be happy to move this thing back up north, but we are moving soon, and if there is another player in the area who wants to make this thing sing, Ill gladly pass it on. I have probably played 50 gigs on this, before switching back more to electric (and lately, not much of any!) Included is a large gig bag which makes it safe & easier to carry - from Gollihur Music, a bow in good shape, and a K&K Golden Trinity system pickup (pads on the bridge to pick up the vibrations, and a mic mounted near f-holes, and a pre-amp to blend between the two). Model is an O-100 Orchestra model, and its got the real deal steel strings on it. Year of make appears to be 1940 based on serial #. Here are a few videos of how it sounded about 10 years ago, shortly after I got it. Sound is better on the ones shot inside: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL747D5A2D448235AF

Posted on 11/21/2017
For Sale: Eminence EUB Model #Emin4RN (removable neck) by John F (johnwarner48@comcast.net)
My EUB is virtually brand new. It has never been outside my house. I bought it for its convenient travel/transport capability (I could take it with me when I traveled on vacations) but health problems precluded my traveling and soon arthritis prevented me from playing at all. As long as I had it I entertained the hope that someday Id play it and my upright again, but its not going to happen. I live in Blackwood NJ. zip code 08012 but closer to 08029 $2000 FIRM

Posted on 10/31/2017
For Sale: Shen SB150 Hybrid Upright Bass by James (jhfishn@aol.com)
I have a 2004 Shen SB150 Hybrid in great condition with both a K&K and David Gage Realist pickup. At the moment is is strung with Correlis $1800 Located in Mays Landing NJ near Atlantic City It does have some marks from use but they are all cosmetic and do not affect the instrument in any way. There have never been any cracks or open seams and in reality this bass has been used very little and the marks are from transit. Pretty much Ive only used it for light jazz gigs, a few casino showroom gigs and thats about all. It probably will need to be setup to whatever specs you would want. I do have a wheel, a french style bow and Bass Stand similar to an Ingles Stand So the deal would consist of the following: Shen SB150 Bass Gig Back (this may eventually need replacing) K&K Pickup David Gage Realist Pickup French Bow Wheel Stand Original set of strings (Corelli strings are on there) It is posted on Talkbass with pics as seen in the attached web address

Posted on 10/13/2017
For Sale: 1941 Gretsch upright bass by Ron (rshuffler@charter.net)
I have for sale a very nice 1941 Gretsch upright bass. No cracks or repairs. Plays and sounds great. Exceptional condition for a 76 year old bass. The price is $2600.00 cash. The bass must be picked up in Valdese, NC 28690. Pics will be sent upon request.

Posted on 09/26/2017
For Sale: German Shop Bass by Jerrell (phillybass4sale@gmail.com)
I am a professional musician selling my back up bass. This is a 3/4 sized German shop bass great for a student or studio musician. Fully carved spruce top and maple sides. Maple bridge with adjustable bridge. Includes a carrying case and bow. All seams closed. Price is negotiable. Pictures in the attached ad or upon request. Thanks for looking!