U-Bass Strings - for Kala 'Sub' Bass - #509

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If you dig the small size and playability of the U-Bass, but are hankering for a more traditional "electric" vibe and feel, these strings may be what you're looking for.

They have a nylon/silk core, wound in silver-plated copper. They have an overall tension, sustain and tone of a more traditional electric-acoustic bass, so if you're looking for the U-Bass to fill that particular role, these are the strings to use.

There are now two slightly different versions of these strings - one set fits the ACOUSTIC (uke) models of the U-Bass (#508), and the other set (#509) fits the SUB (solid-body) version.

This set is ONLY for the Solid-Body models - they may have breakage issues on the Acoustic basses.

NOTE: Read the important stringing notes, below.



IMPORTANT NOTE about stringing the Pyramid strings:

The tapered end of the string is meant to feed in to the internal hole of the tuning post WITHOUT TRIMMING. Insert it into the hole in the center of the post, do a right-angle bend into the slot, and start turning the key. Once you initially start winding, there's some slack and it will eventually build tension after a couple winds.

DO NOT: Cut or trim the tapered end
DO NOT: Extend the string to where it has tension and wrap it around the post

Trimming the string, or stringing part of the wound part, can result in string damage or failure.

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