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CORUS EX Speaker Cabinet - Series 4

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The Corus EX Speaker Cabinet is specially tailored to the needs of guitarists and other instrumentalists who don't need the extended low range of the Coda EX or Ten2 EX.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseLike the Coda EX, this unique amplification system has a downfiring ten-inch speaker and a mid-high driver. What's the difference? The special design woofer, which takes the place of the standard down-firing speaker in the Coda EX. The woofer in the Corus is a more efficient one than is used in the Coda amps and speakers, and the crossover network is changed to accommodate the new woofer. (The other speaker in the cabinet remains the same.) The result is a more efficient, more forward-sounding cabinet. The trade-off is slightly less bass response. The Corus EX sounds louder than the Coda EX at a given level setting and it sounds more forward. It is designed to better match the needs for guitar and other instruments that occupy the sonic space above basses. Frequency response: 60-16kHz (+/- 3 dB) versus 40-16kHz for the Contra EX, and Efficiency: 93 dB/m versus 90 dB/m for the Coda EX.

Ultimately, what you get with all Acoustic Image combos and speaker cabinets is flat frequency response across the spectrum, with extended, tight, well-controlled natural low-range sound — all in a package that's about a foot tall and less than 20 pounds in weight!

Included with all of the combo and extension speaker (EX) models is a lightweight "dust cover" with shoulder strap and accessory pocket. 

Made of lightweight vinyl, it covers the top and sides of the cabinet, with openings to allow access to the amplifier's integrated handles. It also comes with a carry strap which loops through the openings and the amp handles, allowing you to "shoulder" the amp. The cover is handy - it even has a small pocket for cables, tuners, and other small gigging accessories. But don't expect it to substitute for a case, as it offers only minimal "protection" from slight bumps and other minor hazards. This light-duty cover will not shield the unit from rain, and it does not cover the bottom of the cabinet.

The Acoustic Image Corus bass amplification system was designed to accurately reproduce the sound of guitars and other stringed instruments like cello, violin/viola, harp, etc., as well as a long list of other instruments - using one small, easy-to-carry enclosure. Instruments with a stronger bass fundamental (acoustic-electric and upright bass, keyboards, electric piano, larger harps) would be better served by the lower-reaching sonic abilities of the or Coda or Ten2. Ask us about any of these amps!

  • Two-way Sealed Speaker System
  • 10" Long-throw Low-frequency Woofer, special design
  • 5" Mid/High-frequency Driver
  • Neutrik Speakon Speaker Jack - no cable included, check our cables selection for options
  • Lightweight- less than 20 lbs! with new Durable Molded Enclosure
  • Molded Carry Handles
  • Dust cover with cable pocket and shoulder strap included
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Warranty Information

Acoustic Image's Warranty, Simply Stated

We stand behind our products with a full warranty of five years from the date of purchase. Speaker components are warranted for 180 days. Should a problem arise, please call us before returning your amplifier or enclosure. Naturally, our warranty does not cover products that have been damaged through misuse.

Bottom line, we don't say that ours is a "lifetime warranty" or even a "limited lifetime warranty". We do, however, commit to treat you the way we would like to be treated. For good.
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