Other Instruments

Other Instruments

We're upright bass specialists, but we also do have access to some other instruments and accessories from our manufacturers and suppliers. For instance, we can get the entire lineup of NS Design instruments - violins, violas, cellos, and even electric bass guitars.

Additionally, some of our manufacturers (like K&K Sound) make excellent pickups for acoustic guitars and other instruments. And we can get other items that are just generally handy from some of the manufacturers who also happen to make bass stuff. You'll find those items here!

What if you don't find them here, though - and they're something that is made by a manufacturer that we carry upright stuff for? Hey, drop us a line and ask - we can probably get it for you, and usually right quick.

  • Rosin Remover and Instrument Polish by Petz

    Rosin Remover and Instrument Polish


    Our Low Price: $9.00
    Need to remove rosin build-up from the face of your instrument? Petz has the answer. A rosin-removing solvent and a follow-up polish can help you get rid of that ugly, tone-deadening build-up. Petz makes this rosin remover to allow you to remove rosin...
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    Small Accessory:
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    Our Low Price: $9.00
  • Electronic Temperature and Humidity Sensor by D'Addario, product view

    Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    D Addario

    Our Low Price: $21.50
    You've got to keep your bass in a safe environment to protect it from issues, like popped seams, cracks, and other problems. Swings of humidity - both high and low - and rapid temperature changes can cause headaches with our delicate instruments. This...
    Our Low Price: $21.50