Maple (Ebonized) Tailpiece for Upright Bass

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These Maple tailpieces were made by Engelhardt for their EC-1 model 3/4 size basses. It will be appropriate for 3/4 size basses. They're a little over 13.25" from end to end. They have the typical (for Kay and Engelhardt) "through the front" style of tailgut attachment, so the only recommended tailgut options are cord/cable (like our stranded steel options, or the "bulletproof" cable) or the original style "bracket" (aka the "coat hanger" commonly found on Kay and Engelhardt basses)

We recently acquired these new/old stock tailpieces from another shop who no longer needed them. Limited quantity available - but if it is available to put in your cart, it's available to buy.

The tailpieces are solid maple wood that has been "ebonized." This means that they have a hardened coating of special material that has been applied to make them dark black to look like ebony, at a fraction of the cost of real ebony. They were made by Engelhardt-Link for use on their EC-1 Concert basses. They are 3/4 size.

These items are new, from old stock, and are ready to put on a bass - should be an easy drop-on for either a Kay or Engelhardt bass. They have a look that is quite similar to ebony, and since they are light, this can also be an advantage, tone-wise. Since the tailpiece isn't really a "wear item" you don't have to worry about the lighter maple showing through, like what commonly happens on ebonized maple fingerboards.


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