• Plastic hardware for attaching a 1/4" inline output jack to an upright bass tailpiece

    Tailpiece Mounting Hardware for 1/4" Pickup Jack

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    David Gage includes a plastic loop mount to mount the output jack of their Realist pickups to the tailpiece. Their solution is to fully remove the E string from the bass, thread the string through the loop, and allow the ball end of the string to hold...
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    DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing, 1/4 and transducer

    DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing


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    Like many other upright bass pickups, the DB-1 is a compact unit designed to be wedged into the wing in the side of your bridge. Most of those pickups require that you custom-fit the pickup into the slot, using sanding/filing to open up that slot for...
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