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Bow Cases for Bass Bows

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IMPORTANT NEWS: We are here! You can order with confidence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has people understandably concerned. With abundant cautionary procedures, the bassists at Gollihur Music are still maintaining our normal (online) business hours and shipping out orders every weekday.

Since we are not a "bricks and mortar" store, we are not affected by mandatory retail closures. There are just two of us here at the shop, and we have put a halt to in-person appointments to limit any chance of exposure. We are taking appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our customers from any possible infection. We're confident that we can continue to provide you with your bass needs through this complex time.

Do note that some of our suppliers have been suspending or limiting operations, though, so some products may be a little less available. But we are well stocked with the bass-ics!

We have a couple of quality bass bow case options; the standard model has straps, a pocket, and room for one or two bows (French OR German style), and the bass case pocket model has a slim, low-profile design to fit in many bass bag front pockets (check measurements against your bass bag!)

Standard 1 and 2 Bow Case, with Straps and Pockets

Single Bow Case:
This nice lined case offers lightweight yet tough protection for your valuable bow; its strong inner skeleton is covered with a durable, foam padded Cordura outer shell which is Screw attached to the inner hardshell case. The padded, velvet-lined red interior is accessed using heavy-duty zippers. The plush lining also features a formed area to cradle the frog end of the bow and keep it from bouncing around within the case. Dual nylon knitted handles - and an included padded shoulder strap - make toting this lightweight case a breeze, and a handy zippered pocket on the front provides room for a couple cakes of rosin. The case has a tapered shape and an attractive black Cordura outer cover with decorative black piping.

External dimensions (approximate):
    The single bow case is about 33 inches long, and 2 inches deep; the width is about 4½ inches at the frog end, tapering to about 3 inches at the tip.
Internal dimensions (approximate):
    Maximum bow length (French): 28¾" German/Butler): 31"
    Maximum Frog Height from bottom of shaft (French): 1¾" (German/Butler): 2½"
    Tip height: 1¾"

Double Bow Case:
A NEW Two-Bow version is also available; it features separate compartments and hook-and-loop holding straps for each bow to keep them from contacting each other. It also is tapered, and its outer shell has an attractive hairline stripe pattern in blue, which gives it a denim-colored appearance, with black piping. It's actually quite classy looking! See the inset in the photo below for detail.

The case has a smooth, velvety gray-colored lining to prevent scratching your valuable (or cheap, if that's your thing) bow. Unlike some double bass bow cases, this case can hold any combination of two French or German bows; two French, two German, or one of each.

Like the single case, there is a pair of nylon knitted handles - and on this case, they have rubberized comfort handles as well. And there is also an included shoulder strap, and the zippered pocket on the front for rosin. There's even a clear plastic pocket on the back to put your contact info in, in case you ever leave the case behind!

External dimensions (approximate):
    The double bow case is about 31¾ inches long, and 2½ deep; the width is about 3¾ inches at the frog end, tapering to about 3¼ inches at the tip.
Internal dimensions (approximate):
    Maximum bow length: 31"
    Maximum Frog Height from bottom of shaft: 2½"
    Tip height: 2"

Both cases are appropriate for either German/Butler and/or French Bows, and all of the bows that we sell will fit inside these cases.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Hi Mark,

How can I leave feedback for the bow case on your website? It is of better quality and price than any I have seen from other vendors, and my teacher took down your web address because she needs a new case.

Thanks for all the great stuff!!!
Mike L
Hi Bob and Mark, Thought I'd send you an update on how I like the stuff I got last week. First of all, the Bow Case for Two Bass Bows is perfect and looks awesome. It's light and very confidence inspiring.

About the French Pernambuco Bass Bow. Wow, money well spent. You know, I had started learning arco with a cheap bow of unknown origin. My back and right shoulder would sometimes hurt after practice. With the new bow I now realize what I have been missing all along. I've made considerable progress in a just a few days. Just letting the gravity and the rosin on the hair pull the sound without effort.
Simon L (Sept 2010)
Hi Bob and Mark, just wanted to let you know that my bow, bow case and end pin accessories arrived safely yesterday. Thank you so much for your prompt service - only one week from order placement to delivery in Australia! Unbelievable! I absolutely love my new bow and bow case. The bow sounds and feels amazing, and the case arrived just in time to transport my bow to my music exam on Saturday! Yay! Thanks again, and I look forward to shopping with you in the future. Have a great day!
Franciose L (December 2012)