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Acoustic Image FLEX Modular Amplification System (Series 4+)

         Manufactured by: Acoustic Image

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Acoustic Image FLEX AmplifierThe mad scientists at Acoustic Image are at it again. Never content to rest on their past successes, Rick Jones and company are constantly looking for new, better, more efficient ways to help acoustic instrumentalists be heard in the best voice possible. They've continually re-developed their innovative amplification systems over the past decade and a half, and each new version features new, smart features.

Their newest development is the convenient FLEX modular system. With two convenient components - a mic-stand mountable 2-channel preamp and a compact, 2x10 tri-amped powered speaker - that you can combine into a "combo" (or use independently), you have a powerful modular SYSTEM that can handle most any professional situation.

The Preamp

The heart of the system is the brand new FLEX Preamp. Building upon the time-tested design of the previous Acoustic Image combos and heads, it adds some new features and specifications that you're going to love - and it's a brand-new preamp-only design that you can conveniently mount on a mic stand, or sit on a tabletop, for easy access to the controls.

Acoustic Image FLEX PreampYou can also use the preamp independently of the speaker, in the studio, or on stage gigs where you don't need onstage amplification. It comes with its own separate power supply and has a professional DI output for easy connection to a mixing board in live or recording situations.

Acoustic Image FLEX PreampIt has a host of inputs and outputs - with effects loops and separate line-outs for each channel, and a master DI output, as well as a new "pseudo-stereo" output for when you use stereo effects - you've got all the same flexibility as the original Clarus amp. But when used together with the FLEX Powered Speaker, the units connect with a single CAT5 network cable for simple, flexible connectivity, including the power for the preamp. So you don't need to use the power adapter (which is included if you wish to use the preamp without the FLEX powered speaker cabinet). And it means that you can easily and affordably get a bunch of different cables for a variety of different gig situations, with a quick trip to the local office supply store (heck, they even sell network cables at most 7-Eleven stores!)

The new FLEX preamp also includes some new features. The ¼" (instrument) and XLR (mic) inputs are now on separate jacks, rather than the combo jack - and they're independently buffered. So you can even plug in up to four different things (2 mics and 2 instruments) and get quality signal; you won't have as much control over blend, though, unless the instruments have their own output volume controls (like a keyboard, for instance.) And the EQ has been expanded from 3 bands to 4; carefully selected lo-mid and hi-mid controls provide a lot more control over your tone. All of the buttons on the face of the preamp now illuminate when they're active, so you never have to wonder whether the button is "on" or "off," even on a dark stage. And the built-in effects have been overhauled - the rarely used effects have been removed, leaving you the useful reverb, delay, and new "both" setting - as well as a new "rate" knob for more control over the settings of the effect.

The Powered Speaker

Acoustic Image FLEX CabinetWhen it's time to get loud, the FLEX powered speaker cabinet has the goods. Based on the popular Ten2 speaker array, it features the most compact 2x10 (plus tweeter) available - and now adds a tri-amped power amp system built-in for the ultimate in convenience.

The design of the cabinet features a traditional front facing 10" woofer to present a traditional amped sound, but couples it with a second, downward-facing 10" woofer, which - much like a subwoofer in a high-end home theater system - radiates sound outward, enveloping the listener in a wide soundfield. This open, room-filling sound is the trademark sound that Acoustic Image down-firing cabinets have become well-known for. It is superb for acoustic instruments, from upright bass all the way up to violins and mandolins. The tweeter on the front panel provides the high frequencies with exceptional clarity.

What's new is that the individual speakers are driven by three separate amplifiers (one amp for each speaker, rather than a master amp with passive crossovers.) This drives the speakers with maximum efficiency - no power is wasted - as well as offers you additional control over the output of the speakers, to reduce "rumble" on boomy stages and cut back the tweeter if you prefer a less "harsh" top end.

The FLEX cabinet offers a CAT5 jack to connect with the FLEX Preamp; one cable takes the signal from the preamp as well as supplies it with power. It also features a stanard ¼" unbalanced input jack for use with other equipment (using a line-out jack) and a "thru" output for connecting more FLEX cabinets or other powered speakers. You can control the output of the tweeter, and there are controls for a low-frequency filter on the bottom-facing speaker to reduce the vibrations you might experience on an overly boomy stage (like the plywood setups we're often relegated to in many venues).
Acoustic Image FLEX Preamp

Preamp Specifications:

  • Size: 2.5"H x 11/5"W x 5"D
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Inputs:
    • Microphone: 600 ohm balanced, 10db gain, 48v phantom Power
    • Instrument: 1 MegOhm impedance
  • DI Outputs: Balanced XLR, +4dB, Ground Lift, Pre/Post, 10dB pad
  • Effects Loops: Parallel with separate i/o jacks, per channel
  • EQ:
    • Low: Shelving, ±12dB at 50Hz
    • Lo Mid: ±12dB at 250 Hz
    • Hi Mid: ±12dB at 1200 Hz
    • Treble: Shelving, ±12dB at 8 kHz
  • Low Cut Filter: -12 dB/octave sweepable from 30-150 Hz
  • Phase Reverse: Switchable 180°
  • Optional Speaker Emulator (see manual)
  • Effects: 24 bit digital with 3 programs (Reverb, Delay, Reverb+Delay)
  • Outputs:
    • Proprietary Balanced signal/phantom power interface via RJ-45 (Cat5, 100 ft. maximum length)
    • 1/4" Unbalanced Outputs
  • Supplied Accessories:
    • Padded Gig Bag
    • 10 foot Cat5 Cable
    • Mic Stand Adapter
    • DC power Supply

Powered Speaker Specifications:

  • Size: 14"H x 15"W x 13"D (round)
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 18kHz (40 Hz - 14 kHz ±3dB)
  • AC Power: 100v to 240v (50/60 Hz) - auto-switching
  • Inputs:
    • Flex Pre Interface (Balanced signal, power, ground via RJ-45 Cat5 cable)
    • Line Level Unbalanced, 10 kOhm
  • Thru Output: Line Level Unbalanced, 10 kOhm
  • Downfiring Speaker Filter: 30 HZ to 150 Hz, 12 dB/oct, sweepable with 0dB to -6dB switchable
  • Tweeter Level Control, -10dB to +6dB
  • Power Amps
    • Woofers: 300w RMS x 2
    • Tweeter: 50w RMS
  • Speakers
    • Woofers: 10", one downfiring, one forward-firing
    • Tweeter: 2.5"
    • Crossover: Active, 12dB/oct
  • Supplied Accessories:
    • Fitted Slip Cover with Shoulder Strap
    • Power Cable

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
THANKS A LOT GUYS, Received my AI Flex2 pre amp and AI power cabinet just in time for a gig Saturday. The order was filled and delivered in two days, you are amazing. But the part that really ticks me off is that the system is so accurate, clear and true to tone it made me realize how much I was stinking up the place. Sheeez. Now I will be wood shedding for a very long time and Acoustic Image may be responsible for my wife leaving me. Life IS too short for bad tone...
David A (February 2015)
I spoke with Mark a couple of times, and I purchased a Flex System; I received it last week and I just wanted to call and thank you guys. It is fantastic and I appreciate all the advice and help that I got from Mark. So I just wanted to thank you guys.
Mark S. (March 2015)
Hello, just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great this Acoustic Image Flex Preamp is. Used it last night on a gig and my bass sounded the best it's ever sounded (the guitar player even noticed). For years I have been using the Fishman Pro EQ Platinum, and it was fine, but when I plugged into the Flex I was blown away.
Randy B (May 2015)