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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

D'Addario Helicore HYBRID Upright Bass Strings

         Manufactured by: D'Addario

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Helicore Hybrid bass stringsD'Addario Helicore HYBRID

As you've probably gathered from reading our string descriptions, the selection of string can make a profound difference in response, so D'Addario offers strings in three flavors: Orchestra, Hybrid, and Pizzicato.

The Helicore Hybrid are a purposeful compromise between the extremes of their Orchestral and Pizzicato strings. While the orchestra strings are designed primarily for Arco (bowing) and the Pizzicato strings are primarily for those playing pizz (plucking), the Hybrids are made for those who happen to do a little of each! They have slightly more growl and sustain, and are not quite as bowable as the Orchestra set -- but still are quite a nice choice if you bow sometimes, but want a bit more grit and sustain than the Orchestral strings provide when playing pizz.

Bottom line: They make for a very good "all around" crossover sort of string for those who play in a variety of styles.

Tension figures:
String ¾ med ¾ lt ¾ hv ½ sz
G 62.0 58.2 64.0 56.5
D 64.5 61.3 68.4 61.5
A 67.0 63.0 70.0 63.2
E 68.0 64.0 71.0 63.2
Ext E/C 68.0 64.0 71.0
Low B 69.6

  • nice warm tone from steel strings
  • Orchestral: bowable, smooth sound with thumpier pizz
  • Hybrid: more sustain and a little growl for pizz, still bowable, the compromise string
  • smooth feel
  • average tension

String Gauges:
.053 .059 .082 .115

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