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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

Innovation GoldenSlaps - 140GLP (Golden Slap) Low Tension Strings

         Manufactured by: Innovation Strings

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Innovation Golden Slaps Strings Innovation Double Bass Strings have a unique, non-metallic core which provide a gut-like tone without the cost or maintenance of gut upright bass strings. They hold their pitch well in climate and temperature changes, and most of their strings are equally suited for pizzicato (plucking) and arco (bowing).

Many of Innovation's strings are similar in design, but they assign different names to the different tensions/gauges/colors. For instance, the Silver Slaps are identical to these Golden Slap strings -- except that the layer you can see under the outer clear windings is made with silver threads rather than golden ones. And if you like the description of these strings but prefer a bit firmer feel, the "Super Silver" set is the same string in a heavier gauge -- Golden and Silver Slaps are essentially the "Super Silver Light." By the way -- you don't have to play slapstyle to enjoy these strings, either, they have a great pizz tone.

The Silver and Golden Slap strings were designed to be an alternative to gut for players who slap; they have the lower tension and gut-like sound that traditional slappers prefer, with a more affordable price point and easier maintenance. They sound great amplified.

Players report that these strings are "closest to gut" in playability and feel.

The SilverSlaps and GoldenSlaps are essentially the same, with the exception of the color of the inner windings (which shows through the translucent outer wrap).

Note: All of the Innovation strings do not contain any ferrous materials; they are not suitable for use with a magnetic pickup, like the Schaller we carry. They will work with all typical piezo-based pickups (like the Realist, Full Circle, and all the K&K pickups and systems).

Innovation designs these 3/4 size bass strings to fit on a standard 3/4 size bass. They may very well fit your bass if it is larger than 3/4. For your reference, the lengths of the string, as measured against the bass tailpiece to the nut is 51.5 inches, plus an additional 17 inches to handle stringing in the headstock.

For a comparison chart of the differences between the different Innovation String models, visit our Innovation Strings "Manufacturer" Page. String Lengths
  • Ball end to nut (Afterlength + Playing Length): 51.5 inches/136cm
  • Afterlength (Ball end to bridge): 5.5 inches/14cm
  • Wound top of string (pegbox): 17 inches/43cm

String Gauges:
.088 .095 .105 .125
Concerning rumors of "re-formulation" of Innovation Strings, with GHS Update for Summer 2019

In early 2017, some rumors started, saying that Innovation strings had been "reformulated" and "were not the same" as strings produced before. At that time, I confirmed with the manufacturer in Wales that the cores for ALL Innovation strings had not been altered for at least 5-6 years prior to that. The only change had been the silk colors for the Silver Slaps, changing from mauve to purple, and the gradual switch from their old style "slug" ends to a more common-style ball end.

In 2019, GHS Strings (USA) acquired Innovation, and brought over their winding machinery and materials stock, and have been trained to make the strings exactly the same way as before, so there will be no difference or reformulation moving forward, either. Same strings, now made in the USA!

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Sets AND Single Strings are available (click through to order)

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I've spent a lot of time, effort and money searching for that string set that gave me that "sound" in my head. Innovation Golden Slaps has it... I purchased a set a couple of years back and I can tell you, after fitting a new set, that they haven't been resting on their laurels. Each string has a different type of winding under that translucent wrap, giving an even feel, tension and sound... Full, deep, with a "thwack" rather than a "twang" that is evident with other nylon type strings when slapping... Suits my upright and gear to a tee... Thanks Bob - El Dorado at last ! (-;
Dave W (August 2011)
Just wanted to say thanks!!! I bought so many different types of strings over the years looking for that “unicorn” set. Your descriptions, reviews and general info was so helpful. I just got my Innovation Golden Slaps and I LOVE them!!! Thanks for being such a great resource in addition to being the best price around. I love going to shower and seeing other players walking around with Gollihur bass bags! Well, that’s it, keep up the good work!
Jim F. (May 2019)