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Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (includes bonus Jack Mount)

         Manufactured by: Krivo Pick-ups

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Product News:
A new version of the Krivo is available, using a new bracket. It also costs $30 more. Here's your chance to get the "outgoing" model at a discount over the newly released model. (All pickups bought on this page are brand new, and feature the same sound and noiseless design.)

Krivo Pick-Ups is a small, homegrown company building handmade pickups in the USA (Portland, Oregon).

NEW FOR 2017
Always looking to improve these pickups, as of January 2017, Jason has engineered a new "tweak" to the internals of the pickups to make them even more resistant to noise - with no change to the amazing tone that they've become known for. All of the pickups we have in stock are of this newly updated model, which is still in the (new in 2016) compact housing; so, the same great sound and improved performance is in a new, smaller and lighter unit (compared to the original model)! Of course, it still includes our bonus items (like our jack mounting kit.)

In real numbers, the new model is 15% smaller and lighter, with a new "balanced coil" design for more robust noise elimination. The new design also has a sleeker and more polished design. The lighter weight helps address issues of falling off for aggressive slap players. And the pickups now feature Switchcraft or Mojotone connectors (depending on availability).

The Krivo humbucking bass pickup is a very good alternative to piezo-based pickups for players who play in high-volume situations, or who have stage setups that are particularly susceptible to feedback problems. A magnetic pickup is largely unaffected by the sort of vibration that causes "rumbling" or "humming" feedback with piezo pickups, and also doesn't pick up sound out of the air, so it doesn't suffer from the "screeching" feedback that microphones often do.

Krivo has developed (and continued to refine) this pickup over the last several years, and improvements have made it sound "woodier" and less electric, as well as silenced the noise levels and electrical hum. We've carried the Krivo since 2010, and at that time it had been updated with a special combination of ceramic and neodymium magnets for clarity, warmth, and higher output than other magnetic upright bass pickups. It also uses easily adjustable (hex wrench) pole pieces to easily achieve even string response. And the current pickup is virtually noise-free.

Since it's a magnetic pickup, no external preamp is needed, since most (pretty much all) bass amps are designed to accept magnetic pickup input with no additional "buffering" needed. A preamp certainly could be used, if only to provide useful tone-shaping - and a handy volume control on/near the bass - but it certainly isn't required.

What the heck are "Optimized Microphonics"?

For most magnetic pickups (for electric guitar or bass), "microphonic" isn't usually a good thing. It was more common in the old days - if something inside the pickup was free to vibrate (like windings that are a little loose), and was attached to the magnets in the pickup, it could vibrate in concert with sound waves that hit it. Because of this, on some old basses and guitars, you can shout into a pickup and actually hear your voice faintly through the amp, as if through a microphone - hence the name.

Nowadays, most pickups are fully "potted" (soaked/filled with epoxy, wax, or some other material) to prevent this sort of thing. However, Krivo - based on extensive "trial and error" development - specially hand-winds each coil with a controlled variation of both fused and loose windings. Each individual coil is then hand "sealed" (rather than soaked or potted) in a special mixture. Krivo thereby uses controlled microphonics to actually encourage a certain amount of this electro-acoustic effect, which (I can only assume) is what creates a less "sterile" or "electric" element to the sound.
The drawback (usually) for magnetic pickups is that they usually sound more "electric" since they are getting their signal directly from the strings; they're not really putting the wood (and resonant cavity) of your upright into the sonic equation. However, Krivo has taken steps to provide a more woody, fat tone from the pickup. It uses wooden casing parts, custom "scatterwound" coils, and what Krivo calls "Optimized Microphonics."
(more info)

These features, and the pickup's overall design, all combine to create a tone that is less "electric" and a good bit more "organic" than one would expect from a magnetic pickup.

Side benefit: It also provides a bit more sound from the fingerboard, meaning that rockabilly slap players will even get a bit more of the fingerboard "click" sound that so many of them are after. And if you couple this pickup with a fingerboard transducer, your sound will really begin to click!

The big, round sound from the Krivo pickup can work particularly well for slapstyle, rockabilly, bluegrass, Latin music, and modern jazz. It's not the most natural sound you can get with a pickup, but it could possibly be the most natural sound you can get with a magnetic pickup.
  • Entirely hand built
  • Special Combination of Neodymium and Ceramic magnets for high output and clarity
  • Premium Mogami cable inside and out
  • High-quality Switchcraft or Mojotone connectors
  • Hand-fed scatterwound coils are fully Humbucking
  • Proprietary "Optimized Microphonics" winding process picks up Slap fingerboard resonances while maintaining feedback resistance
  • Easy non-invasive mounting with included 3M dual lock velcro and quick release jack mount
  • Designed to match most ebony or ebonized fingerboards; profiled to match the curvature for an almost "seamless" look
  • NEW! Includes Gollihur Music Tailpiece Mount for output jack

Note that these pickups are hand-crafted, and their appearance is, as such, pleasantly "imperfect."

EXCLUSIVE 7-Day Trial Period
Unsure whether this pickup will be perfect for your needs? You won't get stuck with it.

If you purchase the Krivo Pickup at Gollihur Music, you have a seven day trial period, starting on the day you receive the pickup, during which you may return the pickup, in new condition, for a full refund, minus our outgoing shipping costs and a small transaction fee to cover credit card processing, if applicable. Returns must be preauthorized; a restocking fee applies if the unit is not returned in new condition (you are permitted to use the 3M Dual Lock fastener tape to mount the pickup, it will be replaced with a new piece).

It's also important to note that you must use strings with considerable magnetic (ferrous) content in their core (not just their windings) in order to use a magnetic pickup like the Krivo.
Strings reported to be GOOD for magnetic pickup use:
  • Eurosonics
  • Pirastro Original Flexocore
  • Thomastik Spirocores
  • Corelli 370 (I can vouch for these)
  • Innovation Polychrome -- though they have a synthetic core, the strings have enough steel in them to "register" on a magnetic pickup. They do have lower output than steel strings, but they work.
  • Jargar dolce
  • D'Addario Helicore-- (Note: though I have my concerns with the E string; seems as if its response is somewhat lower than the other strings, at least the Orchestra and Hybrids I tried seemed that way.)
  • D'Addario Zyex -- though they have a synthetic core, the strings have enough steel in them to "register" on a magnetic pickup. They do have lower output than steel strings, but they work.
Strings reported to be NOT GOOD for magnetic pickup use:
  • Pirastro Obligatos (minimal metallic content)
  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzis (minimal metallic content)
  • LaBella Supernils (no metallic content)
  • All Innovation Strings - except PolyChromes (no metallic content)
  • Gut strings (insufficent or no metallic content)

Please email me with your own string experiences so I can share them with other players.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I just wanted to say thank you for the Krivo pick up. It's loud, no feedback, and it's awesome. Thanks again for sending it so fast. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Drew A (May 2012)
Hi Mark, I installed the Krivo pickup on my bass and I can say so far it's better than I expected. After a few re-positionings and pole adjustments I am getting very even response across the strings. The tone is pretty close to a P bass as expected, but that's actually good for some styles. I was able to get much more gain before feedback than any piezo pickup. I will keep my wing "piezo" pickup on the bass and blend it to bring in more "body" into the sound, but the articulation of the Krivo is going to really help me.
D.S. (March 2013)
Just a short note to inform you that I recently modified my double bass with a replacement ebony tailpiece and fitted some Corelli 370 strings. The transformation in sound and feel was amazing and coupled with the Krivo magnetic pickup purchased earlier the amplified sound is amazing. My band members now only want me to use the "big beast" for our gigs! Many thanks for your great service. Kindest Regards One happy customer.
Mark V (April 2013)
Just received and installed my brand new Krivo Mag Pickup. You can't believe how happy I am. No feedback , nice warm woody tone, easy setup ( just had to heighten the PU poles with the included hex wrench)!!! I was sure that the Gollihurs would have satisfied my needs ! It's weird I live on the other side of the ocean but I feel at home when buying DB items from you. It's worth the expenses and the waiting , what you sell is guaranteed to hit the target for me. Thanks for your always clear explanations and Real passion for the upright bass! My band mates can't believe I am no longer screamin' hell about volumes and feedback! A very much satisfied Italian customer.
Marco D (August 2013)
My pickup arrived on Saturday and I was able to get it set up for a performance that evening. It worked great and I want to thank Mark for helping me select the one that works best for me. I was really impressed with how easily I could adjust the volume on the various strings with a simple turn of a wrench. The guys in the band liked how the low E and A came through much clearer than with my Shadow. Used a Fishman pre-amp to give it a little more push. Love it and thanks for the help.
Steve S (November 2013)
Hi mark! I received my Krivo magnetic pick up today and it is just as described. I get a great sound from it and it does pick up my slap sound at a nice natural level which is the sound I strive for. I am also using (K&K's) golden bullet microphone on my bass, which goes direct to the pa and also picks up a great slap sound. I use the krivo for stage monitor through my amp. I have found this to be a very successful way to cut out feedback on stage with a natural acoustic sound out front.

Thank you all for your quality pick ups. And helpful comments along side of your items you sell... Best regards!
Dave R (January 2014)
Wanted to drop you guys a line about my latest purchase: I ordered a Krivo mag pickup late last week. By Saturday afternoon it was in my hands and on my bass for a Saturday night gig. The pickup itself is just the thing for western swing and classic country gigs. As always your descriptions of the pickup's performance - and your efficiency in shipping products out - is spot on. Many thanks from a satisfied long-time customer...
David R (May 2014)
I want to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of the Krivo bass pickup and the advice and service I received when calling. My band has drums, accordion, keys, trumpet and two saxes and plays a mix of New Orleans and Chicago style Jump Blues. I have a Palatino EUB, and despite the relatively low price,it is a surprisingly solid instrument. However, I have never been pleased with the electronics and the sound produced when amplified. Since buying the Krivo Pickup, that has all changed. The combination of the Palatino and the Krivo pickup are perfect for what I do. I am able to get a round, full, sound that is electric enough to provide solid support for the band in high volume situations but it still retains some of the warmth and depth of the acoustic. Admittedly, it leans towards the electric, but If you need a pickup for high volume applications, the Krivo is perfect. I am planning to mix it with my Fishman BP-100 through a preamp to add more acoustic tone when desired.
Michael R (August 2014)
Hi Mark and Bob, Thanks once again for another great experience. I have received, installed, and tested my new Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (in front of an audience). I love it. No worries about feed back. I, personally find the tone exceptional. I was not concerned about sounding more electric than acoustic. In fact I don't think it is a concern at all. I find the sound of a magnetic pickup more natural than any piezo (which can sound too compressed and/or "quacky" for my liking0. Plus, I don't have to buy batteries anymore. That alone is a huge factor for me. I am using Pirastro Jazzers with my Krivo and they work great...
Tony M. (April 2015)
Thanks for the Guidance on buying the Krivo upright bass pickup! Although its a magnetic pickup, it is indeed the closest to the piezo pickups in todays market. It does sound woody and huge, I used with a loud jazz ensemble and it was just what I needed to be in par with a heavy drummer and all those horns.It was the right tool for the job. Thanks Mark for introducing this great product. I would highly recommend it.
Vittoria G. (May 2016)
I just debuted the Krivo Upright Bass Pickup and Jazz gig last night. Easy to install. So how did it do? Same band, same songs, through the same amp that always play. The tone was rich and punchy, still-woody but not woolly, more like a fretless bass sound but with dark expressive distinctly-double bass tones and sustain. My drummer and piano player, who didn’t know i got the pickup, both remarked that the bass sounded so clear and expressive. I used to use a David Gage Realist much to my frustration and suffer feedback at low levels, missing notes in the high registers, and a vague washed-out tone. No more. I'm a Krivo believer. One other benefit was that I didn't have to work as hard on the bass to get my point across so now 3 hours gigs are way easier. One minor criticism: When I used my bow practically no sound came out of my amplifier.
Ken K/ (October 2016)
Ordered a Krivo magnetic pickup. Prompt delivery as always! Excellent mounting instructions. Plugging this in and turning it up for the first time was a revelation. The Krivo sounds terrific! Full, warm, and not a single missed frequency up the neck. I have found my sound. Blending in a little microphone makes it even more amazing! This is a great product!
Adam B (October 2016)
This Krivo pick up has changed my world. It is the best thing that I have purchased for my Upright in years. No more fighting feedback. I finally get a big round, well balanced tone. The poles were easy to adjust to get even loudness across the strings. Even tho it sounds a bit more electric, it sounds way better. I was having to dial out all the tones I wanted with my other piezo pick ups and my bass just sounded thin. And I play with a four piece and a drummer. I can easily hang in the mix now. And I can take my bass, cables, volume pedal, and amp to the gig and that is all I need. soo much easier. This pick up is just awesome! Thank you again for recommendation and the service as always. Cheers!
Jeremy H (March 2018)
Mark and Chris are both very experienced and very helpful. I recently started using the krivo pickup exclusively after trying pretty much every pick up. They both took time to answer all of my questions and did so happily! let me assure you the Krivo gets the job done with great tone and yes it sounds just like an upright bass because it is an upright bass, just an upright bass that you can actually hear! Awesome gear and even better service!
Jay C (May 2018)
I just got the Krivo magnetic pickup installed on my bass, and I must say, that it is the best amplified sound I have ever had. I had grown tired of the inevitable thump sound that I was hearing from piezo style pickups I had been using. That is gone now and I have much more control over the sound because I no longer have to work around the thump. Thanks again...
Gregory S (August 2018)
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for helping me to get a great sound from my string bass. I wanted to play my Englelhardt string bass with a 7 piece swing band that included trumpet, sax, trombone, guitar, drums, bass and vocals, but could never seem to get a great, or even good, amplified sound. After explaining the loud environment in which I played, Gollihur recommended, and I purchased, a Krivo magnetic pickup and a preamp to replace the electronics in my Palatino Electric string bass. It sounded pretty decent and was a huge improvement. I tried the pickup on my 1985 Engelhardt EM-1 string bass and it sounded pretty decent but the strings were dead, so I purchased some Corelli 370’s which I love. Unfortunately, I still got a really "boomy" sound from my electric bass amp. I read a lot about the Acoustic Image amps but wasn’t sure that the amplifier would make that big of a difference. After much deliberation, I found and purchased a used Coda II and immediately loved it. I still felt like I needed a bit more, so I took the plunge and bought the Acoustic Image Ten2 X extension cabinet. I cannot say enough good things about this new setup. The direct out is great for larger shows and the amp along with extension cabinet seldom needs to be set above '3' to sound great in any room. The electric bass sounds amazing as well. The fact that the amp and cabinet are super compact and weigh 23 and 27 pounds respectively, is icing on the cake. Lastly, to complete my setup, I bought leather bumpers for both of my basses and a Golihur branded Bass bag for the Engelhardt. I love the bag. The quality is great and as advertised, it goes on and off the bass easily. This is a really longwinded way of saying, THANKS. Thanks to Golihur, I have been able to go from feeling like I had to play electric all the time and could never get a good amplified string bass sound, to having a GREAT, consistently dependable, amplified string bass sound. I now am able to play my string bass for all but the most obviously electric tunes. If players ask, "will the Acoustic Image amp make that big of a difference over their electric bass amp?" I can unreservedly say, "Yes, there is a huge difference." I have a great sound and wanted to share my experience in case it can help any other players whom you may advise.
Michael R. (December 2018)