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Accessories for Upright BassStands

Folding Stand for Double Bass: Ingles SA-22

         Manufactured by: Ingles

-- Select Replacement Rubber Arm Sleeves for this stand

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The COVID-19 pandemic has people understandably concerned. With abundant cautionary procedures, the bassists at Gollihur Music are still maintaining our normal (online) business hours and shipping out orders every weekday.

Since we are not a "bricks and mortar" store, we are not affected by mandatory retail closures. There are just two of us here at the shop, and we have put a halt to in-person appointments to limit any chance of exposure. We are taking appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our customers from any possible infection. We're confident that we can continue to provide you with your bass needs through this complex time.

Do note that some of our suppliers have been suspending or limiting operations, though, so some products may be a little less available. But we are well stocked with the bass-ics!

Upright Bass Stand -
one of the most stable stands you'll find!

For years I reluctantly used my old bass stand - the old Hamilton stand that had the little "cup" you had to aim for (and often missed on a darkened stage!) But I never had much confidence in the stand's stability, and using it could be a pain. I've tried a number of stands to replace it, but of all of the ones I've used, the Ingles has a specific feature that makes it the most flexible - and well-suited for taller bassists and others who extend their endpins more than six inches: the cradle arms are adjustable.

The stand includes an extended arm with a hook for hanging your bow. All contact surfaces are covered with non-marking rubber material. As solid as it is, the stand still folds flat and to a reasonably compact size, as the photos show. This is no wimpy plastic stand -- it is of all metal construction, except for the padding and vinyl tips, and weighs 8.2 pounds.

This stand has the advantage of the movable bottom cradle - it can go up higher to allow for an unusually long endpin (for many basses, depending on the other instrument dimensions, it can be as long as 10-11 inches!) Many other stands can accommodate a 6" endpin extension, but that's it - so if you are a taller player the Ingles is the appropriate choice - and it also costs less!

The stand's flexibility can also enable it to accommodate a Baby Bass type instrument, as it is designed to handle a bass or cello; that's my Eminence Portable Bass in the photo above. It works with Palatino EUBs and BSX Allegro Basses as well - we've gotten emails from customers specifically confirming that the SA-22 works well with those instruments.

The Ingles SA22 Stand has been verified by our customers to fit:

  • Most ¾ size basses
  • Most ¼-½ size basses
  • Many 7/8-4/4 size basses *
  • Ampeg Baby Basses (and reissues)
  • Eminence Electric Upright Bass
  • Palatino Electric Upright Bass
  • Cellos
How small does it fold? Packed up as small as practical, its maximum height is about 3 feet, Width is about 18" and Depth is about 4.5" - meaning, it should fit in a 36 x 18 x 4.5" box. However, the stand is an irregular shape, and things can fit "around" it in the trunk of your car, so it is still pretty compact, especially for such a stable stand. In a pinch, you can even remove the upper cradle part and carry it separately for even more compact stowage. Weight is about 8.2 lbs.

* We get a occasional questions from taller players who want to know if the stand will accommodate their basses with particularly large bodies, or with the endpins extended longer than "normal" - click here for a bit more information.

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Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   STANDS: Will my bass fit the SA-22 Bass Stand

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I put the Pirastro Obligato strings on the Swingmaster and had a luthier I found on your site lower the bridge and nut. It has a much nicer tone and plays easier. The stand is a real good idea, it really does result in more time playing. The bass bag is nice and heavy duty. The website is a real help. I appreciate the way you guys do business. Good products at a good price. I also appreciate your input and insight, on the various products that are available.
Hey Bob and Mark, Thanks very much for the quick turn around on my Ingels stand. Just like you said "stable". I have been playing for many years but only recently have become an upright convert. I am also a recording engineer, which compounds the quest for good sound. I have found you site to be a great help not only for product choice but most importantly information. Thanks very much for the service. I'm turning all my friends on to Gollihur Music. Recently a good friend just purchased a K & K Trinity system and is very pleased. I look forward to doing more commerce in the future.
Hey Bob,

I just wanted to let you know I love my new bass stand. It is very sturdy and secures my bass in a busy house. It is nice not to worry about my kids bumping it and knocking it off the stand.

Thanks very much,
Dan L
I received last month a fine bow, Ingles stand, and Gollihur bag. All excellent products. The bow sounds wonderful, the bag is very nice, and the stand works well. In fact, I really appreciate your comments on your web page comparing the Ingles to the MBS. I liked the rigidity of the MBS, but it is fantastic to grab it out of the stand and play (my endpin is extended about 9"). This is invaluable at a gig which requires me to switch between electric and upright quickly.
Grant N
Gollihur Music is THE BEST on the internet! I have a great friend who owns a local music store where I buy all my stuff (for guitars and sound systems). He couldn't get me a deal like Gollihur's Ingles bass stand. I ordered it Sunday and found it on my porch Wednesday afternoon!!! INCREDIBLY FAST SHIPPING. Bob also talked with us and gave restoration advice when we found our old 1956 Kay bass sitting unused in a high school band room. It is incredible and deserves a sturdy bass stand. I highly recommend the Ingles stand and Gollihur Music.
Rebecca H.
I bought a Gollihur Bass bag, Ingles stand, and a set of bridge adjuster wheels. You have provided the best online shopping experience I've ever had. The Gollihur bag is great!!! It is the easiest I've ever used... it's easy to load the bass in my little truck with all of the extra handles and I use the little "D" rings and a couple of straps to hold it in place. Putting the bass in and out of the bag is super-convenient as well. The Ingles stand is like a giant super-strong guitar stand. I've never used this type of stand before, but it holds my bass very well and is built like a tank. It folds away nicely and sets-up easily. The wide range of adjustments means lots of "trying" to get it to fit the first time, so marking the adjustments with a Sharpie will ease set-up time. Thank you for your research in finding useful products for bassists and I will continue to order from your company exclusively. Expect an order for some pickups and another bag for my new ES-9...
Brett W
Bob, the Ingles bass stand does indeed fit the Ampeg Baby Bass. The best stand I've ever owned. Always ready and very secure. Thanks.
Eddie M
Ordered two Ingles upright bass stands and received them in two days in which I'm use to having ordered here before!

By far these are the best doghouse bass stands on the market. I also use to have a stand with the little cup at the bottom. Not anymore! Both of my Kays are very happy with me right now! Another fine product from Gollihur Music!

PS.. For those of you readers that order this product and you should, throw in a Bass Max pickup as well. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again Bob!
Lee C
Hello Bob and Mark, First I'd like to say many thanks for the great costumer service. I've had nothing but fast, prompt, and courteous experiences with you guys. The Upright Bass Stand Ingles SA-22 is great. It is easy to use, stout, and will safely hold my Palatino EUB, my Czech DB, and any of my BG's You guys rock! Thanks Again. Shawn
Shawn Ruddy
Gentlemen (and I am including you, Bob. :-): Wanting a bass stand for awhile, I read Bob's statement of what he thought of the Ingles SA-22 and I was convinced. It arrived promptly. It is just as described: sturdy, designed correctly, easy to mount the bass, etc. I am very pleased, again. You fellows sell excellent bass "stuff"... Thanks for your support of bass players!
Mike St.George
Wow, I ordered a stand for my Bass and boy, did it ever arrive quickly. I ordered the Ingles, and is it perfect? YES! Exactly what I needed. I found the shipping charges very reasonable. Thanks very much, and I will be sure to come back when I need more Bass gear.
Barbara K (June 2011)
I purchased the Ingles EUB SA-22 for my BSX Allegro. I read as much as I could to educate myself on this product. After purchasing it and now have it for two months I must say that I'm pleased with the stand. It takes up less room and gives very good support for my bass. I like the height, flexibility of support arms and the end pin can be extended. Plus, the holder for the bow is a nice feature too. I would recommend this product!
Jeffrey T (December 2014)