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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Bob and Mark, My Gaines wheel came in today. Very fast service! Thanks,
Mark P.

Just want you to know that I love the Coda. In combination with my new Fishman Full Circle I get a really true sound. And the light weight is nice on my bad back. So if you need any testimonials, here is one happy bassist.
Donald M

Hi Bob, I was reading at a forum where a guy was talking about changing the battery on his KK RAB Plus pre-amp and complaining about how often he had to do it. Was he being facetious? Mine goes literally months. What is the battery life on that unit supposed to be anyway? I have just changed it after 3 months so I don't run the risk of it dying in the middle of a show. I generally mute my signal chain and unplug the input cable during intermissions... Great PUP BTW. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. My hands are way less beat up now that I'm not over slapping to get my "click". Thanks, Pete
Pete 10/10/10

I received and installed the HipShot FreeRange Xtender on my bass which has D'Addario Zyex strings. (As noted above,) the synthetic core of these strings was too stretchy and would not even allow the bass "E" string to be de-tuned to a true "D" when opened as far as possible. I replaced the Zyex string with one that has a steel core - big difference! I can now "dial" down even to a "B" with some adjustment still remaining. Most of my modulating at this time will involve moving only to a "D." The Xtender now works great and I am extremely happy with it! Thank you for your support in getting me "up to speed" with this product.
Todd D (January 2014)

A bit on the Evah Pirazzi Slap set I got from you: I bow, slap, and play pizzicato. Those strings work very well for all techniques. I'm finding them easier on my fingers than standard Evahs that were on the bass before. They seem well balanced in spite of being gut D and G and synthetic E and A. I'm learning first hand that gut does take longer to settle in. The E and A strings don't go out of tune, but (initially) the gut strings need re-tuning regularly. They are worth the extra effort, because they are much easier to play and they sound great. When I bought them, there wasn't much feedback about how they respond to different techniques. I'm happy to say that they work very, very well.
Will M (December 2015)

Thanks for the great service with my recent order for EUB strings. The bonus material regarding string changing is very much appreciated. 110% service. Thank you.
David H (June 2011)

I love ordering from these guys. I bought my primary bow through them a few years ago and I order accessories periodically. I bought an NS Design NXT a few years back as well and they were very helpful in the decision making process. They're honest and they know what they're talking about, that is the reason that I will continue to come back to them as often as possible!
David A (August 2014)

Hello you guys, Again my strings arrived at my home in France in 8 days. With details for changing strings, tips and all, the famous Bass sticker. It's been at least 8 years since I discovered Gollihur Music, you keep supplying upright bass players like me, info we can't get elsewhere. Not only are you guys real professionals, but "Class" pure class. I wish you 8 more generations to come, thanks again and keep sendin the good vibes.
Paul "Pablo" V (bass for "Les Clampins")

Hi Bob and Mark,

This past week I received from you the Bass Max Pick Up and the Pure Preamp. I have been playing electric bass for quite some time, and from time to time I would jokingly say I really should get a 'real instrument'. So I did! About six weeks ago I found a used R Paesold with a carved top with a price that my wife was able to deal with. I have a few electric basses, and my favorite is a Warwick Thumb Bass with a warm fat tone that I love. (I use Tomastik flat wounds) I did find myself slightly disappointed with the depth of the tone from the Paesold, and I also realized I need amplification.

So...I found your web site and talked with you briefly because I was looking for the best pickup to hope to find a fat sound. You suggested Bass Max with Pure Preamp. The whole deal fit perfect w/o adjustments. I must say I was hopeful but willing to accept marginal performance. Man it sounds great! No joke that preamp is hot. I run it thru a GK 700RB amp. Now I just have to learn to play the thing, it's a whole different animal.

Thanks fellers
J T Droegkamp

I would like to report that Mark Gollihur was Excellent with his product knowledge and customer service! This was a totally painless order. Mark had all the answers I needed to choose the right strings for my Upright Bass application! Good prices on the strings, and same day shipping! I will be purchasing from Gollihur Music for my Upright Bass needs in the future! I don't know if Mark has an actual store front in New Jersey, but I look forward to stopping in to meet him next time I visit my brother in NJ if he does! Thank you Mark for an easy experience shopping with you!
Saul M (July 2017)

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