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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Hi Mark and Bob, Thanks once again for another great experience. I have received, installed, and tested my new Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (in front of an audience). I love it. No worries about feed back. I, personally find the tone exceptional. I was not concerned about sounding more electric than acoustic. In fact I don't think it is a concern at all. I find the sound of a magnetic pickup more natural than any piezo (which can sound too compressed and/or "quacky" for my liking0. Plus, I don't have to buy batteries anymore. That alone is a huge factor for me. I am using Pirastro Jazzers with my Krivo and they work great...
Tony M. (April 2015)

My constant goal for the last several years was to have a sound on the gig that sounded like a GOOD studio recording. (At my recent gig, after using my "old" gear) I got the 'Chuck' and installed it and was instantly in musical heaven. Last night the Chuck gave me that. It's not just MBOL (My Bass, Only Louder), but actually My Bass Only Better.
Rick Wolff (December 2018)

Hey Bob, Mark and Chris, Just wanted to SHOUT at ya and tell you how satisfied I am with the ADJUSTABLE BRIDGE I ordered from you. I followed your simple instructions and with the help of my wife this bass has NEVER SOUNDED BETTER. I attached an entire sheet of sandpaper to the area and with minimum sanding PRESTO - a great sounding 3/4 Bass. Thanks for a wonderful product and I recommend your products to any person that is sincere about their instruments and the quality of sound.
Jerry H (October 2014)

Thanks for all the extra FAQ info for each product and specs with impedance info of your pedals, etc. This is priceless!

I have to say, once again your products and service have surpassed all my expectations. My bass master pro pickup system arrived two days after I placed the order, and after a quick installation it performed amazingly well. As you know, I've been using the bass max pickup for about the past two years and have loved it, but this new system is even better...a lot better. Since purchasing the bass max pickup, I've been asked many times by my fellow musicians in town how it is that I'm able to get such a warm rich tone from my bass at stage volumes. Wait until they hear the bass master pro!

I appreciate what you do for all of us low end lovers out here. You're a good man, Bob.
Nathan R

Bob & Mark, A VERY LARGE "Thank you!" on my latest order! As others have already said, you folks are #1 on all counts! I ordered my AI Coda on 11/05 at 11:30PM. When I arrived home this evening (11/7), it had already been delivered! Kudos, Gentlemen!
Sam O. (November 2013)

Hi Mark,

This Contra is a pure devil. At 7 p.m. I showed up at the gig. My mates jaws fell on the ground once they heard the sound. I managed to blast a 100-person audience without any other cabinet nor preamps needed.

Thank you a lot Mark for your great advice. That’s the sound and power I was looking for. And it looks so solid. Your professionalism made my day. On Saturday I’m heading Cracow for a great gig. I know it right now.

Have a nice day guys and I will definitely be back to you for more.
R.O. (February 2011)

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the speedy service on my latest order. I placed the order Wednesday, and had my Bass Master Pro package in my hands on Friday. The K&K pickup set, with the included preamp, sounds absolutely terrific on my bass (a dramatic improvement over my old BP-100). Your installation instructions were crystal clear and saved time and trouble, and helped my get the system set up and sounding great in no time at all. Thanks again for making this a great experience all round!
Peter R (September 2011)

My order came today, as expected, and with everything in perfect condition. It's wonderful to deal with folks who know how to treat a customer. As far as I know, your only online competition in that department is from Stewart-MacDonald. And from me, at least, that's high praise indeed. I'll look in your direction first when I have bass needs in the future.
Tom Clift

Well, I've had a chance to play the instrument. It's beautiful, and in beautiful shape. I really like the setup on it as shipped, and the amount of tones that can be produced with the two piezo pups and the tone control is really outstanding.

I'll be spending the weekend with my NXT thanks to Gollihur, and I'm sure it will be an enjoyable one!
Dave B (May 2012)

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