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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Thank you so much for the awesome NXT4 cello. You offered the best price online and i must say, Gollihur Music has the best customer service that i have ever experienced. Thank you!
Jahni C (October 2019)

Hi Mark, Just wanted to say thanks for sending the great Acoustic Image amp, but especially for your quick shipping. I wasn't expecting to see the AI until Monday and there it was on Friday afternoon! I unpacked it in my cube at my day job and then a couple of hours later I was using it at my jazz quartet gig in downtown San Jose. Wow - the sound is so clean, transparent and present. Four sets whizzed by and pretty worn out but with a big grin I packed up and headed home. The amp is definitely a "keeper".
Jack M (August 2016)

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Corelli (350A) strings. I was able to put them on (my BSX Allegro Electric Upright) over the weekend, and wow what a difference. Since I bought my Allegro used, I am not sure how old the strings were on them, but these make the instrument come alive again. While I know a EUB will never sound like the real thing, I had hoped my Allegro would sound better than it did when I bought it, since it was one of the more popular models. I'm guessing the old strings must have really been dead, because this actually sounds quite a bit more like a real upright now. The tension is considerably lower than the strings I had on there, and it plays much easier for me. All things considered, I am very pleased with the purchase, and appreciate the customer service. I'm excited to plug in the old EUB again, thank to a great suggestion on strings.
Micah T. (April 2014)

My order came today, as expected, and with everything in perfect condition. It's wonderful to deal with folks who know how to treat a customer. As far as I know, your only online competition in that department is from Stewart-MacDonald. And from me, at least, that's high praise indeed. I'll look in your direction first when I have bass needs in the future.
Tom Clift

Hello Bob. I just received my father's day present, one of your deluxe bass bags. Man, I love this thing! I have been using the same old bag for nearly 20 years, just because it was easy to get off and on the bass. Most of the newer bags I've seen need a squad to use. Yours is great. My wife hit a homerun with this one! Thanks for a great bag.
Tim S. (June 2011)

I bought a Gollihur Bass bag, Ingles stand, and a set of bridge adjuster wheels. You have provided the best online shopping experience I've ever had. The Gollihur bag is great!!! It is the easiest I've ever used... it's easy to load the bass in my little truck with all of the extra handles and I use the little "D" rings and a couple of straps to hold it in place. Putting the bass in and out of the bag is super-convenient as well. The Ingles stand is like a giant super-strong guitar stand. I've never used this type of stand before, but it holds my bass very well and is built like a tank. It folds away nicely and sets-up easily. The wide range of adjustments means lots of "trying" to get it to fit the first time, so marking the adjustments with a Sharpie will ease set-up time. Thank you for your research in finding useful products for bassists and I will continue to order from your company exclusively. Expect an order for some pickups and another bag for my new ES-9...
Brett W

Hi Mark, I received the Realist LifeLine and Docking Station in a very timely fashion. Installation went very well due to your tips and the enclosed instructions.

This has to be the best set-up for an upright pickup. The quality and simplicity are just the best. Having the integrated volume pot on the Docking station combined with the Lifeline pickup on the adjuster not only looks good but is just plain genius!

Of course the best part is the sound - natural and pure transparency, exactly what I was looking for. This system is too good to be kept secret.

Thank you for a superb buying experience. Best Regards to the Gollihur Music Family!
Mike S (February 2014)

I wish to thank for the fantastic service. The strings (fit my bass) ok and the shipping was the fastest i've ever seen!

Thanks again!
Fabricio D (April 2010)

This is only an initial review, but because I'll be playing overseas on an upcoming tour/clinic trip and will be offered basses with no pickups, I ordered one of (The Kremona DB-1 Pickups) from Mark at Gollihur. I put it on and the results are very promising! On my main bass it sounds really good and compares much better to the Full Circle than I ever imagined. It is clean and clear across all 4 strings, pretty feedback resistant (not quite as much as the FC that I can tell, but still very good), and gets a good natural sound once some high mids are rolled back (the FC requires less EQ to get that nice dark-yet-still-articulate tone, and is still a bit punchier on the E string).

I have to say I am very impressed with the ease of installation! The pickup is encased in wood and includes 4 wooden shims. Installing it was a breeze because there's no sanding or filing required: just add shims until it fits... Brilliant! The shims are also made of wood, so they grip well against the pickup surface and the bridge. The tailpiece mount is also a nice design, easy to install quickly without any tools; the main shaft screw of the mount is thoughtfully notched so that finger tightening is easy, and the included washers make a nice snug fit. More details after the trip when I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces... but a cursory experience with the pickup in my music room with my very nice and very familiar bass told me enough to write (this). For now, though, this looks like the perfect backup to keep in the bag.... or even on the bass, since it's so low profile and discreet.
Chris F. (August 2016)

Thank you for having a web site that you have. It has really helped me as an electric bass player in my transition to an upright player. Your Upright bass FAQS is is a big help.
Bill D.

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