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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I really, really like it that you say what strings you like personally. It makes a big difference to me. I'm going to try the Corellis on my next order on the basis of your recommendation. In fact, your whole site is very hands-on and personal, which I think is why it is so popular among bass players I know.

Dear boB,

I wish to say thank you to you and the boys at Gollihur, Because of your wise writings and great entertaining wisdom. I have learned so much from you all over the last two years.

I was at college studying music at BA degree level and a double was always lying around somewhere and always in it bag. I was the only person that ever took it out and had a try. It was bashed and and the table had a huge split but I fell in love with it. I couldn't play a note but it always whispered in my ear, "please play me". Well on leaving college for the last time after gaining my degree I was told that this pretty beast was going in the skip tomorrow and did I wish to rescue it, what could I say but "put in my car, Now!"

It didn't take me long repare the top and learn how it worked. I adjusted this and that and slowly "Shirley" found a real voice even with glue holding things together. I knew she was a Stentor student 2 and therefore not the best of instruments but she got noticed around the Northeast of England in the folk circuit I frequent.

My friends watch as changes accrued. I didn't much like the orange finish that Stentor use so I decided to strip this away and turn her into a blonde. This was very stiking and I love her more than ever.

Well this lasted only a short time. I dropped my beautiful friend and she broke her neck. I was devastated to say the very least. But I took her back into my shed and very soon she was sounding good again although not as she had. In my shed there live a very lovely motor cycle that never saw the light of day so I decided to sell "Sally" and buy a new friend. I sourced another Stentor but this time the Arcadia which is the most expensive one they make at £3,400 but as I'm a music teacher now I got a huge discount ie half price.

I now play "the Count" every day and every day I get new surprises from him. He's only 8 months old so still opening up, but I'm about to buy new strings and think the "spirocore" are the ones for me. The stentor strings are very hard and are the same strings they put on the cheapest models.

getting back my point though, I would not have tried all I have with my two basses if it wasn't for you all being so generous with advise.

Thank you...
Stephen W. (April 2011)

This is just to let you know that I have been dragging around my bass in one of your professional case/bags for a year now. The bass gets loaded in and out of my van at least weekly, and often more than that. It gets schlepped to rehearsals, gigs, you name it. The bag is looking well used, but completely unfazed. It has done its job admirably. There have been some pretty tense moments when people who shouldn't be touching a bass decide to shove it out of the way. So far, the case has prevented damage far better than anyone should ever expect. There are only a few things I would change - adding handles on the zipper side, and maybe a bit more of a stiffness around the headstock. There's probably good reasons for not doing those things, too. That's it. Keep up the fantastic work. A local luthier does the setup work on it, but I'll be back to you for everything from strings to pickups.
Will M (December 2013)

I've had the AI Corus for about 2 weeks now, with probably 4~5 different gigs, and I have to say I am pretty impressed with it. It just sounds like my guitar, nothing else. I don't hear the amp at all! It's just my guitar louder.

I've tested a microphone, piezo, a magnetic pickup. Ran a violin through it, and vocals too... even a bass... it seems to always work no matter what I do. I didn't even spend any time fiddling with the settings yet.

Also I got rid of my (outboard) preamp. The levels are good enough to catch whatever volume my guitar produces. Thanks for your help and your advice! I've already recommended Gollihur to other friends, some who already called you.


I received (the Mooradian bag) yesterday... Like the amp, it looks tough built. I enjoy that. Thanks again for your help, you and Gollihur Music are fantastic. I will mention your services everytime I get the chance.
Stephan C (May 2012)

The Eminence Bass we ordered through you several weeks ago arrived and totally lives up to the hype! We have used it on several gigs so far, and the other members of the band keep pointing out that it "sounds just like a real bass!" It is going to work very well!
John S (Mar 2010)

Hi Mark, Just wanted to say thanks for sending the great Acoustic Image amp, but especially for your quick shipping. I wasn't expecting to see the AI until Monday and there it was on Friday afternoon! I unpacked it in my cube at my day job and then a couple of hours later I was using it at my jazz quartet gig in downtown San Jose. Wow - the sound is so clean, transparent and present. Four sets whizzed by and pretty worn out but with a big grin I packed up and headed home. The amp is definitely a "keeper".
Jack M (August 2016)

Hi Mark and Bob, I am amazed at how fast and efficiently you guys go about your business! My order arrived in the noon mail today... The parts look great and of fine quality... thanks and best regards!
Wayne W

Thank you once again for the outstanding customer service! The EA Micro arrived the other day and I gigged with it last night. What an amazing little box of wonder! The Micro coupled with the Wizzy-12 held it's own very well with my '74 P-bass and '67 Kay.

@Mark - thanks for setting the amp up for the 2-ch switch. That was very nice of you to do that.

Again, thank you for your past exemplary customer service and support.
Bob P (April 2011)

The bass came today right on time. It shipped very well and nothing was damaged. The wife and I think it is prettier and the tone is no comparison. It just resonates forever. The finger board is perfect as well as the string height is great. You were right, these strings are fine. The bag is by far an upgrade from the previous one. Well padded. Overall I am quite pleased and can't wait for Stan (teacher) to see it too. I appreciate all that you have done to make this sale a success. Because of the way you have been so honest with me is exactly why I keep coming back. I will gladly tell other musicians where it came from. Please thank each person that had anything to do with my bass. Thanks again and God Bless.
Billy B (February 2016)

I bought a EA Wizzy 10 from you guys May 1, 2012 and first used it live last night... the band (and I) was blown away the sound that little sucker puts out. The guitar player, wearing shorts, was about 7 or 8 ft away, and said he could feel the air pushing against his legs. I plan on getting (more) EA stuff from you in the future. Thanks,
Tom M (May 2012)

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