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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Hi Bob and Mark Just wanted to thank you for my recent purchase of the bass adjusters (anodized aluminium)which I ordered just last Sunday. They arrived in the UK on Saturday yesterday and I installed them Saturday evening, just 1 week. I was struck by the quality which inspired confidence in fitting them. They look better than anything I've seen over in the UK. Always a tricky job fitting these but it all went smoothly for me, a former engineer, and dimensions and design were perfect.
Phil M (June 2010)

I have ordered from Gollihur before, and your products, pricing, service, and free advice have been top notch. I want to sing the praises of the 2 products I just ordered:
  • K&M 141 Folding Upright Bass Stand: This was not the cheapest bass stand I could have bought, but it is fantastic. Easy to set up, compact, MUCH stronger and more stable than any picture would let on. Just a GREAT product. This thing is DEFINITELY worth the extra few bucks compared to the competition.
  • H-Clamp Microphone Holder. Expensive, but incredibly well designed and built. When I clamped it on, I was thinking "this must be scratching my bass" but it did not EVER. Holds the mic as advertised, and allows me to experiment with every mic I have. When I was using a stand, I was constantly trying to position myself at the sweet spot. With this mount it just stays where you put it. Very nice.

V.F. (February 2014)

I recently bought a Brazilwood Bass Bow and rosin which was all recommended on TalkBass. I am impressed. I had played for years on the bow I bought in high school, thinking a bow is a bow. The bow made a big improvement in the response from my bass. Thanks for offering such a nice product.
Mitch A

Thank you for the excellent Latex Bow Cushion Grip Tubes. They have a great feel and were easy to install. I was able to roll the tubes onto the stick and over the leather grip and silver winding without damage to the bow and will allow easy removal. The length was perfect as I like to have my thumb cushioned also on the frog contact area. I have been looking for a product like this but found it only sold in bulk etc... The order was prompt and very organized. Thank you for taking my phone order and communications!
S.R. (July 2019)

Hi Everyone at Gollihur music.. You guys are Fantastic! I placed my order for an EA Doubler on the 25th May and recieved it in Sydney Australia TODAY (June 1).... I plugged it in and it is all I could have hoped for....A sweet musical sounding amp with great EQ and all the facillities I could want! Your service and the product are Fantastic. All the Bass to you!
Hugh F

Gentlemen: Thank you for the above order for my Blueridge Tenor Guitar. I followed your precise instructions for placing the (2) pickups under and between the C & G and the D & A strings using the tape you sent me and not using super gel glue at all as stated by your representative and it worked just beautifully. When finger picking this truly brings out the quality Bass and Treble notes of this instrument fully. I play Tenor Banjo mainly and truly appreciate the true quality tone that this guitar can produce with your K & K Sound Pure Pickup for 4 string ABG or Tenor Guitar. I would recommend this pickup to any serious Tenor Guitar player.
W.S. (August 2018)

I received and installed the HipShot FreeRange Xtender on my bass which has D'Addario Zyex strings. (As noted above,) the synthetic core of these strings was too stretchy and would not even allow the bass "E" string to be de-tuned to a true "D" when opened as far as possible. I replaced the Zyex string with one that has a steel core - big difference! I can now "dial" down even to a "B" with some adjustment still remaining. Most of my modulating at this time will involve moving only to a "D." The Xtender now works great and I am extremely happy with it! Thank you for your support in getting me "up to speed" with this product.
Todd D (January 2014)

I prefer to order through you than other places. I have had very good service on my orders. The product write-ups on your website are really great and are valuable beyond just the manufacturer's descriptions.
Jim F

Hi Mark, You'll be happy to know this is a very positive contact regarding the gig bag I purchased from Gollihur. (in fact, you took my order on the telephone). I've searched your site for a location to comment about my very favorable experience with my purchase, in order to enlighten other shopper prospects but have no luck finding such a commentary space. Here for you I can affirm my high satisfaction with its design and likely durability. As it replaced a 70+ year old, threadbare but functional cover, needless to say I am thrilled by the added protection and functionality of your bag. The handle design makes for easy schlepping of my 40s Juzek in and out of a Volkswagen Golf hatchback. Thanks, Mark!!
Mike B (April 2018)

I really, really like it that you say what strings you like personally. It makes a big difference to me. I'm going to try the Corellis on my next order on the basis of your recommendation. In fact, your whole site is very hands-on and personal, which I think is why it is so popular among bass players I know.

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