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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

The Polychromes fully broken-in have really worked out very well. The bottom strings loosened up and really came together with more playing time and now it’s a great sounding, balanced set in feel & tone, and easy to play. And the big plus is their great arco tone & playability compared to the other synthetic core strings I’ve tried (the usual suspects). I’m sold!
Dave B (December 2017)

I received my Double Bass Bag today. I absolutely love it! It definitely exceeded my expectations based on your advertisement. Thank you very much, and I look forward to ordering more products from you.
Martin S

I just received the Corelli bass strings an hour ago and I love them. Actually, I might be in love with them. I'm already researching TN state laws to see if I can legally marry them. They are installed on a '41 Kay M1 that I use for Bluegrass. Perfect strings for that purpose. Clear, distinct, quick attack, punch and I can play as hard as I want without distortion. I don't slap often, but they are even good for that due to their lesser tension. I replaced a set of LaBella Rope Core and those have been my choice for fifteen years. You really should try and market the Corellis to the Bluegrass market. They are unheard of there, and are perfect for that type music. And thanks for the fast shipping and easy buying experience.
Jonathan W.

Thank you once again for the outstanding customer service! The EA Micro arrived the other day and I gigged with it last night. What an amazing little box of wonder! The Micro coupled with the Wizzy-12 held it's own very well with my '74 P-bass and '67 Kay.

@Mark - thanks for setting the amp up for the 2-ch switch. That was very nice of you to do that.

Again, thank you for your past exemplary customer service and support.
Bob P (April 2011)

Ever since I "went upright"(Stagg, then Yamaha SLB200) about four years ago I have been drawn to your site with all its goodies and fantastic links and advice. When I recently bought a second hand Engelhardt blonde Swingmaster that you had shipped to a Canadian customer in 2008, I based my decision to buy partly on info on your site and was pleased to see the original owner had kept all the paper work and info from you with the K&K pickup and preamp that he ordered with the bass... lots of good tips in there.

When I wanted to try a different pickup with less string noise and a "woodier" sound naturally I called you. It seems all the glowing reviews of Gollihur are true - great advice based on real experience and good service (same day shipping). Your info sheet about fitting the KNA DB-1 was MUCH better than the instructions from KNA and the sandpaper around a thin metal ruler worked well for me. You obviously listen to your customers and even included a reference to our phone conversation.

THANKS for the great personal service and advice, the KNA DB-1 is powerful and much more even across the strings than the K&K and I can use the preamp or go straight into my Traynor SB 112 amp that I bought here in Canada (sorry about that) based largely on your review.

I have spent a lot of time checking out many of the links you provide and between that and the product info on your site have learned an awful lot about basses, thanks for all your work. I can now brag to other bass folks about actually talking to Mark Gollihur! One more time, thanks!
Bob B (August 2018)

You Rock.

The End.

#1- You are the ONLY person on the WORLD that has e-mailed me back within minutes. I can't get an answer that quick by sticking my head out the window and yelling.
#2- All the help was OUTSTANDING! I'm glad someone still helps goofy people, of which I am one.
#3- The bag is SUPER! I have seen sleeping bags not nearly as nice as this and it is a STEAL for the money. I still can't believe it. And it got here so fast! WOW!
#4- From now on I will deal exclusively with you and try and forget there are other shops out there. Duh- forgetting, forgetting--.
Thanks loads Mark. You were a really big help... You have gained an ally and a loyal customer.
Lewis M

The Bass Buggy is genius. And the bass case is beautiful, well made, and arrived incredibly fast. Thanks!
Eva M. (April 2016)

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the cable to me. The timing was perfect: It arrived yesterday, just in time to "go to work" in the first string class session.

It seems that I'm the only bass guy to sign up for this class. As if that didn't make me stick out enough, the NS bass *really* drew lots of attention. The conductor, violin instructor, and one of the cellists were keenly interested in looking it over. The NS sounded fantastic (of course), and really filled up the room with its sound.

The Meisel tuner drew the eye of that same cellist, who'd been fumbling with an iphone app to tune up. (Yes, really.) I demonstrated the tuner, mentioned your shop by name, and suggested he seek you out to get one for himself.

Last but not least, I also rocked the official Gollihur Bass Mug! I only wish it came in a larger size. A 90-minute class is long, and I was thirsty! (Or, maybe I should get a couple more...) ;D

All in all, it was a great time, and thanks to your shop, I walked in completely geared up, and ready to go. This should be a fun season!
C.C. (September 2011)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Just used my new k & k bass max. picked it up today, fitted it, as per your excellent instructions, went to a big band rehearsal, plugged it in, and it blew me and the rest of the band away, can't thank you enough, i bought it based on your reviews of pickups and crossed my fingers. Best $100 I've spent. thanks again
Mike W (February 2014)

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