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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

A bit on the Evah Pirazzi Slap set I got from you: I bow, slap, and play pizzicato. Those strings work very well for all techniques. I'm finding them easier on my fingers than standard Evahs that were on the bass before. They seem well balanced in spite of being gut D and G and synthetic E and A. I'm learning first hand that gut does take longer to settle in. The E and A strings don't go out of tune, but (initially) the gut strings need re-tuning regularly. They are worth the extra effort, because they are much easier to play and they sound great. When I bought them, there wasn't much feedback about how they respond to different techniques. I'm happy to say that they work very, very well.
Will M (December 2015)

Hey Bob and Mark, Thanks very much for the quick turn around on my Ingels stand. Just like you said "stable". I have been playing for many years but only recently have become an upright convert. I am also a recording engineer, which compounds the quest for good sound. I have found you site to be a great help not only for product choice but most importantly information. Thanks very much for the service. I'm turning all my friends on to Gollihur Music. Recently a good friend just purchased a K & K Trinity system and is very pleased. I look forward to doing more commerce in the future.

Mark, many thanks for your help in the purchase of my NXT5. It arrived ahead of schedule and the last part arrived today. I am very pleased with the varity of sounds I am able to get out of the bass. Thanks again for your great customer service.
Mike R (Nov 2010)

I'm a first time customer. Following Bob's advice I ordered the Corelli 370 Forte string set. I love them! This was the first time I changed strings on an upright (1960 Reghin) and I have found the detailed instructions and tips very helpful. Thanks Bob and Mark!
Ilan Lukatch

Hey Bob.

Got the K&K Rockabilly pick up and adjustable bridge in the post today. Wow, that was super quick. It took 6 days to get here, all the way to South Africa. Absolutely unbelievable. Our local post doesn't even take that quick.

Anyway, thank you once again for the fast and speedy service.
Andrew W

Bob & Mark, A VERY LARGE "Thank you!" on my latest order! As others have already said, you folks are #1 on all counts! I ordered my AI Coda on 11/05 at 11:30PM. When I arrived home this evening (11/7), it had already been delivered! Kudos, Gentlemen!
Sam O. (November 2013)

Dear Bob & Mark: I bought a Fishman Platinum preamp from you for my EBass and it's the best bass-related investment I've made in years. Thanks!
Dave G

I have to say, once again your products and service have surpassed all my expectations. My bass master pro pickup system arrived two days after I placed the order, and after a quick installation it performed amazingly well. As you know, I've been using the bass max pickup for about the past two years and have loved it, but this new system is even better...a lot better. Since purchasing the bass max pickup, I've been asked many times by my fellow musicians in town how it is that I'm able to get such a warm rich tone from my bass at stage volumes. Wait until they hear the bass master pro!

I appreciate what you do for all of us low end lovers out here. You're a good man, Bob.
Nathan R

This site is ALWAYS the first choice for everything I need for upright bass. My first order I called and left a message for Bob, he called me back promptly and answered all my questions regarding bass bridge replacement so, I bought his adjustable bridge and set it up as well as pro. I appreciate that I see Bob on message boards and blog sites lending his opinion and insight into all things BASS. What he has provided for bassists of all levels is nothing short of amazing, philantropic and innovative. This IS the "one stop" bassists need, truly. Thanks Bob.

I'm excited to attach the Pure Piano pickups to my acoustic piano and start recording! I plan to use the mic'd piano in traditional and not so traditional ways on the filmscore I'm composing for Sony Pictures. Thanks for the professional, well laid out site.

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