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Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Thanks for the great service and advice, My new AI coda III arrived safely in Norway and all is fantastic... I'll certainly consider ordering trans-continentally in future over ordering from closer to home from europe, where I've found their services by mail order have not often gone so smoothly.... Thanks once again!
Gary C

I would like to thank you for the suggestion to pick up the Spirocores double bass strings. These strings are awesome. They are loud, have a great pizzicato sound, and really make my bass sing. These strings can really growl. I suggest anybody who plays mostly acoustic that these are your string. They also sound great going through my Bass Max pickup. So much tone, and definition. Thanks Bob and Mark once more for the great service.
Shawn Ruddy

I installed the Pirastro strings and Kolstein bridge. The sound is excellent. I recently put the bass track to a TV commercial for our church. The recording engineer ran the bass straight to the board. No amp, no eq box, and the sound was true. Your instructions for the install were perfect. This was my first string job. Thank you.
Lynn E.

hi guys, just a little feedback from the order i recieved. this pickup i bought is fantastic. i have a chinese 1/2 scale,beater..i had a fishman bp100 on it through out the summer.chasing feedback,i bought their preamp with the phase switch it still didnt help..but after putting that shaller on it my world has finally come together. i run didarrio nickel strings and my it plays and sounds like my elecric.no longer do i have the feedback junkie on my back.its flippin awesome..thanks again guys.after christmas, im gonna buy another for my 1/4 scale....keep me on your mailing list..see you in january...
Todd P.

Hi I have been thrilled with every purchase I've made from you guys, and your willingness to answer questions and offer free advice over the phone.
Bill F (August 2016)

Just wanted to let you guys know that my order that I placed on Friday arrived today. The fact that you not only shipped it free but priority also is just awesome (especially since I ordered a lot of stuff). This is only my third order from you guys but it will definitely not be the last. Your consistently great customer service is what sets you apart from other online retailers.
Jason P (September 2017)

Hello, Just wanted to express my satisfaction with my recent EUB purchase from your store. Incredibly prompt delivery and bass shipped perfectly. It's incredibly hard to find EUBs in Australia, so I very much appreciated your shipping policy and professional service. I'm very happy with my bass. Thanks again!
name withheld by request (Dec 2010)

I wanted to say I am -very- pleased with the Brazilwood bass bow package I received. The first couple of days that I had it I was worried because it was "stiff" and didn't hold rosin very well, but by second or third day it played great. Grabs the string well and gives a wonderful arco sound even on hybrid strings. Other musicians who didn't know that I had gotten a new bow commented on how much better my arco sound is.

I've been playing some of the Bach 1st cello suite in G at pitch and the bow immediately fixed some of my bow-oriented problems, it was as close to magic as it gets! Thanks a lot for providing this great bow at a great price.
Jeff C (July 2010)

I consider this a first choice, first source for all Upright Bass purchases and information. I have had questions, and receive quick, personal replies from Bob! This is a great resource.

This Krivo pick up has changed my world. It is the best thing that I have purchased for my Upright in years. No more fighting feedback. I finally get a big round, well balanced tone. The poles were easy to adjust to get even loudness across the strings. Even tho it sounds a bit more electric, it sounds way better. I was having to dial out all the tones I wanted with my other piezo pick ups and my bass just sounded thin. And I play with a four piece and a drummer. I can easily hang in the mix now. And I can take my bass, cables, volume pedal, and amp to the gig and that is all I need. soo much easier. This pick up is just awesome! Thank you again for recommendation and the service as always. Cheers!
Jeremy H (March 2018)

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