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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Excellent website! It feels good to purchase from someone experienced with the products who can personally endorse them, and who takes the time to provide all the information you could ask for! I found out about your website through fellow bluegrassers, and my husband (he's the bass player, I play mandolin) absolutely loves the bass bag and bow I purchased from you. He's getting a new fingerboard for his birthday! If only I could find a site like this for mandolin...

I wanted write you and thank you for my Gollihur Upright Bass Bag 3/4 size in forest green. Not only is it a well padded and well made bag but the color is terrific. The shell with its black webbing adds little extra strength at the seams and makes it have a great look as well. Thanks for this great bag for my prized bass!
Mark R (November 2013)

Bob, Please don't apologize for sending the newsletter. I actually like hearing from you and reading something that seems to be written by a human being who happens to understand the quest for good sound. You guys have been helpful even when I stated that I wasn't buying from you and stayed on the phone with me after hours explaining impedance mismatch. Keep up the good work.
Thomas L

Dear Bob, on Oct 22nd, 2007 I ordered an NS WAV4 Bass from your website. I was thrilled when 2 days later I was learning my way around my new instrument. What a great experience - my compliments to you and your operation. The information you included with the bass was very insightful and helpful. Thank you.
Ben L

I received my black pro bag case and Bass Max pickup the other day.

All I can say is WOW! That case is so nice...I was about to spend hundreds more for a competitor's case of comparable value. For the price, nothing comes close. What a great case. Lots of padding inside and good reinforcement on the outside in all the right places, several handles and the backpack strap is great. It fits my Juzek perfectly. The wheels are real bonus!

Now, about the Bass Max...I can't believe how great it sounds with my Juzek, running through my Ampeg SVT6 Pro!!! Just awesome. Great pizz sound, with a real natural tone, and just enough string sound, and it sounds fabulous with the bow (using Piastrasso Obligatto's). I am running it directly into the amp...I have a Sadowsky outboard pre-amp, but have not even tried using it with the Bass Max because it sounds so great directly into the Ampeg!! It is literally a quantum step up from my older Fishman BP-100. I can't believed I waited this long to get the Bass Max.

Thank You!
Russell B

With your help I was able to select the Golden Bullet mic. for my wife’s bass. I just wanted to say that it is exactly as you described.

It gives a natural sound which is what we were looking for. In our band, we use a single condenser mic. Between it and the Golden Bullet, we get exactly the acoustic sound we were looking for, reinforcement with out any alteration in our sound. We used to do gigs without any PA and we were looking to duplicate that sound. Also, it is as hot as you said without any distortion.

Thanks for all of your help. 9-28-07
Kevin W (luthier)

Without a doubt, your company has the absolute best customer service in the music industry. As an electric bass player who has entered the world of upright bass, I have found a "black hole" when it comes to information and product relating to the upright bass. Sure, some of the mass-musical-merchandizers stock upright bases and some accessories, but you quickly find out how little their sales people know (and I'm sure care) about the instrument. This is where Gollihur Music excells! Your prices are great, your stock is incredible, and the advice is GOLDEN (thank you very much, Mark)! I just purchased a NS Designs Boomerang Strap for my WAV 4 bass. It was in stock, priced right, and it will ship today! Try that anywhere else. I have purchased pickups, a clip-on tuner, strings, rosin, etc. from Gollihur Music, and every purchase has been a positive, learning experience. If you are new to the upright bass, or have been playing for decades, you owe it to yourself to try Gollihur!
Lawrence G

I just received the Corelli bass strings an hour ago and I love them. Actually, I might be in love with them. I'm already researching TN state laws to see if I can legally marry them. They are installed on a '41 Kay M1 that I use for Bluegrass. Perfect strings for that purpose. Clear, distinct, quick attack, punch and I can play as hard as I want without distortion. I don't slap often, but they are even good for that due to their lesser tension. I replaced a set of LaBella Rope Core and those have been my choice for fifteen years. You really should try and market the Corellis to the Bluegrass market. They are unheard of there, and are perfect for that type music. And thanks for the fast shipping and easy buying experience.
Jonathan W.

Hi Mark, Just wanted to say thanks for sending the great Acoustic Image amp, but especially for your quick shipping. I wasn't expecting to see the AI until Monday and there it was on Friday afternoon! I unpacked it in my cube at my day job and then a couple of hours later I was using it at my jazz quartet gig in downtown San Jose. Wow - the sound is so clean, transparent and present. Four sets whizzed by and pretty worn out but with a big grin I packed up and headed home. The amp is definitely a "keeper".
Jack M (August 2016)

Heya Mark,

Thank you so much! Your advice has really made a huge difference in the sound and feel of my NXT. I'm really *really* pleased with the Helicore Orchestrals which have been on the bass for almost a week now.The "how to" instructional sheet saved me some headaches as well.

Y'all are awesome. Have a great day!
Luke S (March 2011)

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