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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Hi, Just a thank you to Mark for the phone consult in mid August and your help in my decision to buy another Bass Max K&K pickup. My original one, circa ~2001, had just gotten old, with reduced and distorted sound, and my AI Contra amp was overheating cuz I had to crank it so high to compensate. The new pickup arrived (express fee) in 1 day !! It went in snug as a bug after about 30 minutes of careful sanding to make room in the bridge slot for its slightly wider profile ( the old one had gotten significantly compressed and chewed up over the years through fitting it in and out several times into different bridges). The sound was instantly perfect - back to original volume output with the amp settings back down to 25- 30% again. NO distortion. Even the "wolf noises" I was getting from the tailpin area resolved and I have taken out the dampening socks there -which also has increased the resonance. Thank you for helping me make the right decision! Here's to another 20 years!
Eric B (September 2017)

For whatever it is worth I recently had the good fortune to do a live jazz recording in a club here in Virginia. The engineer is very highly regarded, designed and was lead engineer on sound system for Lincoln Center/Dizzy's Club Coca Cola build out, Kimball Theater in Philly, currently doing the Apollo in NYC. He brought the DPA in and used it to record my bass in this live setting. It was amazing. Sound quality superb and very easy to mount on the bass. Can't recommend it enough.
Jimmy M. (October 2012)

I had placed an order for an Acoustic Image extension cab on Sunday that I was hoping to use for a gig the next Saturday. After I had placed the order I was kicking myself because I hadn't thought to take your website up on its offer of renegotiating the shipping rate to get the product here faster so that I didn't miss the Saturday night trial.

Lo and behold, you guys had shipped my order first thing Monday morning and had it here by Tuesday afternoon.

I usually don't follow through with orders shipped to me, but I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the speedy service for my order, and of course with the wonderful product that I received.
Ryan B (February 2014)

Dear Mark and Bob, I just came back from my luthier after installing a CF endpin and an ebony tailpiece I bought from your store. My luthier said these items are very good quality, and this is from an old school master luthier... I just wish to thank you again, my bass sounds amazing and I love the endpin very much. You guys are top notch from order to luthier. Thank you very very much.
Gidon T (January 2012)

After your very quick response regarding my inquiry and info on the David Gage Realist Mandolin pickup, I contacted the David Gage website to confrim it would suit my 1942 Gibson type A. I ordered the pickup from you and it arrived very quickly considering I live in Canada.

This pickup is fantastic!! It gives the true tone of the instrument and I have had numerous comments on the sound it is producing (I am going through a Bose L1 Model 2 system) and its flexibility in that it can be easily removed. I thank you for your advice and for carrying such a fine product. I am now considering the Realist pickup for violin as well.
Donald H (May 2012)

Bob, Please don't apologize for sending the newsletter. I actually like hearing from you and reading something that seems to be written by a human being who happens to understand the quest for good sound. You guys have been helpful even when I stated that I wasn't buying from you and stayed on the phone with me after hours explaining impedance mismatch. Keep up the good work.
Thomas L

The bass max absolutely kills my old rev solo II. My tone went from brittle and twangy to warm, fat, and buttery. I'm really impressed with the mid range response of the bass max. It's very musical and not nasally at all. Thanks!
Jeff Falbo

Thank you for your help and info on David Gage Realist LifeLine Upright Bass Pickup and Acoustic Image CONTRA Combo Bass Amplifier - Series 4PLUS. Played my first gig with them and everyone thought I had bought a new bass the sound was amazing. I was using a cheap pick up and amp, good equipment makes a huge sound difference.
Janine M

G'day Guys! Just thought that I drop you a message that my AI combo has arrived!! It looks beautiful and sounds unbelievable! Many of my Australian DB player friends use AI and very happy, Mark & Bob you are in deed the DB players best mates and I don't know how I thank you for all the wonderful stuff I got from you already, God bless you both and your families and as always great doing business with you! Regards, your loyal customer
Timo B (November 2010)

Hi Mark,

How can I leave feedback for the bow case on your website? It is of better quality and price than any I have seen from other vendors, and my teacher took down your web address because she needs a new case.

Thanks for all the great stuff!!!
Mike L

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