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Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Holy cow, gents! That's some fast action and very much appreciated. I just received and installed the Eurosonic strings and K&K pickups ordered yesterday. I can tell I'm going to really love those strings. This is just a note of appreciation - your website/store is my double bass "go to" site now for wants/needs and information. Also, the instructional help you send along with purchases is really helpful. Thanks!!
David C

Can't believe how fast you shipped my item!! Talk about service!! Thanks, you guys are great!!!!
Kevin D (November 2015)

Wow!!! Thank you so much for such quick service. My package got delivered before I even got home. I live in Tahoe and was visiting San Francisco for a few days. Wednesday night, I saw some sweet metal strings on a UBASS at a ukulele club meeting in Berkeley. Thursday morning, I visited my favorite music store in Palo Alto. They didn't have the Pyramid strings but you did and I ordered them from the parking lot. Almost immediately, I received a shipping confirmation. It was so fast, I didn't really believe it and figured I would get them next week sometime. Well, the strings arrived here yesterday and I am stoked to play them today. Big smiles, thank you for maintaining such a high level of service. You really know how to run a business!
William G. (March 2013)

Hello, Received the NXT4 EUB several weeks ago and been using it for our guitar group in church. Absolutely fabulous instrument. Many folks are coming to me after mass and commenting on the beautiful sound and unique look of the NXT4. I've been playing bass guitar (fretted and fretless) for 40+ years and had some reservations moving to an EUB after reading the remarks in the "10 common mistakes" section. But the desire to make the move was too great and after about 1 hour of practice, it felt totally comfortable to play...Many thanks.
George S (November 2011)

Your brand of high touch customer service is rare and welcome. I have bought gear from dozens of vendors and your communication and service rivals them all. Thank you again. I believe you now have a customer for life.
Brian T

Hi Bob, Just wanted to let you know that the EA rig arrived on Monday, just like you said it would. I took it out to band practice last night and it kicked some serious bass butt! The only downside, if you want to call it that, is that the tonal quality and accuracy is challenging me to play better. With my old Peavey amp, any old noise I made on the bass came out as an ill defined thump. Now the amp is replicating what I'm playing- good tone, clinkers and all. I actually had the experience in my living room of not thinking it was working because I only heard the same sound, a bit louder. When I cranked it, I heard the same sound, only LOUDER!

Needless to say I'm thrilled and in one day I lost forty pounds of ugly amp! (the difference in weight between the Peavey and the EA) Of course, it fits in the car better, and for short trips from the car to the house, I can pick up the bass with one hand and the amp in the other- of course I AM a manly man!

About EA- I had a couple of questions about setting up the amp controls and emailed EA- even though it was like 8:30 or so, I got a reply from Larry in a half an hour- I fully expected that reply to come sometime during the next business day.

So, let's see- I bought a K&K bass max, a bridge and this amp from you, and I've been thrilled with each purchase. Thanks, Bob, for your unswerving support of the low down community.

Hi Guys, Just wanted to express my thanks for the new pickup. It arrived a day ahead of schedule, and thanks to your detailed directions, I had it installed and was thumping away in no time. Five stars for customer service. Thanks again!
Robin C (Feb 2011)

Thank You Bob and Mark! Once again you have the best bang for the buck! Thanks for the great products and great service. Now if only the auto industry could follow your business model... Thanks,
Colin D

A couple of years ago, I bought one of your fully carved Estle Louis basses with a set of Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings. I have been using a single Bass Max pickup on this bass, playing mostly Western Swing and Classic Country in Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon and California. I have received numerous compliments on my overall sound wherever I go.
John J. (February 2015)

The Gollihur bass bag I just received is well thought out solid and just plain great !! Also, thank you for a prompt and truly professional service . You guys obviously take pride in what you do and value your customers . Not once did I ever have to think " whats going on with my order", and I dont even live close to the USA!
Adrian L (November 2010)

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