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Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I recently purchased the K&K Sounds Bas Max & pre-amp package. I live waaaay out here in Nevada. Your descriptions and comments made my decision making of buying something that I have not seen, or heard, a pretty easy one. The system works quite well, now more people can hear my mistakes. :)

I couldn't be happier with my buying experience from you. You provided me with GREAT service and a GREAT product. I'll be back!
Robin S (February 2014)

Hi Bob. Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday and I've already used the Ten2 Acoustic Image amp on a gig. As expected, a brilliant amp (this is actually my second AI amp) and your postage speed was exceptional! (Unfortunately our customs here leaves a lot to be desired... took them nearly 4 weeks to clear it!) Thanks so much for your help, and bargain price. It actually worked out nearly $700 cheaper to buy from you than over here in Australia, and that's including the shipping, lead, Fishmann Bass pickup and paying customs duties! It's my second order from you, and I'm sure it won't be my last. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, brilliant service et al, keep up the great work! Kindest regards,
Adam B (April 2011)

For years, I have been a fan of Acoustic Image, using a Series III Clarus with both Epifani UL-110 cabs as well as an Acoustic Image Contra-Ex Cab. My Rob Allen basses have always sounded perfect with the AI gear. Recently, I decided to upgrade to an AI Series 4 Plus Coda because to have it all in one unit. Plus I wanted to upgrade to the newer features (e.g., 4-band eq, on-board effects, headphone output).

Last week I received my Coda from Gollihur Music, and it is everything I hoped for and more. It sounds great with my Rob Allen's. It really captures the natural, organic Rob Allen sound and just makes it louder.

It also sounds very good with my Lull P4. It does not claim to be a full-on rock combo, but it sounds very good to me and works perfect for the light jazz stuff that I love to do. The Presence switch on the speaker is very functional with the P4. I have a few other pre-amps and will be selling one or two because they AI sounds like it will meet most of my needs.

The four-band eq sounds very nice and the on-board reverb effect is handy and sounds very good to my ears. The Coda has a lot of capability and I love how it fits in such a small and easy-to-carry package. It takes up very little space in my practice room. Plus, my cat can't claw it to death because it is not covered in scratch-able material.

I admire the Acoustic Image well-earned reputation for design, quality, and customer service. And, this being my second purchase via Gollihur Music, they deserve a thumbs up for providing accurate information and great customer service as well.

"tedw" (August 2014)

I recently purchased the new Acoustic Image Contra for use with my Kydd Bass. Mark took my order personally over the phone and shipped it right away. This amp is incredible! Together, they sound completely authentic, just like the copy says. And with power that keeps up with any group I play with. Thank you so much!
Kent M (September 2013)

I recently (Monday!) received an NS Designs Wav 4 I purchased from Gollihur Music. It showed up set up perfectly for me, and everything I read on your site and in your contributions to the TalkBass forum was extremely accurate. I used to play an AUB, but my Arthritis made it very difficult for me to achieve the positions I needed in the upper register for our material. The lack of a body enables me to get where I need. The instrument is very comfortable for me, and I rehearsed with my band Wednesday, 2 days after getting the Wav4. They were blown away, as was I at the quality of the instrument and it's sound. Thanks for the help!!!!
Erik Anderson

The sound from my new Realist Lifeline is great. Thank you for the recommendation on this pickup. Installation was easy and the pickup didn't change the sound of my bass. I did add a LR Baggs Gigpro Single-Channel Belt-pack Preamp for an outdoor gig that didn't have house speakers in order to crank my amp to the max. The Gigpro worked great to eliminate feedback. I especially like the trim on the Gigpro to cut the boominess and keep the sound tight and clean. Thank you again for the great products and answering all the questions I had before ordering. Thanks too for posting the various FAQs on equipment.
Daniel B (August 2016)

Hi Mark,

Just got the Corelli 370TX and KK Bass Max. A very very great combination for a clear and solid arco sound on my GK MB150S. Thanks for your efficient delivery of these products which let me get the sound I have been searching for.
Beilu Z

I got my ToneDexter... this is probably the one tool that makes the biggest difference for me... it’s fantastic
Bill M (April 2018)

Hello Mark. I just a note to say thanks for your help on a non-normal string set order. I had been searching for a string set tuned in 5ths vs. the normal 4ths. Spirocore and Obligato are the choices for these sets and most places only sell a complete set. I inquired if you sell individual strings out of the 5ths tuning sets to make up my dream set which is Spirocore light C and G then the Obligato D and A for better bow ability on the upper strings. You responded quickly with pricing for each string and a link to place the order. The price for the split set was also very competitive to a normal complete set. You then proceeded to fill and ship the order the same day! I even asked about purchasing a pickup jack mount kit and you threw it in for free! The strings are now on the bass and I am starting to re-train my mind to a 5ths tuning fingerboard. Great to have a low C at hand without an extension!! Thanks again for your help!
Rod S (November 2016)

I took the Contra out on a gig last night. I was a skeptic. I am now a believer. I had no idea that a pickup on an upright could sound so natural. Not only did it sound amazing but it felt amazing. Other amps respond to dynamics differently than the box of my bass. Not this thing. Because the contra was so faithful to my touch, I played as well on stage as I do unplugged in the practice room. It even made arco through a pickup sound good and I bow on spiros!

Thanks for all your help Mark. You guys are awesome.
Danny C (October 2013)

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