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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I prefer to order through you than other places. I have had very good service on my orders. The product write-ups on your website are really great and are valuable beyond just the manufacturer's descriptions.
Jim F

Hey, What are you kidding me? I bought this pickup on Friday the 14th and it arrives on Monday the 17th. Great job. How the heck did you get it here so fast through USPS? East to West coast. Did one of your hired help fly out to deliver it? Thanks, We'll do biz again.
Tim M.

I just bought the eap bass pickup - wow it sounds great - have tried a host of others - this is the best - i do go back to piezo for really loud blues gigs on upright - but this thing sounds so good on everything else. great product!
Joe M (September 2014)

Hey Mark, thanks for the help deciding on the solo set and low B for my old Kay. Put them on tonight and the old girl is transformed. It now has a beautiful open and detailed sound. A nicely modern sound with a solid center to the notes. The feel is just what I was after. As always, you all are the best!
John D (APril 2015)

Bob and Mark, My Gaines wheel came in today. Very fast service! Thanks,
Mark P.

Received my new Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Upright Bass Weich strings. Thank you for the prompt shipping (9 days to Canada). They are on and sound and play beautifully both arco and pizzicato. best strings yet.
Greg Y. (October 2017)

Thanks Bob & Mark: I think I have the perfect amp with the ten-2 combo. Really impressed with it when I unpacked everything. I cannot explain how wonderful the sound is. Works with all my basses and a I like it as a fill-in as a PA also. Thank for all your help. Your Friend and customer,
Talmadge Dozier (11/2009)

This Krivo pick up has changed my world. It is the best thing that I have purchased for my Upright in years. No more fighting feedback. I finally get a big round, well balanced tone. The poles were easy to adjust to get even loudness across the strings. Even tho it sounds a bit more electric, it sounds way better. I was having to dial out all the tones I wanted with my other piezo pick ups and my bass just sounded thin. And I play with a four piece and a drummer. I can easily hang in the mix now. And I can take my bass, cables, volume pedal, and amp to the gig and that is all I need. soo much easier. This pick up is just awesome! Thank you again for recommendation and the service as always. Cheers!
Jeremy H (March 2018)

I just got my new bass bag last week, and it's a beauty! I've been using an old, unpadded canvas bag since I got my bass almost 30 years ago now. This new bag is so well padded, nice to handle and appears to be so durable that I think I'll just ride my bass to the gigs and leave my car at home!

I hope these strings sound as good as I expect from the reviews I've seen on them. I'm looking for the Paul Chambers, Doug Watkins sound - lots of fat bottom and nice round tone!

Anyway, you do a great job of keeping the bass community supplied with good products at fair prices. Keep up the good work. Some day I will be ordering a Euphonic Audio i800 combo from you. Take care...

Dear Gollihur and Son,

I've been gigging with the WAV 4 you sold me for about 2 months now. 1 month ago, I restrung it with Pirastro Obligatos, also purchased from you. All in all, probably the smartest $1,000 I've ever spent. This thing is really a monster, tonewise. My initial approach was to try to make it sound as much like an acoustic upright as possible (hence the Obligatos.) But as I started closing in on that, it began to dawn on me that the WAV 4 is a totally different animal, sort of a "third way" for bassists. So now I've developed a hybrid tone (or, more accurately, tones - this thing is really versatile) that fuses a foundation of a more traditional upright sound with qualities that can be attained with an electric instrument. One tonal configuration I find particularly beguiling is adding just a whisper of compression, chorus and "room" (reverb) - so subtle that you wouldn't really notice it unless it was taken away. It's very thick and lyrical, but with crystalline definition and, of course, volume is no problem with the WAV 4 (I've played it for 2 hours with a drummer, electric guitar, acoustic 12 string and electric violin - the WAV stayed in the mix beautifully, and I wasn't the least bit fatigued at the end of the night.)

So, thanks again for a bass n' strings combo that has actually changed my life.
Dan B

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