Synthesis Double Bass BSN910 Synthetic and Nylon String Set

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Product Overview

Gallistrings may be a newcomer to our shores, but they've been established as a string-maker since 1890. Based in Italy, they were long known for natural gut strings. They now offer three string sets of varying construction; a traditional rope-core (steel) string, a synthetic core with a chromesteel outer winding, and a full synthetic option.

Gallistrings BSN910 string setThe BSN910 strings are a full synthetic, with a multifilament synthetic core that is wound in a clear, proprietary nylon tape. They are a more blunt, gut-like sort of sound, with nice flexibility and a lighter tension than their chromesteel-wound strings. Good for slapping, or playing traditional music like bluegrass or Americana where an "old-skool" vibe is desired. Sound and feel a good bit like gut strings - but don't cost near as much, and are much easier to care for (and don't go a screwy in high or low humidity!)

A flexible feel without floppiness is the best way to describe these. Full on psychobilly players (who beat their bass like it owes them money) might want something a little looser still, but for more traditional playing, like in Western Swing or similar styles, they bounce back quickly for double- and triple-slap accents.

As with most synthetic-cored strings, they will have to "stretch" to reach optimum tension holding, so I don't suggest putting these on the same day you have a gig, as they also take a day or so to stabilize and stay in pitch.

The strings have a warm, traditional tone, with solid fundamental. Nylon strings can be dicey under the bow; if you do a lot of arco, these may not be optimal - but there are ways to improve arco response if you just need a long note at the end of a tune or something like that - we can make some suggestions if you need them.

Note: Because the strings are ordered directly from Italy and can take a while to fulfill, we currently only sell these strings in full sets.

String Diameters/Tension

  • G String: .085/61.44 lbs (2.16mm/27.90 KG)
  • D String: .100/59.97 lbs (2.54mm/27.23 KG)
  • A String: .125/62.70 lbs (3.20mm/28.50 KG)
  • E String: .144/62.30 lbs (3.65mm/28.29 KG)

(Measurements/tensions were supplied by the manufacturer)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review