Synthesis Double Bass BSN930 Ropecore (Steel) String Set

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Gallistrings may be a newcomer to our shores, but they've been established as a string-maker since 1890. Based in Italy, they were long known for natural gut strings. They now offer three string sets of varying construction; a traditional rope-core (steel) string, a synthetic core with a chromesteel outer winding, and a full synthetic option.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe BSN930 strings are made of steel, with a stranded steel "rope" core. This common winding pattern creates a string that is both durable and flexible, reducing the stiffness that comes with other types of core designs. The outer windings are made of a chromesteel that provides a clear, distinct tone without being overly "brassy." I'd consider them to be a great hybrid string for a player who needs to do many different styles; bluegrass jam on Wednesday, jazz on Friday nights, and orchestra rehearsal on Sundays? This might be a good option for you.

They have a very quick, clean bow response for those who lean heavily on arco, and their pizz is not as bright as some other ropewound options.

Note: Because the strings are ordered directly from Italy and can take a while to fulfill, we currently only sell these strings in full sets.

String Diameters/Tension

  • G String: .050/65.78 lbs (1.28mm/29.09 KG)
  • D String: .068/64.90 lbs (1.73mm/29.47 KG)
  • A String: .082/70.72 lbs (2.08mm/32.11 KG)
  • E String: .112/66.62 lbs (2.84mm/30.26 KG)

(Measurements/tensions were supplied by the manufacturer)

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