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Tailpiece cable for Upright Bass - stranded steel with adjustable clamp - B-STOCK

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  • B-Stock Tailgut - steel wire with adjustable clamp
  • B-Stock Tailgut - steel wire with adjustable clamp = closeup of frayed end
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Note - these units are being sold at a discount as "B-Stock" because the ends of the stranded steel cable are not dipped or treated, and they have some fraying issues (see photo.) They are perfectly fine to use, and you could even just salvage the hex adjuster slug and use it with another length of cable if you like.

A tailpiece hanger (aka "Tailgut") is an oft-overlooked "upgrade" or replacement part; it can have a surprising effect on the tone and feel of your bass. Even more surprising is when your old, weak cable fails, hopefully by stretching, but believe me, I would not wish having one break on my worst enemy (or opposing auditioning bass player) - the resulting "bang" as the bridge collapses is a sound you never want to hear.

"Flexible and strong" are usually the buzzwords for tailguts, and this one fits that description.

Stranded Steel Tailpiece Cable with Adjustable Clamp:
This tailgut comes with an adjustable two-way clamp that allows you to tighten it, and later remove and/or adjust it for length, using a standard hex wrench (aka Allen wrench. Whereas our "basic" one comes with a crushable "once it's clamped, it's never comin' off" sort of arrangement.

It has, on average, a useful length around 18-19", meaning that it can make a loop to cover about a 9" distance from tailpiece to endpin (or less.)

TIP: If using it with a stock Engelhardt or Kay tailpiece with the holes through the front, feed the wire that is exposed (on the front of the tailpiece) through a small piece of heat-shrink tubing to create a cleaner, less visible look!

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