Two Channel Pickup and Pickup/Mic Sets (without Preamp)

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These are the pickups and microphones normally sold with the Bass Master Pro, Bass Master Rockabilly, and Golden Trinity setups. You may already own a suitable two channel preamp (like the K&K Dual Channel Pro ST, K&K Quantum Blender, Radial PZ-Pre, Grace Design FELiX, LR Baggs MixPro or DTAR Solstice, among others.) Or you may have already purchased a setup for one bass and wish to duplicate it one a second bass. So we're happy to provide the transducer/mic sets separately, without the need to purchase an "extra" preamp.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe Bass Master Pro combines the K&K Bass Max and Double Big Twin pickups - two distinctly different sounds - to provide you the ultimate in tone flexibility.

Bass Master Rockabilly: This dual-pickup system gets "the sound" for Rockabilly! With two dedicated pickups - one for the bass tone and one for the "slap" - add a two-channel blending preamp/EQ, and you can custom-tailor your sound.

The Golden Trinity/Bass Max combines the popular Bass Max pickup and Golden Bullet Mic. The best of both worlds - a great-sounding pickup and a tiny condenser mic! Note that your preamp must supply 9v phantom power for the microphone to work. (The LR Baggs MixPro does!)

The Golden Trinity/Double Big Twin combines the popular Double Big Twin pickup and Golden Bullet Mic with a 2-channel preamplifier. Note that your preamp must supply 9v phantom power for the microphone to work. (The LR Baggs MixPro does!)

The Golden Trinity UPGRADE is designed to integrate with your existing pickup. It includes the Golden Mic and the string-mounted jack, with an extra 1/4" plug and cable to be plugged into your other pickup. Note that your preamp must supply 9v phantom power for the microphone to work. (The LR Baggs MixPro does!)

For much more detailed information about these pickups and microphones, please visit their full system product pages. Most customers will want to purchase the full system (including the preamp) in order to get the best possible sound.

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Initiating a Warranty Claim
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