Chorda Gut Upright Bass Strings - B-stock (no packaging)

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  • Chorda Gut Upright Bass Strings - B-stock (no packaging)
  • Chorda Gut Upright Bass Strings - B-stock (no packaging)
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This is a single set of strings which has no packaging, and is being sold as a "B-Stock." It is a genuine set of Chorda Gut strings from Pirastro.

These strings are manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand, and made of sheep gut. The Chorda G- and D-strings are plain sheep gut strings. The A- and E-strings are wound with silver-plated copper wire. The strings are well-known, and have a traditional, warm sound with an wide dynamic range. They are particularly suited for pizzicato, with very low tension, and are comfortable under the fingering hand. They are also an authentic string for Early Music.

Customer Feedback on these strings (March 2017)
I recently put a set of Chordas on my 7/8 size Xue Chang Sun bass and am loving them! They have a lot of punch and respond very clearly to different right and left hand articulations -- they're the most expressive string I've ever played on, you can play with as much subtlety or power as you want in both your left and right hands. The tension across the set is more balanced (on my bass) than the Pirastro "Slap" set that I bought through you all previously. They also bow great with a good amount of rosin and slap well! I don't think I'll ever go back to steel or synthetic strings. It's taken about 3 weeks for them to settle into their tuning and to my bass.


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