"Bumped" Sets

What the heck is a "Bumped" set?

A bumped set, simply, is a custom set of strings with SUPER-light tension.

It is traditionally created by substituting a string designed for a higher pitch for each string on your bass; commonly, this means using an A-string for the E, a D-string for the A, a G-string for the D, and a High C-string for the G. Thus, you're "bumping" each string down one position on your bass, but - and this is the key - you're still tuning it E-A-D-G.

Wow - that sounds like the strings would be really light, doesn't it? Why would anyone do this?

When it comes to rockabilly bass playing, sometimes ease of play is paramount. Many players find that standard string sets are just way too stiff to play 3+ hours of non-stop slap bass on. Thus, a bumped set can be a happy medium between the extremes of higher-tension "real" upright bass strings, and the tonal compromise of putting weed-whacker line on your bass (no, seriously).

Previously, "bumping" a set might require that you purchase a whole set (plus a high C) -- and you end up paying for an unused E string that gets thrown in a drawer somewhere in the bass den. So we've put together some popular bumped sets to help you out.

  • Pirastro

    Obligato Upright Bass Strings

    Pirastro's popular Obligato strings have a solid synthetic core with a very thin metal wrap. They were designed to emulate gut strings, and they did a darn good job of creating such a string. Their attack is "old school" with that more blunt and thicker,...

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  • Spirocore standard package


    Spirocore Upright Bass Strings

    Spiros are an old favorite for jazz and other genres and has been a popular string for many years. They were one of the first decent metal strings to be adopted by strictly gut string players-- in fact, lots and lots of us played G & D guts and A...

    Our Price $54.25 - $336.49
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  • RotoSound

    Superb RS4000 Double Bass Strings

    These strings have been made for decades; they have a nylon core, which is flatwound with nylon on the G and D strings, and with monel (a nickel alloy) on the A and E strings. The strings have a comfortable soft feel, with a lighter tension than most...

    Our Price $30.00 - $159.00
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  • Thomastik

    SuperFlexible Upright Bass Strings

    Thomastik Superflexible Double Bass Orchestra (Medium) Double Bass Strings have a braided steel thread core. For most players, the Superflexible are a "smoother" sounding steel, rope core string than the very popular Spirocores. Recently, some...

    Our Price $43.75 - $261.24
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  • LaBella

    Supernil SLAPS Upright Bass Strings (Gollihur Exclusive)

    Hard-playing slappers often prefer a string with plenty of bounce, but not a lot of tension. No one likes spending a 4-hour set whacking their hands against high-tension, inflexible strings. Common options for low-tension strings include various sets...

    Our Price $84.00
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