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5-string (High C)

  • Spirocore standard package Spirocore Upright Bass Strings

    Spirocore Upright Bass Strings

    Spiros are an old favorite for jazz and other genres and has been a popular string for many years. They were one of the first decent metal strings to be adopted by strictly gut string players-- in fact, lots and lots of us played G & D guts and A...

    $54.25 - $336.49
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  • SuperFlexible Upright Bass Strings

    SuperFlexible Upright Bass Strings

    Thomastik Superflexible Double Bass Orchestra (Medium) Double Bass Strings have a braided steel thread core. For most players, the Superflexible are a "smoother" sounding steel, rope core string than the very popular Spirocores. Recently, some...

    $43.75 - $261.24
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