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5-string (High C)

  • Eudoxa Gut (Silver Flatwound) Upright Bass Strings

    These strings generate a lot of requests, and I can say that they are popular among jazz players who want a little more brightness and a smoother bowing surface out of their gut strings. A more "traditional" wound gut string would be the Olivs, also from...

    $160.00 - $766.99
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  • Evah Pirazzi Upright Bass Strings

    Evah Pirazzi Upright Bass Strings

    The Evah Pirazzi BASS strings created quite a stir and a lot of demand when they were released in 2007. They have a core made from a new synthetic fiber that Pirastro recently developed, wound with a polished chrome steel. Their sound has some similarity...

    $50.13 - $380.22
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  • Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings

    Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings

    The FLEXOCOR DELUXE Bass string is Pirastro's newest version of their Flexocor "rope core" string set. No, it's not made of rope - the carbon steel strands that make up the core of the string are wound in a rope-like pattern. The original Flexocor (still...

    $58.44 - $394.55
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  • Jazzer MEDIUM Upright Bass Strings

    Jazzer MEDIUM Upright Bass Strings

    The Jazzer ropecore steel strings are recommended by Pirastro for pizzicato players, though they can also be a good hybrid string for players who gig many styles. I've not had the opportunity to play a set in quite a while, so I'll pass on their...

    $49.72 - $408.35
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  • Obligato Upright Bass Strings

    Obligato Upright Bass Strings

    Pirastro's popular Obligato strings have a solid synthetic core with a very thin metal wrap. They were designed to emulate gut strings, and they did a darn good job of creating such a string. Their attack is "old school" with that more blunt and thicker,...

    $46.95 - $365.67
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