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It's the UpShot cabinet from Acoustic Image!

We've been partners with Acoustic Image since the beginning; we've been carrying their groundbreaking, well-engineered, and giggable products since the first generation of the Contra amp almost 2 decades ago. Their unique cylindrical cabinets, downfiring woofers, and transparent amp designs have become a gold standard for acoustic amplification (and remained as one for quite some time), and we're proud to be associated with such a boutique-level product line. We've even helped with product development ideas and testing of prototypes over the years.

This new speaker from Acoustic Image is their tiniest yet! Outstanding for onstage self-monitoring, it's also great for small venue gigs. At under 6 inches tall, and only 11" in diameter, it's almost unbelievably tiny. And it's a high-wattage, full-sized speaker in there - but the whole shebang is under 12 lbs! It's a "real" speaker cabinet you can legitimately carry in a small tote bag with one hand!

Harvie S playing his UpshotIn fact, that was sort of the genesis of the amp's design and creation. Storied New York bassist Harvie S is a partner player of Acoustic Image amps, and he specifically asked for a speaker that he could carry in a backpack. Rick, while skeptical at first, figured he'd give it a go -- he's not one to shy away from a challenge. Once he solved the technical issues with the resonance that such a powerful speaker in such a small cabinet can produce, he realized that the speaker actually sounds great; the same well-loved driver that is in their other popular cabinets sounds great in this tiny little cylinder, too!

So the folks at Acoustic Image have taken to calling the UpShot the "Harvie S Signature Model."

As the inspiration for this little guy, Harvie S tested his prototype in various venues in NYC and has concluded "The speaker is changing the whole way a bass player lives. I'm on my first gig with it and everyone loves the sound of it. I walked in just carried it like I was carrying a small briefcase. This thing is so great."

And after a gig at the Kitano in NYC, he sent this note: "I played a trio gig last night at the Kitano. I used the [UpShot] and everyone said it was the best bass sound they ever heard in that room. Most people thought that I didn't have an amp but they could hear the bass perfect(ly)."

He has shown the UpShot to guitar players and keyboard players and they all want one of their own.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseWe put one through its paces here at the shop, and it's impressive. The UpShot is designed to be placed on the floor, close by, so that the player can clearly hear his or her instrument. The omnidirectional nature of the sound resulting from the driver being close to the floor, allows the instrument to be clearly heard on the bandstand and throughout the club.

The cabinet works great with an equally tiny Clarus SL or Clarus model, and as an 8ohm cabinet, could also easily be used as an extension to your existing Acoustic Image combo; put your main amp out front for the audience, and have a new "drop" monitor for your instrument right in front of you!

We also played acoustic guitar through it, and it sounds spectacular for that as well. We didn't get a chance to play keys through it yet, but some of Harvie's friends have, and they've already placed their orders.

• 300w • 8ohms • 11" diameter x 6" high • 11.5 lbs.

Package and Accessory Options!

Mounting Bracket

The package is now offered as a "combo" which pairs the Upshot with one of the three Clarus SL amps, and gets you everything in one price; items can also be purchased separately if you already have an amp head you like, or bought an Upshot already and want to "convert" to a combo.

The combo is created by mounting the amp to a unique sliding bracket that is attached to the UpShot speaker. The unit can be transported in the “docked” position. When ready for use, the amp is put in the “deployed” position by loosening a thumbscrew, sliding the bracket into position and raising the head for connection.

(Note about the mounting point for the bracket on the Upshot: Acoustic Image (and Gollihur Music) has been shipping UpShots with the mounting point pre-installed for some time now, but if you were an early adopter, Acoustic Image will add the mounting point at no charge. You can contact them directly for information. They can also send you a kit to do it yourself, if you're handy.)

The bracket mounts on the rear of the cabinet, just over the input jack. A cutout in the bracket straddles the input connector for stable mounting.

The thumbscrew is "captive" to the bracket - you won't lose it! A Clarus SL series amp mounts to the bracket using a thumbscrew, or that thumbscrew can be removed and Velcro patches (included) can be used to mount a small amp that does not have the mounting point installed. Again, if you have an early Clarus SL/SL-R/SL-2, you can contact Acoustic Image to have the mount point installed on your amp.

Carry Bags

Harvie S said he wanted the speaker to fit in a backpack, and for a while one was available for purchase (Acoustic Image had one made especially for the amp rig). However, they are no longer available from Acoustic Image, and existing gig bags (for other instruments) from other makers serve the purpose well for a lot less money. We'll be updating this page with some of those options shortly, for adding to your cart.


14 Day Trial Period on Series 4 Acoustic Image amps and speaker cabinets

New owners have a fourteen day trial period during which they may return the amp in new condition -- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! -- for a full refund, minus our outgoing shipping cost and a small transaction fee to cover credit card or PayPal payment processing. Returns must be preauthorized; a restocking fee applies if the unit is not returned in new condition.

14-Day Trial Period

Your purchase of this Acoustic Image Amplification Equipment is covered by the exclusive Gollihur Music 14-day Trial Period, under the following terms:

You may contact us to return this item, for any reason (or no reason), within the first fourteen days of ownership. The timer starts on the day that you receive the item, not the order date.

Returns are subject to deductions as follows:

  1. Any shipping costs you paid are not refunded, and if the item shipped free, the costs we incurred to ship the item to you will be deducted from your refund or credit.
  2. All shipping costs you incur to return the item are your responsibility.
  3. A small fee is deducted from your refund to cover credit card/PayPal fees which are not refunded to us even if we refund your charge. Note that if you choose to accept a store credit instead of a refund, this deduction does not apply.

Items must be returned in 100% "as new" condition, with all original packaging, shipping materials, and accessories/manuals/bonus items. Deductions are assessed for missing or damaged items.

IMPORTANT: You must contact us for authorization BEFORE shipping the item back.

Product Manual

Need to figure out some of the more in-depth features of this product? Here's a copy of the manual, in PDF format, here.

You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website to see if a more recent version is available.



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Warranty Information

Acoustic Image's Warranty, Simply Stated

We stand behind our products with a full warranty of five years from the date of purchase. Speaker components are warranted for 180 days. Should a problem arise, please call us before returning your amplifier or enclosure. Naturally, our warranty does not cover products that have been damaged through misuse.

Bottom line, we don't say that ours is a "lifetime warranty" or even a "limited lifetime warranty". We do, however, commit to treat you the way we would like to be treated. For good.
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