Complete Endpin Assembly, 1/2" (for Kay and Engelhardt Basses)

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This endpin is the type that was used for most Engelhardt upright basses, and will generally fit most Kay basses (that had metal endpins) as well. If your double bass endpin is rusted, or if the pin is lost, this will be a perfect "OEM" replacement. Two are shown in the photo (one disassembled and the other complete, for your examination). The notes and measurements are provided in the picture for your information. If you are installing this into a non-Kay or Engelhardt bass (or a custom project) the hole to fit must be a 3/4" round, straight hole.

Dimensions of standard length pin:

  • Diameter: 1/2"
  • Total Length: 11.5" point to tip (extendable length is 10")
  • Notches are approx 3/8 wide and are spaced 1.5" apart, center to center


We have very limited stock on these, and once they're gone, they're gone - Engelhardt has closed up shop as of 2019. Item may vary slightly in coloration, shine, or type of endpin rubber cover, as we cleared out the Engelhardt stock of odds and ends when they closed their doors.

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