Open Call for Bass Photos and Videos!

You can be featured on one of the most familiar and longest-running upright bass sites on the internet!

Now that we've transitioned to our brand new website (July 2020) we'd like to start sprucing the place up a bit. One of the places I've noticed we could use a boost is visual content. For instance, we have all of these wonderful FAQ/Knowledge Base articles, but some of them are a little "dry" because there aren't any cool photos to accompany the wall of (very informative) text. We thought it might be in-line with our "community approach" to invite our customers and other bassist friends to provide some real-world, personalized content to our pages.

So here's the "open call" to our many friends and customers - if you have a photo or two you'd like to share, or even a video review or unboxing of products you bought at Gollihur Music, we'd love to consider featuring them on the site!


Here's a list of some of the photos we can definitely use:

Bass Performance:

  • Playing solo repertoire with a bow
  • Performing live with a mic and pickup
  • An energetic performance shot - spinning, climbing on, or being a little "wild" with your bass

Other Bass Playing:

  • You playing an electric upright bass
  • Playing a left-handed bass (full acoustic upright)
  • Playing a bass with a bow

General Instrument Shots:

  • A really funky/unusual old bass
  • A really nice or well-played old Kay Bass, particularly a less common model
  • A bass with REALLY old, decrepit, worn-out strings
  • Bass with gut strings

Maintenance and Transport:

  • You using a bass wheel or buggie
  • In the middle of changing your strings on your upright bass
  • You carrying your bass in a bag/case

Gollihur Music Product Shots:

  •  Basically, you using any product you've bought from us. The item should be pretty easily seen/identified if possible.


YouTube Videos:

If you have hosted a video on YouTube that covers/reviews/shows you using or unboxing a product we carry, especially if you got it from us, we would be honored to embed it on the product page for our customers' benefit.

If you'd like to give us permission to do so, please contact us with the direct link to the video and a quick note giving us permission to use it.


How to Submit Your Photo Content

Important: by proactively submitting/uploading your photo(s) to us, you are providing us with a "release" granting us express permission to use it, and your likeness (if applicable), on our internet website. If chosen for display on our site, we will mark your photo with a small caption stating your name ("submitted by:") and post it to our Articles section and/or our product description(s) for the product(s) pictured. If you later change your mind, please contact us to let us know, and we can and will remove it from the site as soon as practical.

  • DO NOT: Submit a photo taken by a professional photographer - they own and will enforce copyright protections on such photos. Please only submit photos taken by you, or a friend or family member, who will be happy to share with us.
  • DO NOT: Submit a photo containing a recognizable image of a minor (under 18 years of age.)
  • PREFERABLY, you should be the only recognizable party in your photograph. We reserve the right to use software tools to obscure other people's identities if they are recognizable in your photo.

We are using a free service called "WeTransfer" to allow you to easily and safely send us your photos - simply click the link below to open a window where you can upload your photo for us to access. No cost, login or account creation is required.


If the web page at does not fill in the "to" address, use ""

Please include a note in the "message" field explaining what and whom is pictured
(the name you enter is how you will be identified)


Here's the process for uploading at WeTransfer (using the link just above):