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  • HS Publisher

    Chuck Traeger's String Instrument Setups - 10 Setups

    Includes 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, and Easier to Playby Chuck Traeger, with a "seven-word" by Ron Carter Chuck Traeger was a well-known player, recording artist, and bass luthier for many years in New York, and...

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  • Endpin Reaming Tool

    BASS ENDPIN REAMERThis is a specialized luthier tool, specifically made for installing endpins into the endblock of an upright bass. If you've been shopping around for one of these, you'll find that an upright bass endpin reaming tool can actually cost...

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  • Wake Publishing

    To Make a Double Bass - Book by H.S.Wake

    Harry Wake, a longtime professional cellist and engineer, originally self-published this book in 1982 -- and then revised it in 1995. Whenever someone on the online forums pipes up "where can I get detailed plans to build my own upright bass," this book...

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  • D Addario

    TurboTune musical instrument string winder

    SAVE THE HANDS!! We've been rocking the TurboTune string winder for almost 20 years. It's been through several licensees, and was even made independently by the patent-holder for a while. Now the production and distribution has been picked up by a new,...

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  • Upright Bass Setup Template/Gauge

    "Jazz" and "Classical" Models Available This is cool! A useful tool for setting up double basses, provides instant measurables so you can speed up your workflow. Made of durable plastic (Lucite?) and has a handy peg-hole for hanging.Includes separate...

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  • Upright Bass Sound Post Setter Tool

    This top quality bass soundpost setter is the tool for both inserting and adjusting your soundpost. Over 16" long, it is the preferred standard amongst luthiers. Simple and effective; you use the sharp point to "stab" the soundpost and place it into...

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