Upright Bass Teacher Directory


While Gollihur Music carries a good list of educational materials for those who are interested in self-study, I will always suggest that you start your upright bass adventures by studying with an experienced and schooled teacher. Even getting a couple introductory lessons can give you a solid, "bad-habit-free" start to your self-study.

However, I do recognize that quality teachers are not so easy to find in every nook and cranny of the world. So we decided to help. We've put together this growing list of teachers of upright bass, in the hopes that you will connect with an instructor in your region that can help you (or your child) maximize your learning potential.

Enjoy! - Mark

PS: If you are a teacher yourself, please feel free to submit your information so we can add you to the directory! Use our form to submit your own listing - it's at the bottom of the page!

The directory includes the following information, if it has been supplied by the teacher:

  • City/Town where Teacher is Based (sorted by state and/or country)
  • Teacher's Name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Link to Teacher's Website (if they have one)
  • Teacher's Contact Email
  • School or Store Affiliation (if applicable)
  • Bow styles (French or German) that the teacher can instruct (if applicable)
  • Additional information that the teacher may provide (Specific styles that he/she is well-versed in, if the teacher specializes in beginners or advanced students, honors or positions held, materials or methods used, etc.)

Please understand that this directory is simply a listing of teachers that have been submitted to us (mostly by the teachers themselves). Anybody can claim to be a bass teacher, regardless of their actual knowledge or experience. We're not checking credentials, here - so assume that those in this listing are not (explicitly or implicitly) endorsed or recommended by us. So interview the person carefully, and consider any references from their other students that your prospective teacher might be willing and able to supply. Go to the bottom of the page for our more verbose disclaimer.

United States
Mobile, Barbara McMillian  - Telephone: (251) 458-0876
Studied double bass under Marcos Machado at the University of Southern Mississippi. Specializes in beginner to intermediate students.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Arab, Jacob Moody  - Telephone: 256-224-9475
Full time bassist tour, studio, instructional. All levels of lessons. Specializing in Bluegrass, Gospel, and Celtic music.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Phoenix, Victor Quintana  - Telephone: 602-512-9913
B.A. in Music Education from University of Northern Colorado. 30 years experience.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Long Beach, Sera Wohldmann  - Telephone: 562-433-3890
Music Education Major at Long Beach City College, Beginner to intermediate students preferred. I start with Simandl 1, adding my own etudes as needed. Classical students then work on bow techniques and how to interpret composers and play in an ensemble. Jazz students branch off here and begin working on pizz technique, song forms, and how to craft walking lines.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Davis, Bob Comarow  - Telephone: 321-591-1954
Patient, positive oriented, individualized lessons in bass (and piano/guitar). Columbia University, MA: Music and Music Education Berklee College of Music: Performance.

Sebastopol, Bill Amatneek  - Telephone: 707-824-8084
Teaching the right-hand pizz technique to "pop" the bass for bluegrass, newgrass, acoustic music, and walking bass styles, and to enable beginning and intermediate students to lead the band from underneath with firm, explosive pizz tone. Bill was the bassist on the first David Grisman Quintet album, and has played with Mark O'Connor, Peter, Paul & Mary, Roland White, and others.

Mountain View, Lisa Burns  - Telephone: 650-303-4600
Beginning and Intermediate Bass lessons

Fremont, Bob Chandler  - Telephone: (510) 793-6125
School or Shop Affiliation: Allegro Music
Jazz and Improv, Blues & R&B Texts used include excerpts from Simandl, Streicher, Rabbath, Chuck Sher's Bass book, Ed Fuqua's Walking bass book, Marc Johnson's solo book, Michael Moore's Thumb position book, various exercises based on the students needs.


Oakland,  Benjamin Lee  - Telephone: (626) 755-3458 
School or Shop Affiliation: Faculty, Oakland Public Conservatory
As a true "doubler" having put in his 10,000 hours many times over, Mr. Lee brings to the table over 10 years experience as a full-time professional studio musician, performer, composer, arranger, and educator. Joyful, disciplined, and as dedicated to excellence as he is to serving his community, Benjamin will be an invaluable asset to your beginning, intermediate, or advanced student. Please visit the website for testimonials, studio work, videos, bio, etc.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
Los Angeles, Adam Cohen  - Telephone: (818) 599-1725
Please visit my website for further information on my experience, performance & studio credits, education, and reviews/endorsements.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

San Francisco (Inner Sunset), Ken Miller  - Telephone: 415 297-0971
Classical Bassist, and Jazz musician. B.M. SFCM I am currently playing with the San Francisco Symphony. and perform Jazz with top players. Technique, theory, music interpretation, improvisation. Emphasis on achieving ease with the bass through good body usage. Beginners through professionals are welcome! I have 20 years experience in private instruction, and have taught all levels, and ages!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Sacramento, Gerry Pineda
School or Shop Affiliation: California State University Sacramento/University of the Pacific
Applied Jazz Bass
Teaches French Bow Technique
Sacramento, Igor Stebaev - Telephone: 818-919-9641
I have studied under the influence of Russian masters of String Bass, in the tradition of great achievements of Russian Music School, also played in major Symphony Orchestras including the Russia State Symphony - Conductor Eugene Svetlanov, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Conductor Irgek Beloglavek, New York Philharmonic Orchestra - Conductor Kurt Masur. I graduated from Moscow Conservatory of music, and then continued extensive studies with Principal Bass of N.Y. Philharmonic - Eugene Levinson. I look forward to working with you!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Los Angeles, Gary Wicks  - Telephone: 310.804.7282
I hold a BM in Double Bass Performance from New England Conservatory of Music and an MM in Jazz Studies from USC. I perform and teach both upright bass & electric bass (4& 5 strings & fretless) I have extensive international touring and studio experience and play many genres. I teach absolute beginners to advanced. On faculty at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, and Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo
Teaches French Bow Technique

Los Angeles, Several Instructors on Staff  - Telephone: 323-825-9566
School or Shop Affiliation: SoundLife Music Lessons
We are a Los Angeles based music school providing in-home music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Our teachers are all university trained seasoned professional musicians with touring, and television experience playing behind some of today's biggest artists. We have several upright bass instructors on staff covering jazz, classical, country, rock and roll, and everything in between.

San Diego, Julie Wagner  - Telephone: 856-495-7773
Doctorate in Music; Simandl, Suzuki, Rabbath methods; Classical and Jazz styles.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Los Angeles, Several Instructors on Staff  - Telephone: (310) 893-0776
School or Shop Affiliation: Red Pelican Music
This music lessons "store" (more of a "cooperative," from what I can tell) has lessons for most/all instruments and styles, and they include upright bass among them. Contact them for details.


Colorado Springs, Catherine Camp-Davidson  - Telephone: 719-635-1440
School or Shop Affiliation: Licensed music teacher in District 49, Falcon, CO
I specialize in teaching Classical technique from beginning to advanced. My philosophy is that if you attain advanced classical technique, all other styles become easier to learn. I use the Rabbath and Simandl approach equally and customize lessons according to the learning style best suited for the student.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Colorado Springs, John P. Flores  - Telephone: (719) 209-1075
Professional electric/double bassist with 30 years experience. Jazz and classical instruction, theory incorporated. Simandl and Rabbath methods – beginner to advanced students. Penrose Room house bassist; previously taught at the Colorado Springs Conservatory and Broadmoor Academy of Music.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Grand Junction, Tim Emmons, Colorado Mesa University  - Telephone: (818) 618-2277
Study bass with a veteran studio musician. Equally adept at electric and upright bass I can help you master either of the instruments. After a long Los Angeles CA career in major studios and theaters I'm now teaching and performing in western Colorado. Bass studies have included the principal of the LA Philharmonic and jazz masters John Clayton and Brian Bromberg. Authoring three bass and teaching at many major southern California universities developed an effective teaching style. Let's explore the bass together.
.Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Littleton, Steve Combs  - Telephone: (306) 476-8641

I teach electric and upright bass, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, to children, teens, and adults, in group and private settings. Upright lessons are available with a focus on either jazz or classical studies, German or French bow, and include theory and rhythm emphasis.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
Fort Collins, Jo Asker  - Telephone: (208) 305-3682
The joy of discovery is an important element in learning, and is a core principle of my pedagogy. As you explore your instrument, we can discover the “hows and whys” of what makes playing work for you - a more collaborative way to learn than the old “do what I say because that’s the way to do it” style. Everyone’s musical journey is different, so I try to focus on each individual's goals, which means a tailored experience that traditional learning methods fail to do. Each of my published supplemental repertoire pieces was written for a student’s specific need, and I expect that catalogue to grow as I encounter more unique challenges for unique students. I'm a versatile bassist that performs regularly with orchestras, jazz clubs, rock bands, bluegrass, and everything in between.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
New Haven, Alexander Svensen
As a classical and jazz double bassist I am an active performer and teacher throughout Connecticut, New York and New England. I teach upright and electric bass from beginning to advanced levels, and offer professional coaching. I am Principal bassist of the Norwalk Symphony and Assistant Principal bassist of the Springfield Symphony in Massachusetts, and conductor of the Shoreline Youth String Orchestra in Madison, CT. I have degrees from SUNY Fredonia, the Yale School of Music, and served as Performer in Residence at Carnegie Mellon.
Teaches French Bow Technique
Newark, Jacob Moore
School or Shop Affiliation: Cecil County Public Schools
Received a Bachelors in Music Education and a minor in Applied Jazz Studies from the University of Delaware. I am well versed in teaching classical, jazz, and contemporary/commercial styles.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Pembroke Pines, Don Wilner  - Telephone: 954-270-7136
School or Shop Affiliation: Miami Dade College
Bachelor of Music - Studio Music and Jazz AND Applied Music, Master of Music in Jazz Composition, and Doctorate of Music- Applied Performance (combination of jazz and classical) all with complete scholarship/graduate teaching assistantship from the University of Miami. Combining classical technique and mastery of jazz improvisation, in person or over Skype. Extensive formal teaching experience - can instruct students of all levels, from beginners to doctoral students. Specializes in assisting students with scholarship audition prep.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Cocoa Beach, Joseph Gray  - Telephone: 321-544-4062
I am a graduate of UCLA with a masters in Film music. I played in various orchestras in Southern California, and teach jazz, bluegrass, slap bass, folk, walking blues, and psychobilly slap. I also can teach beginning cello, piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele and mandolin. I currently teach high school students in a private string class, and am open for private lessons.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Miami Shores, Charles Winters  - Telephone: 786-322-6891
School or Shop Affiliation: Miami Strings
Private bass lessons. Member of ISB, ASTA, FOA, FMEA, NAMM, NAfME. Experienced private school teacher and consultant. Instructor for top All-State students in attendance from 2012-2017. Also offer trained luthiery services and rentals.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Miami, Lowell Ringel  - Telephone: 919-451-5728
I received both my BM in Studio Music and Jazz and my MM in Jazz Pedagogy from the University of Miami, where I was the Jazz Bass Teaching Assistant. I specialize in jazz bass of any level (preferably advanced/intermediate students), improvisation, classical bass fundamentals (French Bow), and developing artistry.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Orlando, Paul Cuevas  - Telephone: 407-761-3726
Principal Bassist and Arranger of rock string group Violectric, French or German, but French preferred. Able to teach all styles, including classical, jazz, and Latin.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Melbourne, Richard Desgrange  - Telephone: 321-242-1021
School or Shop Affiliation: Eastern Florida State College (Adjunct)
BA in music ed from University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. Studied with Lee Eubank and Diana Gannett. Principal Bass Emeritus, Brevard Symphony Orchestra; Principal Bass, Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. I teach elementary to college level symphonic and classical double bass. I give the student a solid foundation to play symphonic or classical literature. Primary method is Simandl with other studies from Karr, Rabbath and Zimmerman.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Davie, Jeff Carswell  - Telephone: 954-483-6470
Jazz/pop/blues/new orleans style string bass plus doubling on electric bass.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Orlando, Tim Franklin  - Telephone: 407-760-7848

Tallahassee, Jim Crozier  - Telephone: 850-443-6857
Intermediate level preferred, jazz, blues, Americana styles, with integrated music theory instruction. Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and Certificate in Performance in Double Bass from FSU, following by many years of professional performance.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
AtlantaChris Riggenbach  - Telephone: 813-451-0766
School or Shop Affiliation: Emory University
I teach all ages from beginning to advanced. I teach bass at Emory University as well as maintain a home lesson studio. With over 25 years of performance experience, I teach students the basics of learning to play the double bass and electric bass as well as helping them be successful in achieving their musical goals. The styles that I teach include jazz, classical, funk, R&B, rock, and blues. 
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


AtlantaAlex Gasser  - Telephone: 404-645-5074
Jazz specialist, performs with Grammy winners; also teaches classical. Studied bass with Ben Street, John Patitucci and Matt Brewer.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


AtlantaMarc Miller 
School or Shop Affiliation: Kennesaw State University
All levels of instruction. Double bass and bass guitar. Specializing in jazz, but teaches beginners/fundamentals and classical as well. Performs regularly in Atlanta and throughout the southeast in pit orchestras, classical, jazz, party bands, and a wide variety of world music.
Teaches French Bow Technique


Pocatello, Donald J. Colby  - Telephone: 208-540-0932
School or Shop Affiliation: Adjunct Bass Professor at Idaho State University
Teach all levels using the Simandl series and all standard literature. Studied at University of Illinois under Prof Edward Krolick and Northwestern University under Warren Benfield.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Naperville, Matt Burri
Professional orchestral player with two regional orchestra contracts and a large studio of clients met both in person and online. Please check my website for more information and an offer for a free first lesson.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Batavia, Matt Erion  - Telephone: 630-802-3760
Bachelor of Music from Elmhurst College, performed with Grammy Winners and NEA Jazz Masters. Accepting beginning classical students and beginner to advanced Jazz students. College audition prep for students planning to pursue Jazz performance majors.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Chicago, Jakob Heinemann 
Was granted a performance scholarship to attend Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. He holds a degree in Double Bass Performance from Lawrence, where he studied with Mark Urness and renowned jazz pianist Bill Carrothers. He has been teaching bass lessons since 2013, and has had the opportunity to work as a clinician at numerous camps including the New York Jazz Academy, Fred Sturm Jazz Weekend, and Richard Davis Bass Camp. He is a flexible educator who can adapt to the students individual needs and goals, and focuses on getting his students excited about music after each lesson. Ultimately, his goal is to spread the gift of playing music and allow each of his students to discover their own personal relationship to sound.
Teaches French Bow Technique
Ames, Marty Miller  - Telephone: 515-292-7113
I have been an upright bass player for over 40 years. My music: bluegrass, contra and square dance, old time American fiddle, Celtic. I am the bass player for: the Barn Owl Band, Circle Right, 4-Mile Creek Bluegrass Band.

Des Moines,Christine McQuillan 
I teach classical double bass lessons and focus on beginner and intermediate players of all ages!I enjoy working with young bassists (Pre-K through High School) and I have a degree in Education. I am a registered Suzuki Bass instructor.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Emporia/Lawrence, Hank Osterhout  - Telephone: (620) 727-1795
Beginner to advanced Styles: Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Experimental. (Double/triple/quadruple slap, auxiliary percussion, bass standing and acrobatics along with other parlor and stage tricks) Also strong in music theory. Has extensive professional touring experience.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
Wichita, David James, David James Piano and Bass Studio - Telephone: (316) 530-1640
Lots of information about me at my website.....head on over!
Teaches French Bow Technique 
Louisville, Bert Witzel
Principal bass of the Louisville Orchestra, veteran of several international tours and many well-known orchestras. Uses established materials as well as self-published materials (available for purchase on his website).
Teaches French Bow Technique

New Orleans, Tori Lambert  - Telephone: (504) 418-7036
A classical double bass teacher in New Orleans, LA. Bachelor’s in Music Education from Loyola University of New Orleans. Teaches beginner to advanced bass (and cello!), but especially passionate about teaching beginner bass players!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

New Orleans, Tate Carson  - Telephone: 504-258-9105
Beginning to advanced students. Upright/Electric; emphasis in Classical and Jazz styles (experience in almost all musical styles.) Bachelors degree in Music Industry Studies with a Emphasis in Jazz Studies. I studied Jazz and classical music at Loyola and played in the Loyola Symphony Orchestra for 3 years. I continued my studies at The University of New Orleans where I received a Masters in Jazz. I'm currently a professional musician performing in a variety of styles from traditional to modern.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Bethesda, Jeff Cooper  - Telephone: 240-423-4366
School or Shop Affiliation: Peabody Conservatory of Music
Beginners through advanced students. I use Simandl Bass Method Book #1, plus solo music from different sources - jazz/walking bass students use my custom materials. Longtime playing professional.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Silver Spring, Scott Giambusso  - Telephone: 301 946-3418
Simandl and Rabbath techniques, specializes in jazz studies.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Baltimore, Joseph Martone
Simandl and Rabbath method, Jazz, Classical, and Pop styles. Lessons incorporate improvisation, composition, and creativity. Teaching since 2004. BA and Post-Doc Cert. in Composition. Ages 8 and up.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Montgomery, Frederick and Carroll Counties, Lynn Fleming  - Telephone: 301-922-0398
School or Shop Affiliation: Frederick Community College and McDaniel College
Juilliard Graduate, now teaching privately and at Frederick Community College and McDaniel College

Lexington, Jon Dreyer  - Telephone: 781-696-2614
Teaches French Bow Technique

South Yarmouth and Falmouth - also ONLINE lessons, Rod McCaulley  - Telephone: 508-367-1397
School or Shop Affiliation: Cape Conservatory
I teach string bass, electric bass (all levels), piano, guitar and theory/improvisation. Jazz, Classical & Pop. I'm under contract with the New Bedford Symphony (MA). I'm a freelance jazz & pit bass player playing with many top pros in the tri- state and Boston- Cape Cod areas. Over 40 years teaching experience.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Boston - Solomon Caldwell
After earning my Bachelors degree in Classical Bass with Paul Sharpe at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and my Masters in Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory I now teach cello and bass in the Boston area. I specialize in Classical/Jazz/Improvisation and Chamber Music.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Boston, Darrent Sacks  - Telephone: (617) 895-8069
I specialize in orchestral music and in particular school/festival audition preparation. I teach several private students and I have performed with several Connecticut orchestras including the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra, the New Britain Symphony, and the Wallingford Symphony. I received my Bachelor of Music from the Hartt School of Music, studying with Robert Black and then later graduated with my Master of Music at Boston Conservatory, studying with Lawrence Wolfe. I teach students who live in the Boston area, as well as remote students (via internet).
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Grand Haven, Michael Drost  - Telephone: 616-402-2088
School or Shop Affiliation: Grand Valley State University
I instruct all levels on double bass, electric bass and guitar. I am currently an adjunct professor of jazz at Grand Valley State University.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Muskegon, Daniel Seabolt  - Telephone: 231-286-4779
beginner through advanced

Detroit, Samuel Harris  - Telephone: (734)476-3231
School or Shop Affiliation: Wayne State University
Beginning to Advanced. Primarily Jazz but other styles as well.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Mt. Pleasant, Ed Fedewa  - Telephone: (989) 774-1532
School or Shop Affiliation: Central Michigan University
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Ann Arbor, Janet Cannon  - Telephone: 734 834 0656
School or Shop Affiliation: OzMusic, Ann Arbor
French or German Suzuki method training, Master’s of Music from the University of Michigan, Studies in France with François Rabbath. Many years of experience teaching adult beginners. Classical and early music specialist, work with all styles.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Saint Paul, Dr. Philip Fried  - Telephone: 651-603-0773
Was a student of Julius Levine (B.M. in String Bass performance), and Joseph Gustafeste. As a bass teacher I stress technique, as a composer/improvisor I stress imagination. French bow, jazz pizz.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Minneapolis/St.Paul, Dave Carbonara  - Telephone: 612-968-2273
26 years teaching experience, Juilliard Graduate, Beginner to Advanced, all ages welcome. Classical, Jazz and Rock styles taught.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Kansas City Metro region, Bill McKemy
School or Shop Affiliation: Ottawa University, Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Jefferson City, Artie Langston  - Telephone: (573) 645-8640
School or Shop Affiliation: Adjunct Professor of String Music at Lincoln University
I accept private students in all Jazz styles as well orchestral and classical solo study, beginner to advanced. My professional career spans over 45 years, performing around the world in settings ranging from professional symphony orchestras to jazz, rock, and blues groups, with notable artists too numerous to mention here.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Missoula region,Thomas Sciple  - Telephone: 504-952-1506
School or Shop Affiliation: University of Montana, Missoula Symphony Orchestra
I have spent the majority of my career in New Orleans focusing on jazz, but have also played with regional symphonies and teach Classical as well. I have been playing with the Missoula Symphony Orchestra and had just started performing with the String Orchestra of the Rockies before covid-19 hit. I’ll take all levels as well as electric bass. 
Teaches French Bow Technique 


Las Vegas area, Derek Jones
Professional musician with over 35 years performing/teaching experience. I teach upright and electric bass tailoring the lessons to each students individual needs.
Teaches French Bow Technique

New Jersey
Ridgewood, Steve Freides  - Telephone: 201-612-0041
Doctoral Degree in Music. 17 years college music teaching experience, with more than 4 decades private teaching experience.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Secaucus, Steve LaSpina
I have taught at NYU and the Collage Of Saint Rose. I have spent the last twenty years as a adjunct in the Jazz Studies Dept at William Patterson University. I have worked with some of the Jazz Greats such as Benny Carter, Stan Getz, Randy Brecker, Jim Hall. I have recorded over two hundred recordings as a sideman as well as 14 solo albums with my own group that features my own compositions. I am classically trained and have experience playing Orchestral music early in my career. I also play electric bass.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique 
Warren County, Tom Littwin, The Pennington School
I offer in person and Zoom bass lessons to students of all levels. Since 2013, I have been a part of The Pennington School’s music department faculty. At Pennington I teach bass, lead the Jazz Band rhythm sectionals, and Rock Ensemble rehearsals.
Teaches French Bow Technique 

Parsippany, J. Brunka  - Telephone: 201.274.3059
I offer classical and jazz studies. Past students have played in regional and state orchestras and have gone on to major schools and conservatories. Several are now working professionals.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Englewood, Bill Moring
I am the bass teacher at Montclair State Univ, Sarah Lawrence College, and NJPAC Jazz for Teens. My career spans 40 years with 200+ recordings with a specialty in jazz improvisation, recording, Brazilian and Cuban music, among many other things that make for a career in music.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Elizabeth, Nick Bayak  - Telephone: 732-540-9862
Have played almost every type of Western music, except metal & rap/hip hop. I try to listen to all kinds of music with an open mind & respect. I would feel capable of starting out an electric bassist, but the playing of that instrument has grown so greatly in the past 60+ years, I would only take beginners. I am mainly a double/upright/acoustic bass player.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Williamstown, Douglas Mapp  - Telephone: 856-740-9009
School or Shop Affiliation: Rowan University
I am the double bass Professor at Rowan University. In my private studio, I accept beginner to professional students in Classical and Jazz. My private students have gone on to study at major music schools, and my middle and high school students regularly win seats in honors orchestras.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Bergen County, Joe Hakim
Beginners to advanced; all styles

Haddon Heights, Dave Kaczorowski  - Telephone: (856) 310-0314
I teach beginner-advanced jazz, improvisation, music theory, technique; modern straight-ahead jazz; avant garde; Cadence Magazine has called me, "a strong promoter of forward motion and creativity," and, "a superb, natural improviser."
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

New York
Rochester, Gaelen McCormick  - Telephone: 585-764-2809
School or Shop Affiliation: Eastman Community Music School, Nazareth College of Rochester, Roberts Wesleyan College
I teach both French and German, but play professionally as a German bow player. I instruct in classical music only. I teach students of any age, and all levels. Many of my students opt to major in music, although this is not a specific goal for every student!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Buffalo, Paul Siekierski  - Telephone: 716-713-6356
School or Shop Affiliation: Boulevard Music Lessons (Tonawanda, NY) & Performing Arts (Depew, NY)
Specialize in classical and jazz, perform with various ensembles around Western NY.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Westchester/NYC, Dmitri Kolesnik  - Telephone: 917-742-2189
New York freelance bassist since 1991, Masters Degree from CCNY, Ron Carter's student. Taught at the University of Connecticut and privately. Published a book "Ron Carter Collection. Note-for Note Solo Transcriptions to 19 songs".
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Bayside, Queens, Charley Sabatino  - Telephone: (917) 837-6346
I teach ALL levels, styles and ages - including beginners. Lessons are fun, flexible and free of attitude or intimidation. Weekly or Bi-weekly, day or evening, hour or 1/2 hour lessons available. Professional player, clinician and product endorser, M.A. Degree.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Brooklyn, Steve Marks  - Telephone: 718-643-6499
School or Shop Affiliation: Bass Collective
I teach jazz, classical and roots music as well as reading, theory and technique.

Purdys (Westchester Cty), David Dunaway  - Telephone: (914) 536-6100
I teach mainly beginners to intermediates. Depending on the student, I use the York Edition, François Rabbath's books, the George Vance series and the Ludwig Streicher method. I have now started using Harvie S's new book, "8 Duets", for students interested in Jazz. I emphasize the fun aspects of learning the music to entice the student to practice and develop.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Buffalo, Jonathan Borden  - Telephone: 203-241-2492
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Very well versed in orchestral playing and auditions of any level. Flexible scheduling and travel to students residence are possible. Juilliard graduate. I work with students of all ages and capabilities.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Syracuse Area, Dave Welsch  - Telephone: 315-591-0239
Management and Instructional Staff of Victor Wooten’s Center For Music and Nature since its inception 15 years ago and at Steve Bailey’s ‘Bass at The Beach’ in Myrtle Beach, SC. Specializing in Jazz, Reading, Theory.

BrooklynGauvain Gamon- Telephone: 929-327-4193
Award Winner bassist born in Lyon, France. He graduated from the “Conservatoire National de Lyon” and the “E.N.M de Villeurbanne”. Quickly after moving to New York City he became a highly sought-after musician, performing at some of the world’s most reputable music venues, festivals and productions including: Smalls Jazz Club, Dizzy’s Club, Blue Note Jazz Club, WNYC New York Public Radio, Webster Hall New York, Zinc Bar NYC, Jazz a Vienne, Cleopatra’s Needle, Sunset/Sunside Jazz Club Paris, The Opera de Lyon, Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin, Hot Club de Lyon to name a few.Most notably, he has collaborated with some of the most recognizable celebrities and jazz figures including Alicia Keys, Roy Hargrove, Troy Roberts, Ed Cherry, Stacy Dillard, Cody Moffett, Stan Killian.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Brooklyn, Dave Speranza  - Telephone: 503-232-5238
Upright and electric, beginner to advanced. Specializing in jazz, bluegrass, country. Teaching posture, technique, theory, reading, transcribing, improvising.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

NYC (Harlem, Manhattan, also Northern NJ), Carlos Barriento  - Telephone: 201-873-0242
A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music and Columbia University, I have an all around approach to my teaching that makes problem-solving and self-sufficiency my goals for you. I've studied with members of the NY Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera and NYC Opera Orchestras, and have studied pedagogy with a few of the most effective teachers in NYC. While I focus on classical technique, these skills can be used for all styles of playing. If you are looking for a collaborative teacher, we will get along very well. Hope to hear from you!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

NYC, also lists Washington DC and Central VA, Kris Monson
School or Shop Affiliation: Manhattan School of Music
Every student has a unique relationship with music, has different reasons for being interested in music-making, and has different musical strengths and weaknesses. I use a customized approach to guide the student in developing their musical knowledge and technical proficiency to provide a foundation for further development. I've performed in ensembles with Marc Cary, Vince Mendoza, Lalah Hathaway, Jim McNeely, Tyshawn Sorey, Charles Owens, and Ari Hoenig, and at venues including Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Smalls Jazz Club, and Blues Alley. I studied with Pete Spaar and John D'earth at the University of Virginia and under the tutelage of Buster Williams and Harvie S, Orin O'Brien and David Grossman while earning my Master's (summa cum laude) at Manhattan School of Music.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

NYC, Scott Lee
School or Shop Affiliation: Kutztown University
I teach privately in NYC and have been a part-time professor at Kutztown University in PA for 15 years. My focus includes technical studies, improvisational concepts, and body awareness using the practice of Qi Gong.
Teaches French Bow Technique

NYC, Sean Conly
School or Shop Affiliation: Bass Collective. Have taught in schools on four continents.
I have performed all over the world for 30 years and have taught contrabass and electric bass just as long. I love teaching and tailoring my process to each student.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Mineola (Nassau County), Al Cardillo - Telephone: (917) 921-3140     alcardillo@alcardillo,com
School or Shop Affiliation: Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools
I am a NYS Board Certified teacher for 37 years. I’m a trained Jazz and Classical instructor and also a Professional jazz musician. I also teach 4,5 and 6 string electric bass. You can read more bio information on my website. You’re welcome to check out my video performances on YouTube and friend me on Facebook to find information on my upcoming performances.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Warwick, John Arbo  - Telephone: 917-653-0719
School or Shop Affiliation: Adjunct at New School University; SUNY Orange
I teach classical and jazz, all levels. Also 4,5,6-string electric, fretted and fretless.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

North Carolina
Raleigh, Zachary Hobin  - Telephone: 773-578-9522
School or Shop Affiliation: Duke University String School
I teach classical as well as jazz lessons to students of all levels.
RaleighLeonid Finkelshteyn- Telephone: 919-696-5411
Principal Double Bassist with the North Carolina Symphony, experienced teacher, large private studio, teaching students of all ages and levels.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Durham, Damon "Dr. Bass" Walker  - Telephone: (919) 399-5061
School or Shop Affiliation: Dr. Bass - String Instrument Repair, Rental & Sales
Double bass lessons

Asheville, Cary Fridley  - Telephone: 828-337-6467
School or Shop Affiliation: The Sound Post, West Asheville
I specialize in Appalachian roots music, blues, and early jazz (no arco). Masters in Music Ed. From UNC-Greensboro.

Stanfield, Ronnie Hatley  - Telephone: 704-888-9961
School or Shop Affiliation: Ron's Pickin' Parlor
We teach and give lessons specializing in bluegrass style bass (and other stringed instruments).

Greensboro/Fayetteville, Cody Rex  - Telephone: (419) 262-5463
School or Shop Affiliation: Methodist University
Repertoire covered: technical, orchestral, solo, chamber. Students of any age or level are welcome to apply for private lessons!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Asheville, "Fatty"  - Telephone: 828-550-2774
Huge background in Jazz, Funk, Bluegrass,Improv etc.You want to play Fat,you know where I'm at!
Teaches French Bow Technique

Bowling Green, Ed Croft  - Telephone: 845-667-9254
School or Shop Affiliation: Bowling Green State University
I currently hold the Jazz Assistantship in the Master's Program at Bowling Green State University. I got my Bachelor's from SUNY Fredonia in music education. Currently a touring bassist, specializing in jazz, folk, rockabilly, and blues. Can also teach beginning to intermediate classical players.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Columbus, Steven Fox  - Telephone: 614-262-9586
BM in Bass Performance from The Ohio State University. Upright and electric bass students welcome. Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues and everything in between. Beginner to advanced students accepted.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Powell (Near Columbus), Douglas Wright
School or Shop Affiliation: Otterbein College
Have a BM from Capital University of Columbus and MM in Music Education from Kent State University. Studied with David Perlman and Anthony Knight of the Cleveland Orchestra. I teach mostly Classical, but also can do Jazz and Bass Guitar. I teach bass at The Ohio State University String Teachers Workshop in the summers. Currently playing with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra in Ohio.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Salem, Casey Younger  - Telephone: 503-341-6466
Beginner to Advanced, Jazz and Classical. Emphasis on proper technique in order to prevent injury. Experienced teaching children, teens, college students and senior citizens. Connects and communicates well with all backgrounds.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Portland, Adrienne Welsh  - Telephone: 503-307-7448
School or Shop Affiliation: Linfield College
Classical and improv, beginner to advanced. Adult beginners a specialty, particularly musicians transitioning from other instruments.

Elkins Park - Abington, Stephanie Patterson 
You're never too old to pick up our noble instrument again after years of being away, and you're never too old to start! You will be taught a standard and proven school of playing (Simandl), with an emphasis on injury prevention and longevity. Lessons are a "NO-STRESS" zone. I teach via Skype, with some lessons available in person in my Elkins Park studio. Daytime hours are preferred, but I do have some availability in the early evening and absolutely on weekends.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Philadelphia, Christopher Davis-Shannon  - Telephone: (856) 803-4013
Teaches French Bow Technique

Telford / Annville, Tim Wolfe, Jr.  - Telephone: 267-424-3232
School or Shop Affiliation: Lebanon Valley College
Uses Simandl method, works wtih beginners through advancing bassists, classical/orchestral playing, jazz improvisation, etc. Has high school students in district jazz bands and orchestras.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Pittsburgh, Eli Namay  - Telephone: 304-550-0359
Eli Namay has been teaching upright and electric bass, (as well as guitar, drums, and piano) since 2011 at schools such as King College Prep, St. Patrick High School, School of Rock, and Lyric Music School. Eli has experience teaching children as young as four, teenagers, adults, professional musicians, and seniors, as well as children and young adults with special needs. Eli focuses on breaking down musical problems to their simplest parts to create achievable goals for his students. This is achieved by linking the conceptual to the physical using mind / body awareness techniques derived from western classical, jazz, Zen Buddhist, & “Deep Listening” traditions. Nurturing creativity and excitement about exploring life through sound is at the center of Eli’s teaching.
Eli regularly performs a wide range of music. See their website for recordings and more info.

Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Harrisburg, Jim Miller  - Telephone: 717-564-2803
All ages and levels. All styles including Jazz, Classical, Country, etc. Taught bass for over 20 years at Lebanon Valley College. Studied Classical and Jazz bass with Art Davis.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Philadelphia, Justin Sekelewski  - Telephone: 215-913-8371
School or Shop Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania, Settlement Music School, Deluca Music
Work out of the Simandl book but also use Rabbath techniques as well such as left hand pivot technique. Freelance full time as a jazz bassist up and down the east coast. Graduated from Temple University 2009 with bachelors in Jazz bass Performance. Performed with a huge list of artists.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Philadelphia area, Paul Klinefelter  - Telephone: 610-420-6312
School or Shop Affiliation: Music Centre
Studied bass guitar with Tony D'Addono and double bass with Eligio Rossi, Lou Kosma, and Neil Courtney. Specializes in classical & jazz - all levels. Teaches at Community College of Philadelphia, the Music Centre (Chester Springs), and my home studio. Over 50 years experience. Primarily French bow, can teach both.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, Chris Morris  - Telephone: 336 689 0416
School or Shop Affiliation: Bass Instructor at Coastal Carolina University
Also Proficient in Electric/Electric Fretless.
Teaches French Bow Technique

North Myrtle Beach, Denny Hess  - Telephone: 843-458-0521
Proficiency in jazz bass lines and solo improvisation.

Johnson City, Jeff Elkins  - Telephone: 615-504-0986
I specialize in Traditional Appalachian Styles and Jazz, and teach beginner to intermediate students. My pedagogy includes classical theory study as well as solo and ensemble performance training. I am an honors graduate of the Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music Studies program at ETSU.
Teaches French Bow Technique

Nashville, Jim Ferguson  - Telephone: 615-504-0986
37 years of University level teaching experience. 10 years on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Bassists. Jazz recording artist. Nashville studio musician.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Nashville, Ike Harris
Have taught in 5 area Universities. I specialize in teaching experienced electric bass players double bass.
Teaches French Bow Technique
Kingsport, Cynthia Mueller
I have a BM in music education from Ohio University, and an MM in strings pedagogy from The University of Michigan. I am the principal bassist of the Johnson City Symphony, and I'm a retired school orchestra director. I have over 40 years' experience teaching all levels, ages, and music styles, including working at the university level.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Plano, Earnest Jackson  - Telephone: 972-510-3676
School or Shop Affiliation: Alliance Music Academy
I teach beginners through advanced students in either classical or jazz. Many of my students move on to honors ensembles and college music programs.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Dallas/ Ft.Worth, David Peter Iarussi  - Telephone: 469-682-7261
Lifetime performing behind top-name recording artists. Presently on project authoring Video On-Line Bass Instruction. Styles for instruction include Symphony, Rock & Roll, Soul and Gospel, Jazz (Be-Bop, Big Band, Fusion, Latin, Swing, and Dixieland), Funk and "Old School", Salsa y Merengue, Country, Hip-Hop and Dub Step, Broadway from "Schtick" to Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

San Antonio, Andrew Sutton  - Telephone: 281-384-3330
I teach upright bass and bass guitar. I focus on classical with upright but am happy to teach jazz as well. On bass guitar, I focus on reading, theory and practical applications and am comfortable teaching Jazz, country, metal or anything in between.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Dallas/ Ft Worth, Leland Byrd  - Telephone: 214-213-6486
Studied with Tom Lederer of the DSO for 7 years. German bow primary, but still teach and use French. Can teach all genres and all levels, specializing in Orchestral Repertoire.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Ft. Worth Area, Bridgette McHale
School or Shop Affiliation: FWISD
Eastman School of Music graduate, studied classically with virtuoso, James B. VanDemark. Extensive competition/performance/scholarship credits. Primarily a classical player but as a USMC Band Fleet Marine Musician Veteran, I have competency in all genres; and I can teach Beginner through Advanced HS and University level students.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

College Station, Steve Carr
I teach URB, bass guitar and guitar. Jazz, Blues, Country and Bluegrass are my specialties. I love beginners!

Dallas, Daniel Nix  - Telephone: 972-785-7711
School or Shop Affiliation: Dallas Strings
All levels - Specializing in Classical
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
Abilene, Stacey Nash  - Telephone: 432-349-0785
School or Shop Affiliation: Abilene Independent School District
My goal is to teach myself out of a job. I want to equip students with the tools that they need in order to teach themselves anything that they wish to learn. Bachelor of Music, Music Education. Master of Music, Jazz Studies. Over 20 years of teaching and performing experience - double bass and electric bass.
Teaches French Bow Technique


Roanoke/Lynchburg, Eric Hollandsworth  - Telephone: 540-521-2832
School or Shop Affiliation: Lynchburg Music Center
Well versed in Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, and most other styles. Works with all ages and levels. Principal Bassist for James Chamber Players and member of Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra. Specializes in Conversions (Violin/Cello to Bass).
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Lynchburg, Ed Mikenas  - Telephone: 434-386-2222
Master’s Degree from Manhattan School of Music and Former studio musician in NYC. Teach all levels of performance including classical, jazz, improvisation; also theory, recording techniques, and solo preparation for college auditions, orchestras, etc.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Fredericksburg, Brittany Frompovich  - Telephone: 540-604-7266
School or Shop Affiliation: Lady Bass Music, Forte Music Studios, Pickers Supply
Teaches all levels and ages of students. Classical, jazz and rock styles. Founder of the Virginia Bass Forum. Holds a Bachelors of Arts in Double Bass from Bloomsburg University. Students often get placements in regional and state orchestras and music schools, and many become working professionals. Helps electric bass players transition to playing upright bass.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Harrisonburg, James Adkison-Piccirello 
School or Shop Affiliation: James Madison University
I am a current junior music education major at James Madison University. I have been playing the Double Bass for over 8 years and am well versed in other string instrument pedagogy as well. I offer one free lesson/consult and then charge $40/hr!
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Fairfax and Warrenton, Adam J. Celli  - Telephone: 571-357-2277
School or Shop Affiliation: Potomac Arts Academy
Plays french bow, teaches both. Exclusively classical teacher. Available for all levels including young beginners.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Seattle, Dan O'Brien  - Telephone: 206-914-3396
School or Shop Affiliation: Music Works Northwest
I teach all levels beginner to advanced: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Funk, Latin (both Afro-Cuban and Brazilian) etc. Studied with : Nancy Griffin (Seattle Symphony), Gary Peacock, Grad studies at New England Conservatory with Miroslav Vitous.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Tacoma, Jeffry C. Larson  - Telephone: (910) 916-1430
Earned Masters Degree under Jeff Bradetich at Northwestern University. Teaching classical and jazz double bass, and also bass guitar. Accepting students 10 years old and up.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique
Tacoma, Osama Afifi - Telephone: 206-877-2285
Very well-traveled bassist has played with many major artists, shows and symphonies. Too many credits to list, with extensive experience on TV, stage productions, recording sessions, live performances, symphonies, and music groups. Studied with Bob Stone, Jeff Berlin and Gary Willis. Has taught at Fullerton and Pierce College, as well as several music stores. Also can teach remotely/online.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Vancouver, Adrienne Welsh  - Telephone: 503-307-7448
School or Shop Affiliation: River City Music
Classical and improv, beginner to advanced. Adult beginners a specialty, particularly musicians transitioning from other instruments.


Kent/Seattle, Travis Gore - Telephone: 713-828-4712
I am a bassist with the Seattle Symphony teaching beginning to professional level coaching on the double bass and electric bass. Classical and Jazz, specializing in classical study and bow work. Past students have major conservatory placement as well as hold full time professional orchestra positions.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Madison, Ben Ferris
Teaches all levels of students. Bachelor of Music - Education from UW Madison. Studied with Professor Richard Davis. Teaches many styles, including jazz, classical, orchestral, rock. Also teaches electric bass.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Casper, Dale Bohren  - Telephone: 307-267-3870
School or Shop Affiliation: Adjunct at Casper College, Casper, WY
Plays regionally in symphony orchestras, theater pit orchestras and other combos. Instructs beginners to college level players.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, David Humphrey  - Telephone: 306 653 8429

Victoria, BC, Alex Olson  - Telephone: 778-350-5501
School or Shop Affiliation: Doublebass instructor for University of Victoria
Teaching students in classical orchestral and jazz. I am a bassist for the Victoria Symphony.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Vancouver, British Columbia, Laurence Mollerup  - Telephone: 604.871.7000
School or Shop Affiliation: Vancouver Community College / Capilano University
Jazz/Commercial/Classical - Teacher plays with symphony and opera, musical theatre, recording sessions, etc. has B. Mus and M. Ed (in progress)
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Abbotsford, BC, Johan Worst  - Telephone: 778 880 0280
School or Shop Affiliation: A&D Music and Productions (Private Studio)
I specialize in jazz styles but also teach both bows. I personally use a German bow, aka (Dragonetti). Parents or students can ask for any particular focus, but all my students learn to read in the process of learning their specialty.
Teaches French Bow Technique Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Alberta, Louis Rowe  - Telephone: 780-983-0268
German Bow well versed in jazz and with some bluegrass. Symphony experience. Diplomas in contempory performance and Composition.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique

Ontario and Manitoba, T.O. Music Lessons  - Telephone: 647-691-0797
Specializes in jazz and most contemporary styles of music. Can work with students interested in classical as well. Lessons are specifically designed for kids but all ages are welcome. Lessons for adults are usually more tailored for the student. Due to covid I am only offering online lessons in Toronto. In Winnipeg I am offering both in-person & online lessons at this time.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique


Buenos Aires, Fabian Martin
jazz-oriented lessons
Teaches French Bow Technique


Canberra, Jared Plane  - Telephone: 02 6291 7348
Specialises in jazz bass, from beginner to advanced players. Holds an Honours Degree in Jazz Performance from the ANU School of Music. Teaching materials include the Real Book, backing tracks, technical books. Strong focus on sight reading, left and right hand technique, and rhythm.

Sydney, NSW, Craig Scott  - Telephone: +61293511267
School or Shop Affiliation: Chair of Jazz Studies, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney
Jazz tuition for inexperienced to advanced players.
Teaches French Bow Technique


Roeselare, Isabelle Brys
School or Shop Affiliation: Conservatorium Kortrijk, stedelijke Muziekacademie Harelbeke
Classical double bass Pupils from 7 up to 77 years old, all levels
Teaches French Bow Technique


Copenhagen, Peter Williams  - Telephone: 61393600
English full time musician based in Copenhagen. Grammy winner for contribution to official soundtrack to Midnight in Paris. Wealth of experience in teaching beginners. Lessons tailored to each student. As a professional musician I'm most active in traditional jazz and gypsy jazz. Have worked in many genres ranging from Moroccan folk music to breakbeat and indie rock. Also teach bass guitar.


Berlin, Udo Betz  - Telephone: +49 30 25794361
School or Shop Affiliation: basszentrum berlin
teaching: classical,jazz,improvisation, also electric bass
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique




Athens, Alexander Trampas
School or Shop Affiliation: Philippos Nakas Conservatory
Berklee College of Music graduate, with many years of touring and teaching experience. Please visit for complete bio.
Teaches French Bow Technique



Xalapa Veracruz, Ramon Ramirez Saucedo
School or Shop Affiliation: Universidad Veracruzana Mexico
Universidad veracruzana, Teacher. Doublebass player, Orchestra Sinfónica de Xalapa. Opera experiencie: Principal at Opera Real de Wallonnie Liege, Belgium. Principal world philarmonic orchestra 1986 rio de Janeiro.
Teaches German/Butler Bow Technique



Aalten, David van Lochem
Beginners/advanced. Styles: Rockabilly/slap, blues, country, Jazz
Cuijk, Luciën Matheeuwsen
School or Shop Affiliation: De Lindenberg
Specialized in jazz and pop music.

Amsterdam, Michael von Villiez  - Telephone: 0031-(6)-24764901

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