Non-US Orders

Important Information for Non-USA Customers

WHAT WE CAN SHIP, and WHERE: We ship almost every item we carry to most countries all over the world. Notable products that cannot be shipped outside the country are as follows:

  • Gollihur Music Estle Louis Basses (US and Canada only).
  • Other oversized items (like hardshell upright bass cases) that ship by freight carrier, due to package size or value requirements.
  • Other large-sized items (Electric Upright Basses, Professional Bass Bags, certain amplifiers) may exceed shipment size restrictions for certain countries; we will contact you to let you know if this is the case before collecting your payment.
  • Certain wood/liquid or other products may be prohibited from international shipment by law or shipper policy.
  • Products of manufacturers that require Gollihur Music to limit sales within North America, and request that you make your purchase from authorized retailers in your region, if applicable. (There are very few of these "exclusive" situations.)

ukwflag.jpgDue to recent Brexit-related changes, we require a minimum order of $275 (USD) to countries within the United Kingdom/Great Britain. Shipping options will not appear in your cart until you exceed that amount.

Note that foreign orders with values exceeding $2500 may require special customs handling, at additional expense and effort, so you should inquire by email or phone before ordering.

We cannot ship to countries that are prohibited due to trade restrictions; we also reserve the right to refuse to ship orders to certain countries due to our past experience with fraud or other delivery problems. Some countries have elevated shipping charges to cover the cost of more reliable services based upon commonly known delivery issues with standard services.

DEALER RESTRICTIONS: Some of our manufacturers have specific requirements for shipments outside the USA. For instance, we are only authorized to sell the 120v (USA/Canada) versions of the Radial Engineering products. If you plan to use your Radial device in a country outside the USA or Canada, you will have to source an alternate power adapter from an authorized dealer in that country.

SHIPPING CHARGES: If you want to see the costs for shipping an item to your country, you can simply add an item to your cart (temporarily) and select your country name in the shopping cart. Rarely, shipping costs to certain countries may need to be increased due to higher costs for insurance and alternate shipping methods that are required due to our experiences. If there is any change we will email you for authorization before processing your order.

PAYMENT: You can pay by credit card, but only if the item is being shipped to the same address at which you receive your statement (your BILLING ADDRESS and SHIPPING ADDRESS must be the same) or by PayPal if you have a confirmed shipping address. We can also accept a bank cheque or money order, but it must be in US Dollars ($), payable at a US bank. 

SHIPPING METHOD: Large items are usually sent by USPS Express (EMS) or Priority Mail International (or sometimes UPS Standard in the case of Canada) for the pricing ranges quoted. Some country's shipping costs are higher due to higher costs for insurance and alternate shipping methods that are required due to experience. Faster UPS Express or Expedited service is available at a premium; please ask for a quote. Pickups, strings, bridges and other smaller items are usually shipped by the US Postal Service.

TAXES: Additional local taxes, VATs or customs processing charges may apply to non-US shipments as some countries, couriers, and other local authorities may assess levies, taxes (VAT), processing fees, etc., that we cannot predict. No U.S. taxes are applied to your order. You may wish to contact your government authorities to know what to expect; we do not know what fees your government might assess. These fees are not included in your charges from Gollihur Music; we have no control over local import, VAT, etc., taxes. If items are refused and returned for any reason you are liable for the shipping costs and any fees assessed to us for returning the package; those costs will not be refunded.

Effective July 1, 2021, EU member states will collect value added tax (VAT) for all goods entering the EU. The VAT ranges from 17% to 27% depending on the EU member state, not including any applicable duties or fees.

canada-flag.jpgSPECIAL NOTE about shipments to Canada:

We usually recommend using US Postal Service-based services to Canada (First Class International, Priority Mail, Express Mail, etc.) as the brokerage fees are often considerably less expensive with the USPS than they are with the commercial carriers like UPS and FedEx. These "brokerage fees" are charged by the carrier, for passing your items through customs, and can vary based on largely subjective reasons.

So while the cost of shipping might be a little cheaper, the bottom line costs could be quite a bit (and unexpectedly) higher when they present a bill to you at delivery. If you are able to act as your own customs broker (do a Google search - it might be worth the time and just a little effort) you can probably save a bunch of money for not a lot of work. On a side note, I'm pretty sure that the expedited services from UPS (UPS Express) usually "roll" these customs brokerage fees into the cost of shipment.

Also note that for small packages that qualify for first-class international shipping, our rates INCLUDE pre-clearing/pre-paying customs charges and taxes, which speeds delivery and means no costs assessed at delivery. Qualifying packages would be those under 4 lbs. and under $400, including products like strings, small accessories, rosin, etc.

Also, here is a useful page from the Canada Border Services Agency that may help you to determine what taxes may be due on your package upon arrival.

MARKING AS GIFTS, DECLARED SHIPMENT VALUES: As a business, we cannot understate the value of a shipment or declare it as a gift, please do not ask us to violate your country's laws. Besides, falsifying customs forms can sometimes lead to seizure of your package, delivery delays, or the charging of additional taxes and tariffs at customs checkpoints. So, sorry - we can't do it, no matter how nicely you ask.