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  • Gollihur Music

    'Okay' Logo Vinyl Sticker Parody Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    So, you've got a "CCB" or an Engelhardt, and you like the idea of putting out a little "Kay" vibe. But you don't want to be a poseur and try to actually pass your budget/beater bass off as the real thing? I've got something for you, then.This parody logo...

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  • Engelhardt

    Jatoba Tailpiece for Upright Bass

    These Jatoba tailpieces are made by Engelhardt for their EM-1 model 3/4 size basses. It will be appropriate for 3/4 size basses. Measurements are provided in the photo. These were the longtime replacement for the previously made Rosewood Tailpieces, as...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Kay Logo Vinyl Sticker Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    If you've always wanted to add the old "Kay" logo to your tailpiece, but shuddered at the thought of drilling holes through the ebony to install a metal badge (and aren't really sure you could put a waterslide decal on without screwing it up), I have a...

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  • Various

    Tailpiece cables for Upright Bass - Selection

    A tailpiece hanger (aka "Tailgut") is an oft-overlooked "upgrade" or replacement part; it can have a surprising effect on the tone and feel of your bass. Even more surprising is when your old, weak cable fails, hopefully by stretching, but believe me, I...

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  • Wittner

    Wittner Composite Ultra-Light Upright Bass Tailpiece

    This durable but extremely lightweight "space age" composite tailpiece from Wittner is designed to maximize your bass' performance; it weighs a mere 5.4 ounces. It is a common school of thought that a tailpiece of lower mass has a positive impact on your...

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