Bows and Rosin

If you're new to the bow, or buying for a student, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. Should you get one with real horsehair? (Yes.) Should you get French or German style? (Depends.) Brazilwood, Pernambuco, Fiberglas, Carbon Fiber? (How far are you planning to take your development?)

We're here to help. We put together our Bow Buying Guide to help answer some of these questions for you, and We have FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about bows and other related subjects in our collection of free resources.

We don't offer "bow trials," where you get sent 3 or 4 bows and keep the one you like best; we've found that the bows we get are VERY consistent, and rather than tack on an extra $75-$100 to the price of the bows to cover the extra costs of inspection and cleaning, shipping, insurance, etc. (which is how the other shops can afford to do trials like those) we figure at this price range, you'd rather pocket the extra money and trust that we'll send you a great bow for a great price (we will.)

And, of course, we're here for you -- you can always email or call us to help you make sense of all of the options at your fingertips (pun intended).

  • Arco Clip Hook - Bow Hook for Stand or Belt

    I have a couple different hooks, as well as a leather quiver, for holding a bow when you're not using it. This should be a sign: you should Never just lay your bow on the lip of your music stand.Unfortunately, I take several calls a month for people...

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  • Artino

    Aria Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow

    This amazing, professional-grade, carbon fiber bow is specially made of a uni-directional carbon fiber, which is not gunked up with a heavy overspray. It gives it a nifty "unfinished" look when seen close-up, but that's not the important part - the lack...

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  • K and M (Konig and Meyer)

    Bass Bow Hook for Music or Instrument Stand by K&M

    BOWS ARE FRAGILE. I hate taking the calls from players (or their parents) whose bow took a dive off the music stand or chair. A bow is as much a musical instrument as your bass is, and they can be very easily damaged from a fall or a rap against a hard...

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  • Bow Clip for Music Stand

    Never just lay your bow on the lip of your music stand. Unfortunately, I occasionally take calls from people who need a new bow, because theirs crashed to the floor during a rehearsal, after falling from a precarious perch on the lip of their music...

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  • Ardsley

    Bow Hair Cleaning and Reconditioning Kit

    Is your bow hair all crudded up with old, crusty rosin? Did you use too much and get it all gunked up? Are you changing to a new rosin and want to start fresh? You might not need an expensive rehair; if your bow has a lot of buildup of old, stale rosin -...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bow Quiver for Double Bass (Bow Sleeve, Holster)

    Our own top-quality leather quiver is ideal for placing your bow in a safe and accessible position during performances. It is made from nicely stiff, heavy gauge black leather that holds its shape and makes bow insertion and removal easy, unlike the...

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  • Brazilwood Double Bass Bow

    We've carried this same bow, in both German/Butler Style (top in photo) andFrench Style (bottom) from the same maker, for around 18 years now. It's been consistently and enthusiastically praised by customers worldwide for its balance, playability,...

    Our Price $165.00
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  • Carbon Fiber ARTIST Double Bass Bow

    German/Butler Style and French Style bows available.I held off getting a mid-range carbon fiber bow for a long time; I was waiting for the quality to go up (and the prices to come down.) For a while there, it seemed like most of the Carbon Fiber bows I...

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  • Carlsson

    Carlsson Swedish Rosin for Upright Bass

    Rosin is key in getting a good bowed sound, so don't cheap out on this key ingredient to success, it can last a long time - and isn't very expensive. In fact, some bassists carry two or three different cakes just in case the environment makes another...

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  • Glasser

    Double Bass Bow by Glasser - Fiberglas/horse hair

    These are the well-known Glasser name brand German/Butler Style (top in picture) and French Style (bottom in picture) bows (NOT the econo-buy cheapies you can find from some sellers on eBay!) Glasser is the company that patented the world's first...

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    Special Price: $99.00
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  • Artino

    Hardshell Aluminum Bow Case for One Bass Bow

    The aluminum shell of this bow case offers substantially more protection than a simple bass bag sleeve. The inside of the durable shell has flocking to keep the bow from rattling around, and the case includes a fabric sleeve to keep the bow safe inside...

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  • Hidersine

    Hidersine Medium Rosin for Upright Bass

    Hidersine's is an affordable all-weather rosin, and will certainly do the job for you. It may be chosen for use with the affordable fiberglas student bows sold at Gollihur Music, but don't be shy about considering some other rosins we offer. Hidersine...

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