Purchase Orders

purchaseorder-1-.jpgWe happily (and regularly) accept approved* Purchase Orders from Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Military Organizations based in the United States.

* approved by your purchasing department. This means a completed, approved and signed purchase order, not your requisition request or other internal paperwork.

Who can submit a purchase order?

Purchase Orders are happily and readily accepted from schools, colleges and universities that are based in the United States. We also usually accept purchase orders from U.S. Military organizations.

How can I compute product totals and shipping costs?

Most U.S. orders over $50 ship free at our store, but there are a few items that carry a shipping charge. You may easily get costs and shipping rates (if applicable) by entering the items and quantities that you need into a shopping cart, where entering your shipping city and zip code will provide an accurate ship cost on the order. You can even complete the checkout, choosing "Purchase Order" as your payment type, and we'll follow up with you to trade the necessary paperwork with each other.

Alternately, you can email us with a list to confirm the items and shipping costs, or call us on the phone to quote total costs over the phone.

Can I get a formal quote or a pro-forma invoice?

Absolutely! Simply contact us by email or phone to request a formal quotation or a pro-forma invoice (please specify which you need). If you are contacting us by email, please include a full shipment address with your request so that we can properly compute shipping charges.

What if I need to add you to our school's purchasing system, and/or I need your W9, business certificate, etc.; can you accommodate that?

Of course. Please contact us and we will provide any reasonable pre-purchase paperwork you may require.

We're required to send out bid requests - do you accept them?

If it's a bid request for specific items we carry, yes. Contact us and we will reply with an email address where you can send it. However, if your school is sending out a giant, 20+ page, general bid request to dozens of vendors, with a wide variety of various products (the vast majority of which we don't carry)? Please don't bother - we are not staffed to accommodate "cattle-call" bid requests.

My Purchasing Office needs to know: what are your terms/when do you expect payment?

Our stated terms are Net 30, (meaning payment is required within 30 days of receiving our invoice) but we can be flexible with school districts who only cut checks once a month. Please politely ask your accounts payable not to make us beg, though. We're a small business, and we're hustling to get you your stuff as fast as possible, and we appreciate the same consideration in return.

What about sales taxes?

TAXES: We are based in the state of New Jersey, and are therefore required by law to charge tax to orders paid from and/or shipped to NJ unless sales tax exemption paperwork has been provided to us. We additionally have “Nexus” in several other states, which as of September 2023 included Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia. If you are in a state where we are required to charge tax, and you have an exemption, we will need your exemption paperwork before we can set your account as tax exempt.

Our most current list of taxable states is here:

I've got my Purchase Order, now what?

You may mail the completed purchase order, or fax it to us at . That’s a dedicated fax machine, but we appreciate an email to let us know if you’ve sent something to it so we can attend to it right away. We can also accept purchase orders sent by email in PDF format; you can use our contact us form to initiate contact, and you can attach the file once we have a dialogue started.

We cannot accept PO numbers over the phone. We need an official, confirmed school purchase order on official paperwork, which has been authorized and signed by your school district's or organization's purchasing department.

Our Mailing Address for Purchase Orders:
Gollihur Music, LLC
503 Fislerville Road
South Harrison Twp, NJ 08062

Once you have my PO, when will my order ship?

In most cases? Pretty much immediately. We process POs quickly and efficiently, and we send out the product as quickly as we do with other orders (ask around - it's really fast.) It's usually the same day - and often within the same hour - that we receive your PO. We email to confirm shipments ASAP, with tracking numbers.

Do I need to submit your invoice to Accounts Payable myself?

Nope! We'll send a separate copy by postal mail (or email, if that's what your Purchasing Department prefers) the same day we ship out the products. When we bill your accounts payable, we will furnish our invoice, as well as our W9 form, a photocopy of the Purchase Order, and a very nice letter saying hello. If the purchase order specifies anything else that is needed, we will (of course) provide those items as well.

Minimum Order

Please note that, due to the extra costs and paperwork involved, we do not accept a Purchase Order for orders valued under $100.00.



Prepaid Options

If your school uses "corporate credit cards" or pre-pays orders by check, you (or we) can simply enter an order via our secure shopping cart, and have you send the payment or provide the card details.

Check/Money Order? You can choose the CHECK option when you use the Secure Shopping Cart - and mail a check or money order to:

Gollihur Music LLC,
503 Fislerville Road,
Mullica Hill NJ 08062, USA.

Write your order number in the memo field on your check or money order. We do not do "checks by phone."