Return Policy

Product Returns

We hope you understand that we prefer to keep returns to a minimum. We really do want you to choose the proper items the first time around. It's why we make extensive efforts to provide as much real information as possible on this web site -- as well as over the phone and by email. It's all done to help you make an educated decision. And if you're having difficulty in getting the sound you want, or have questions about installing something, we're always here to help as fellow, experienced bassists.

However, things -- as they say -- often change. Sometimes you've got to return something.

If the item you're returning is due to a packing mistake on our part (it happens occasionally, we are human, after all) then we clearly will be happy to work with you to correct the error and promptly get you the items you wanted.

If the item is defective, obviously we will accept it back for replacement within the first 7 days of ownership (after that, items are subject to the manufacturer's warranty policy, and you can contact the manufacturer for assistance - let us know if you need us to provide contact information or a copy of your proof of purchase).

If you're returning items for your own reasons (because you changed your mind, sold your bass, have sudden unexpected financial obligations, etc.) then most of our items can still be returned, but there are some exceptions (if that's the case, please continue reading, below).

Note that while we do our best to keep all product descriptions and specifications up to date, occasionally the manufacturers make running changes, and the imperfect people here who author product descriptions sometimes make typos - so if a particular specification is vitally important to you (like the weight/size/power/etc.) please confirm it with us BEFORE purchase, as we cannot be responsible for minor errors.

To begin with, it's easiest to rule out the items that usually CANNOT be returned for refund/credit; here they are:

  • Items returned to us without prior authorization.
  • Audio cables that have been removed from their packaging.
  • CDs/DVDs that have been opened.
  • Items that have been in your possession for more than 30 days, even if unopened.
  • Pickups or pickup systems that have been installed (unless specifically excepted by a special trial period offer). If you have installed the item, you have accepted ownership.
  • Strings that have been cut, installed, or otherwise wound onto the peg of an instrument, no matter how briefly.
  • Amplifiers, and certain other electronic items (exceptions exist for certain items with trial periods - but the items are not returnable once those periods have expired.)
  • Broken bass bows you've had for more than a few days (see below for full explanation on this subject)
  • Items that have been misused, abused, or improperly installed.
  • Special Order Items.
  • Closeout/Discontinued/"Bargain Basement" items.
  • Items for which you have discarded, lost, modified, or damaged parts and/or packaging (making the items not re-sellable as new).

So, your best practices are:

  1. Carefully Inspect your order immediately upon receipt, to ensure that you've received the correct items, undamaged. If a box arrives and it looks like it has been treated badly, notify the shipping company at the time of delivery if possible. Ask the driver to make a specific note of it, as anything that can be done to start a claim will speed-up the process. Delays and problems are unfortunate and annoying, but they do happen, and there are necessary steps required to resolve them.
  2. Keep Everything - Please retain (and try not to damage) all factory packaging, the box, and all accessories/parts/instructions/extras/etc. If you discard any of these items, we may not be able to accept a possible return.
  3. Don't Install It if you have concerns - If you suspect that something is defective or wrong, don't install it. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll go over the details and figure out if something isn't right - and we'll make it so.

Deductions/costs that may apply to your return:

  • Returns submitted for refund, exchange, or credit must be in like-new condition and include all original parts, manuals, accessories, packaging, and bonus items. Deductions for reduced value or replacement components will be applied if this is not the case.
  • In cases where we ship free, or partially subsidize shipping, we will deduct our actual shipping costs from the refund or credit amount, as those shipping fees are not refunded to us.
  • Shipping costs paid by you are not refundable; again, they are not refunded to us by the shipper.
  • Sometimes examination fees are necessary for certain electronic items, since we have to thoroughly test them.
  • Returns (for refund) of items costing over $100 may have a small transaction fee deducted from the refund; we are charged percentage-based fees for every credit card and PayPal transaction (including refunds), and these fees are not refunded to us - even if we refund the full charge to you.

Please know that these small deductions are not arbitrary, they simply cover our real costs for offering you the courtesy of a return. These fees/deductions usually do not apply to returns that are due to a shipping or packing mistake on our part. Regardless, all fees to be deducted/charged will be disclosed to you at the time your return is authorized -- so you'll get no surprises, as long as we don't!

Shipping methods for returns:

For customer-initiated returns (returns for reasons that are not our "fault") you pay for return shipping. We may choose to recommend shipping options, based on our analysis of cost, ship time and reliability - however, as the shipper you are free to ignore our suggestion and use any shipping method you prefer. Tracking or insurance is at your option - but be aware that we can assume no responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit.

How and when we'll handle returned items:

Authorized returns will be handled promptly; store credits will be applied to your User Profile ASAP and do not expire. Refunds, when offered, will be processed immediately upon inspection and restock, which should be within a few hours of receipt of your return (on weekdays - if received on a weekend it will be handled the next business day). However, please be aware that it often takes 2-3 business days for the bank to update your online account; as such, refunds processed today may not appear on your online statement for a couple of days. In any case, email confirmations will be sent to you to let you know that the return has been completed.

Packages/returns sent to us without preauthorization will be refused and returned to you at your cost.

The bottom line:

Look, we are not hard guys, and are certainly willing to do our best to work with you -- just get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact us to arrange for a return

An Important Note About Broken Bass Bows:
Especially when under tension, a simple rap against a hard surface (like the post of a music stand) can easily break a bow. Bumping into a bow that is perched on the lip of a music stand is also a common "maker of unhappy bassists" -- the bow hits the floor, and suddenly the stick is in two pieces. I really hate taking those phone calls -- it makes me sad, as such a tragedy can be easily avoided, but also, parents of younger players who deny they did anything (would you expect them to fess up?) often incorrectly blame the bow.

Put simply, a bow that "snaps" from a seemingly innocuous rap against a chair leg is not a sign of a "defective" bow, any more than shattering a glass vase by grazing a marble countertop would be considered the fault of the vase.

We STRONGLY recommend that you (and/or your bass-playing children) exercise prudent, responsible handling of ANY wooden bow, whether bought from us or not. A wooden bow is a fragile musical instrument in and of itself, and should be treated with the same care afforded the bass.

To limit accidents, there are bow "holders" available, which can help keep them safe from harm; we sell bow quivers (a leather bow "holster" that ties to the tailpiece) as well as inexpensive hooks that clip onto the music stand, providing a safer means for putting the bow down for pizz sections. You can find them in the Bow Accessories section.