Sales Tax/VAT

About Sales Taxes

States in which we are currently required to collect sales tax:

  • New Jersey (Our Home State)

New Jersey Sales Tax is always applicable only to sales made/picked up at our location, or any order being delivered to an address within New Jersey (shipping address). The current rate is 6.625%, which applies to the purchase amount plus shipping and handling charges. We do not carry any items that are exempt from sales tax, so these taxes apply to all purchases.
If your credit card (or other payment method) has a New Jersey billing address, but your order is shipped to an address in another state, the sales tax rules for the delivery state apply. Currently, as we do not qualify for "nexus" to charge sales tax in other states, that means no sales tax will be assessed on your order.

Pursuant to the "Wayfair Decision," down the road, we may qualify for "nexus" in certain other states, which means that we will be legally required to begin to collect sales taxes in those states. If/when that happens, we will list those states on this page. If you live in a state where this is the case, the appropriate sales tax will be automatically added by our shopping cart, and we will remit it to your state tax authority. Please note that if you live in a US state/region/municipality where sales taxes apply to physical goods, if we do not collect and remit them on your behalf, you are required to claim those "out of state" purchases on your tax returns and remit those taxes to your jurisdiction.


Outside the USA

There are no US taxes applicable to non-US (foreign) orders, but taxes may be collected by your country, province, etc.; how much those taxes may be is something we cannot know for every area of the world. Please contact your own country's customs authority for more information. We are not authorized to pre-collect or remit taxes on your behalf.

Also note that we do not falsify customs documents to lower the value of packages for customs purposes - as a legitimate business, getting caught doing this would expose us to retribution which could include us losing our ability to ship internationally. So please don't ask.