Wholesale & Military/Luthier/Educator Discounts

Does Gollihur Music Offer Special Discounts for Educators, Military, Veterans, Luthiers, etc.?

We honor and appreciate all of the groups mentioned above, as well as many others who do so much for the common good. I (Mark) come from a family full of teachers, and both of my grandfathers are WWII Navy veterans. That said, we don't provide specific discounts to any of those groups.

Here's why:

We do our very best to make our pricing as accessible as possible to all; we don’t offer specific discounts for luthiers, active military/veterans, educators, etc. as this would mean that we would be arbitrarily inflating our prices for everyone else.

I hope that policy makes sense. And always know that we are willing to consider providing discounts for larger orders, or certain items in bulk. Just drop us a line to ask!


Does Gollihur Music sell products B2B (Business to Business) or provide items "at net pricing/at cost" for resale?

Gollihur Music is strictly a retailer, and our items are sourced from the legitimate authorized wholesale distributors, or from the manufacturers directly. If you need to purchase those items for resale, please investigate those sources to see if you can qualify for reseller pricing. For the items that we manufacture ourselves, they are made specifically and exclusively for our customers and we do not offer those exclusive Gollihur Music items to other retailers for resale.